All Blacks: “We are the most dominant team in the history of the world”

New Zealand arrive at Twickenham this weekend desperate to avenge their only loss in 32 matches, this time last year. Just how desperate they are to get one back over the English, however, became apparent earlier today when The Telegraph gained access to a meeting room the All Blacks used in their London hotel on Monday.

Arriving in the aptly named Lancaster suite, players were met with the message: “We are the most dominant team in the history of the world”. Motivation will surely not be lacking for this game, but the management are evidently keen to make sure everyone is as pumped up as they can be.

There were a series of other motivational mantras scribbled on a whiteboard in the room, including: “We are playing England – this is about history, about human nature”, and “On Saturday, don’t moan, even to yourself”.

What do you think? Will the All Blacks avenge last year’s loss, or will England record another historic victory?

Will New Zealand avenge last year's loss at Twickenham this weekend?

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54 thoughts on “All Blacks: “We are the most dominant team in the history of the world”

  1. The Daily Mail dubbed these messages as “chilling”. They’re more cryptic than anything, especially the “don’t moan, even to yourself” one.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think we have about as much chance of winning as we do any year (e.g. not much), but this doesn’t make the task any more daunting.

  2. To be honest I thought they were going to, as the article likes to put it, ‘avenge’ the game last yr. Frankly who didn’t? But all this stuff about the ABs looking for revenge is to misunderstand them. They go out to win EVERY game & this Saturday is no different. Sure they’ll no doubt look to do a number on England, but don’t they do that every time they play? Like they did recently v the Saffas in a town called Ellis?

    The medya as usual, as is there wont being 1 of the ‘lying professions’, are out to sell headlines and so none of them wants to mention that the ABs had the squirts last time out. It’s a weakness to claim (and believe) unearned reflected glory e.g. that they ‘Turned the rugger world upside down’ last yr. Just for objectivity, they also crashed & burned like Icarus v Oz , SA, & the Taffs.

    Teams can & do lose unexpectedly from time to time, but it’s unlikely that the ABs will have a collective ‘dire rear’ this time out & so they will seek to redress the balance. That’s all.

    For those E’land supporters out there who poo, poo (to coin an expression) my 2nd para, I ask you if you’d rather yr team had ‘D’ before nxt Sat if it doesn’t affect a team then?

  3. No pressure then!

    Interestingly this might be the one game where the ABs have doubts, because it’s the one team and venue where they failed last time. Hence why the management stated up all of the virus stuff again – come on boys you only lost last time because you were ill, etc.

    We can definitely beat them, up front, however I am less confident after that! You can bet that the ABs are concentrating on taking away the forward domination from us, as they will know that if they can do that, they should win at a canter. The ABs always look to attack a teams strength, which is the opposite of what most teams do.

  4. Don, perhaps you should re-read the ABs motivation messages

    “don’t moan”

    It’s hilarious that while admitting in one sentence that even great teams lose now and again you can’t help but qualify it with yet again mentioning the AB fans get out of jail card when they lose – it was someone else’s fault guv.

    Bad stomachs (I lose track, is this the 2nd or 3rd one now, assuming we still count the SA WC one?).

    Bad refs.

    Bad Karma.

    England walloped you last year playing their best game ever under SL and the best game of most of those players lives. At least man up and take it as a loss without constantly referring to this bad stomach.

  5. Remind me again why England get so much stick fir being arrogant.

    Oh how I wish it p*sses down with rain on Saturday with England winning an unedifying match 9-7. That would really rub salt into the wound.

      1. Double like!

        Come on TRB you’ve got to get a like button on here. I know I’m not the first one to ask. Then we can post for the glory as well as the banter (just joking by the way!)

  6. Are Corbisiero and Adam Jones and tuilagi and JD both sets of twins. Two of the most influential players for their teams in forwards and backs both injured in similar ways for similar lengths of time. Spooky really. Not sure it means anything but it just occurred to me!

  7. “We are the most dominant team in the history of the world” Fact it may be, but sounds like a cocky sort of statement to me. I’m not saying this will happen, but if they go into the match with that sort of mindset could we see a complacent All Blacks team that makes a few too many mistakes for their own good???

  8. Read a lot of what in the USA is called trash talk. Putting the other guy down etc. How about all wishing for some good and even better great rugby where the wonders of the grand old game are on display and we can appreciate the skills of the truly fabulous athletes that are on display in both colored jersey’s. Can’t wait .

  9. I don’t really get the fuss. They probably are the most dominant team in history, didn’t we all know that?

    Really though all this demonstrates is the pure belief that NZ carry within themselves. They believe they are the best, they believe they will win every game because they are the best. Sounds like a pretty good mindset to me.

      1. Definitely. If they beat us on Saturday they are the first professional team to go a calender year winning every game. That will make it official!

        I still have hope that we will stop them from doing that mind you!

          1. I’m confused – why does a December 2012 result affect their record for the calender year of 2013?

            To be fair I completely forgot they are playing Ireland next week; England don’t have a game so the AIs are over in my mind after Saturday.

            1. I was pre-empting the response that they’d have gone a year (as in, 12 months) without losing. ;-)

              Yep, England and Ireland are the only teams standing in their way of achieving it. Hopefully they’ll choke!

  10. Neil, Re-read then, but to try & clarify I was making a couple of points;

    1 I thought the ABs were going to wn last yr, but disagree with article’s contention that they are esp desperate to win this game becos of last yr’s loss. They’ll for sure want to put the record straight, but then they go out to win EVERY game anyway. England aren’t that special (otherwise THEY’D be No1).

    2 The medya denegrate the game with their spurious contentions to their contrary view to this.

    3 Any England fans & esp the aforementioned medya (e.g. Dallaglio’s ‘pivotal’ palava) don’t do themselves or their team any favours by seemingly claiming England gained a win entirely on merit v an AB team who had the shits all week prior to that game. IMO it’s an achillies heal in the English game to talk up & believe this tosh.

    4 And if you or any think that the ‘dire rear’ comment is an excuse, then ask yrselves if you’d prefer that England suffered the same affliction before they played each game. Would any say it would make no diff? I think not. Besides I just comment on what happened & then draw a predicated opinion. Like, do the ABs have a HISTORY of making excuses (I know 1995, but I said history) & with their 75% success rate v England, why would they need to? Nart mean?

    1. I’ve actually chatted to Sean Fitzpatrick and Grant Fox in recent weeks, both of whom have said that the loss to England is the game that matters most to players and ex-players over the past year. That is not to say that England are better than them in any way – for whatever reason they played better on that day – but it DOES mean that they are particularly motivated for this one. And why wouldn’t they be? If you’d won 31 of your last 32 matches, why wouldn’t you want to get one over the only team that had beaten you?

  11. “Do the ABs have a HISTORY of making excuses (I know 1995, but I said history) & with their 75% success rate v England, why would they need to? Nart mean?”

    I’ll answer your question – YES, emphatically YES – but not the team, their fans. As you say, they hardly ever lose, but when they do it always seems like it’s down to something outside themselves according to their fans. It’s possible to be both the most skillful team and have the whiniest fans at the same time – having a great win record doesn’t rule them out from being whiners. Most AB losses seem to be accompanied with lots of calls of injustice – bad stomachs, forward passes, deliberate poisonings, etc.

    I delib single out the fans here. The team themselves seem happy to front up and admit they were beaten by a better team on the day. It would be great if their fans could do the same.

  12. brighty read my coimments to Neil.

    I mentioned the squirts once. Did or didn’t the ABs have them? Would yr team play better if the sit were reversed?

    My objection is England’s & seemingly yr less than merited claim to victory. If you believe it to be otherwise then I wish you & yr best mate Walter Mitty good luck, but it doesn’t do you any favours to talk team up thus and surely is an attempt to hide a deep seatted inferiority complex?

    And regds Lancs, just look at England’s track record under last yr… & he’d still, injuries apart, still likely be playing bodgers in mid field & was until this yr playing Brown & Robshaw OUT OF POSITION! What took the penny so long to long 2 drop!?

    1. Don, I’m not English. I have no interest in talking up their victory. I do however dislike whining when someone loses. If you read my comments you’ll perhaps see the point you keep missing – it’s only some fans like you using the bad stomach excuse. The team don’t mention it. They don’t have to. They know they lost, they wouldn’t cheapen themselves by trying to hide behind any excuse, no matter what it was.

      1. Spot on. Even Richie McCaw said this after the game:

        “If we’d fallen away at the end, you might have said [the illness was a factor], but we felt fine. We just struggled to get into the game.”

        But it’s not enough for some people.

      2. Yes, its noticeable that the ABs themselves never gave into this kind of “you only won ‘cos we had iffy stomachs” whining

        BTW Don, Lancaster has only ever played Robshaw at open-side so not quite sure of your point there and Brown was played on the wing as a tactical decision to allow Goode to act as a 2nd playmaker from fullback. Not a decision i agree with personally but I can see the idea behind it.

        Your beloved ABs don’t seem to have a problem playing people out of position, this week will likely see Smith at centre

        Lancaster, whilst in my eyes not being as brave as perhaps he should be, is not doing badly. His young team with very few caps has lost just one test since they last played the Kiwis. Admittedly that one loss was a complete kicking but hopefully it served as a learning experience

        1. He’s not doing too badly – that draw with South Africa was the best Home Nations result down there since 2000, and with the exception of the 6N Wales games the only matches England have lost have been against higher-ranked opponents (e.g. the Tri Nations).

          I think some of his dodgier selections are partly due to the limitations of the EPS, and partly because he’d backed himself into a corner looking for consistency (sticking with Ashton, Brown on the wing and Wood at 8)

  13. brighty, Geat (sure u haven’t misspelt it?), Pablito

    Missed what? Look there were only ever 2 or 3 (if u count Barnes’ missed fwd pass… & BTW for which he was sub’ly dropped frm the IRB elite panel… & sent on an apology tour to NZ, I read somewhere I’m pretty sure?) occaisions, i.e. 1995 & last yr that when FACTS about illness were pointed out & for that Kiwi fans are whingers. I don’t intend going back over & over this becos people believe what they. However in a final try to nail this, you only need ask, ‘did these events happen or not’? If not then fair doos, ALL Kiwis are whingers & Brian Lahore, Laurie Mains & Steve Hansen (some of the most respected names in world rugger) are, by definition, all liars. Because that’s what must be being implied. Besides, despite what RM said according to Geat, Hansen has contradicted this last week & on the AB site recently. He’s not made an issue of AB illness, but merely pointed out that it might have had summat to do with the loss. With a 33 win record, maybe he knows just about as much as some of you others who demur. IMO Kiwi fans are pointing out facts that happened (as I said they did or didn’t have the lurgi), but others seem to want to take unearned reflected glory from the same. Well good on ya, but take a look over the recent England record & tell it wasn’t a 1 off, against the trend. Anyway it may be informative to note yr opinions during England’s NZ visit nxt yr. I’ll be looking out for yr (no doubt non whinging) comments then geezers.

    1. Blimey – that was difficult to read. You should be thankful the All Blacks are better at rugby than you are at formatting your responses.

      Only the most deluded England fan thinks we’ll get much change from the tour next year.

    2. Don, it’s not about whether it did or didn’t happen. It’s about using it as an excuse. Let me try and explain one last time using a simple example.

      I turn up to play you in squash. I mention nothing, I’m intent on winning. I play the match hard and fast. You beat me. AFTER this I then start pointing out that I was ill really, you wouldn’t have beaten me if I wasn’t ill, and so on….. This is now whining. Facts don’t come into it. Everyone’s got “reasons” for a loss in sport – Eng players were undoubtedly carrying knocks, some of them might have had the sniffles, some of them were probably also knackered from their exertions. Then you could say the coach wasn’t very clear in what he wanted or during the week the scrum half had been worrying about his daughter’s cello exam. A million and one possible reasons for a sub-par performance.

      It’s still all whining to bring it up as the main cause of defeat AFTER the match. This is why the ABs themselves are not doing it. They’re better than that. Please, follow their example.

  14. Don, I did re read your post and it was clearer, maybe I jumped the gun a bit.
    I do also agree though that AB fans look for all excuses for a loss. Some fans don’t and I commend them for that, I myself struggle to accept defeat.
    Inferiority complex??? Certainly not, every team raises their game for England and talk freely about it, I suggest that confirms our superiority ;)

  15. Pablito

    In a sep comment regds Ben Smith in the centres, you are, of course, right in that he’s being played ‘out of posi’ for the ABs. However he played plenty for Otago S15 there. The ABs are additionally resting Conrad S, as they have done McCaw & Carter, probably as they are all over 30 & NZ seemingly have them all in mind for the nxt WC?

    I don’t have a particular objetion to a player being moved to another position, but he shud be better than the incumbent whom he’s replacing & there shud be a better person to replace him in his original post. IMO Brown’s clearly been the best f/back in England for a few seasons now. He DOEN’T kick everything out of site, seems fearless & is prepped to have a go in order to create something himself or for teamates as approp.

    BTW Corey Jane was originally a f/back, but sucessfully played as a winger too. Prior, Tana Umaga also played wing & centre for the ABs, but these are exceptions rather than the rule & IMO shud only happen due to aforementioned explanation.

    Over & out.

  16. Geat

    Why? It’s in English & factual. And you seem to lack belief in England for their tour (of hell?) d/under nxt yr… despite the Twickers win?

    1. Don, I’m pretty sure “yr” and “u” aren’t English words, and we also have things called “paragraphs”.

      Anyway, playing any team on their patch is always more difficult – the fact that six of England’s eight “non-losses” (e.g. 5 wins and a draw) were at Twickenham highlights that quite well.

  17. Neil

    Yes, I’ve heard this opinion expressed more than once (i.e.’every team raises their game for England’) & maybe it’s to do with an Imperial past, but surely teams ought to be up for every game?

    As for suggesting yr ‘superiority’, it’s only over the NH which, perhaps, is not so surprising as you have more ‘£, players, the best club comp in the world & the H Cup is the real thing’ (until the end of the yr @ least).

  18. brighty

    ‘Don, it’s not about whether it did or didn’t happen’.

    But it’s exactly about that! Besides Hansen DID talk about team illness B4 the game & we’re talking c.2 occaisions here! And it’s not about niggles, it’s about PIVOTAL reasons. But I’ve mentioned this prev, so if you don’t want to confront the ‘TRUTH’, which is what motivates me in whatever facet of life, not just rugger, then you don’t have to.

    Besides, I do worry about cello lessons. I like cello music. Try Elgar’s concerto! Suerly it would beat Gd Sve t Qn hands down @ Twick?

  19. Geat

    I’m pretty sure u r (oops) right, “yr” and “u” aren’t English words, and that there are things called “paragraphs”.

    Perhaps I’ll use spell & para (oops 2) check nxt (oops again) time… maybe.

    Perchance England have more time for spelling & parts of speech lessons @ Twickers, but then, most teams’ home records are better at home. Altho wot this has to do with the price of fish beats me?

  20. Blimey – that will teach me to be away from my computer for a day!

    As far as I can see, the ABs lost last year. Fact. Some of the team were ill that week. Fact. The captain said it didn’t play any part in the loss. Fact. The fans blamed the illness. Fact. Fans of other countries think that is whining. Fact. The ABs are strong favourites to win this current game. Fact. England would like to win as well. Fact. Punctuation and spelling are helpful when trying to put your point of view across. Fact. Have I missed anything?

    1. This comment further reinforces my view the TRB should have ‘LIKE’ buttons.

      Brilliantly summed up there Staggy.

  21. Staggy

    Didn’t realise that my expressed deep seated doubts about yr last win got to you so much. Nag at yr rugby inferiority complex?

    But obviously Hansen’s a liar & Ritchie likely was oblivious to giving yr press ammo, but this doesn’t suit yr theory does it?

    You’re obviously a qual Dr & would prefer to see England similarly afflicted b4 each game & would doubless say it would make no diff to their game.

    Also, speaking on behalf of other fans is as ignorant as it is arrogant (nuthin’ new there then?). Speak for yrself & stop being an arse.

    Nice touch being personal regds me spelling etc tho, but it’s as irrelevant as yr ‘facts’.

    Another ‘fact’ as you’re so keen on them, the ABs didn’t have the tom tits last Sat & they won. 3 crafted tries v 1 lucky ping pong effort that could have gone anywhere. Funny that innit? But then maybe yr boys were pretty shitted off by the end, esp when they looked at the scoreboard eh?

    Btw Jacob, are you his dad?

    1. Wow, I really wish the better team won the world cup final now.

      When the ABs manage to win a RWC away from home then they can be considered most dominant/greatest etc.

  22. Class ABs fan comments – even after a win they’re more interested in whining about the one loss. Whine, whine, whine. Boring.

    1. I’m impressed he could be bothered to come back here! It’s easy when you get an email alert linking to it, but he’s either got it bookmarked or had to search for it.

      Enjoy your record-breaking 8-point win with a fully-fit (until Carter went off) squad, Don. You earnt it.

  23. brighty

    So why read it then? No sour grapes in there somewhere? Surely not! Interesting in that you seem to sub whining for truth. You clearly have an (English?) issue distinguishing between the 2. Besides I am HAPPY as Larry regds last Sat, just don’t have the need to rub it in that’s all.


    As you were addressing me, as well as others about me, thnks for the compliment, but if truth were to be told, last Sat was, alas, nought to do with me.

    Also as you’re likely aware, I’m new to this site, so, if truth again be told, it was more an oversight that I receive links to the above article.

    Btw, wot’s yr excuse for also dipping back in?

    1. In this particular context, “you” refers to both you and the team you support, in the same way that some supporters refer to their team as “we” or “us”.

      As I said, I received an email because you commented on the blog. Wouldn’t have returned otherwise.

    2. No sour grapes. I’m not English. I admire NZ rugby. For you to try and claim allegiance with sporting excellence when you’re just a little keyboard warrior is funny. You’re nothing to do with the excellent NZ rugby fan. You’re just an example of that curious breed of small minded NZ fan, a minority thankfully, that cannot contemplate anything other than total worship of the team you support.

      What excuse do I need? I read things, I respond. Your initial comment was so laughably juvenile that I felt it worth 2 mins to comment on.

  24. Geat

    I’ts getting picky now, but in yr 1st para you said ‘I’m impressed he could be bothered to come back here…’ which was about me; then you addressed me, that’s all.

    Over & out.

    1. Unoriginal doesn’t mean incorrect though does it?

      You can’t be considered the best when you only win a world cup at home, even then scraping home being second best to a team that lost to Tonga 3 weeks before still shows some vulnerability under pressure.

  25. Matt, IYO.

    Neil, Unoriginal, as in (mindless) leemings.

    Do you mean scraping like England in 02? Pots & kettles & all that. Huh. Pathetic & did you not read my ‘winners r grinners’ comment?

    Does it still smart so much that the wheels fell off the Chariot so fast 10 yrs ago that it made yr heads spin & noses bleed… & you’ve never really got them back on since have you? That shud be yr concern I’d have thought.

    But denigrate away, my comments must really stick in yr craws.

    I just keep recalling the scoreboards.

  26. brighty

    But I’ve always spoken so highly of you!

    Perhaps it’s the (Kernel) Pale Ale that’s (temporarily, 1 hopes) addled yr brain & which thus induces your being so personal? Ha, ha.

    Also interesting in that you say what you’re not, but don’t say what you are, except to allege that you are an erudite, widley read rugger fan.

    But for FYI, I made no ‘claims’ regds sporting excellence as far as I recall. Unnecessary.

    And as to what is, again IYO, ‘an excellent NZ rugby fan’, I can’t say, unless it’s someone who concurs with yr views?

    Regrds yr comments about my being ‘small minded’ & having ‘total worship’ of the ABs (presumably), you surely miss the pt. Basically & to clarify after a mini mountain of commetary, my original view is that the English (mainly media, incl former players, but also IMO many? fans) talk their exploits up (e.g. v NZ last yr; ‘Turned the rugby world upside down’, or ‘ league in the world’ i.e. soccer etc, etc) which was not how I was brought up. Over the top victories, claimed as the real thing (e.g. v Argie 2nd/3rd team), to me, are disingenuous & don’t do England any favours as it can come back to bite them in the arse e.g. & esp, against the background of losses to OZ, SA, narrow win v Italy & the defeat to Wales last yr. This attitude goes against the ethos I & (I have to be a degree presumtuous here) the NZ mindset is used to.

    It’s in this context that I was less than impressed with the comments on the NZ game last yr, esp as NZ (according to Hansen before the match & again more recently on the AB site; & I don’t see that he & NZ with their record need lie about this) did have the tom tits & surely this wouldn’t have enhanced their performance!? And that’s it!

    However & to round off, to have stated this point presumably seems, to English fans, a devaluing of their team’s win; which in reality & to an extent it did, but it was also surely a truthful factor.

    BTW, perhaps are not quite as widely read as you say, otherwise you may have prev read, e.g., my less than complimentary views on SBW (or Money Bill to you) on the then running AB Fanzone site.

    Finally, in respect of yr view that my ‘comment was so laughably juvenile that I felt it worth 2 mins to comment on’, I don’t think I’ve fundamentally said anything differently here, but perhaps this puts where I am coming from in a differnt light… & it took me a little more than 2 mins! No kidding.

    Up & under.

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