5 thoughts on “Alun-Wyn Jones: ‘Hopefully I’ve been selected for the way I play, not lead’

    1. yes and no.

      i would assume that having started the 1st two tests, he HAS been chosen over how he plays. AND he has been chosen as the best leader available in the XV.

      I would hope that Gatland picked his team, THEN his captain for this one. (the omission of BOD would suggest this).

      also, i think what AWJ is trying to hint at is; the lads shouldnt need too much leading here. if you can’t psych yourself up for a series deciding lions test, then what else is he expected to do? they all know what is expected of them, they dont need a captain telling them.

      he hopes he is in on merit of play, not just leadership. and i would say that he is.

  1. with reference to the picture on the front of the article anyone else thinking put a pair of suglasses on him and you have Agent Smith from The Matrix?

  2. He should just read this blog, then he’ll be clear that he’s been picked cos he’s Welsh…

    Look, that was a deliberate troll ok. I’m trying to quip about it to lighten my mood after 90% of the rubbish I’ve read over the last 24 hours almost convincing me that The Welsh are actually The New Cosa Nostra and The New Illuminati combined.

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