Andy Farrell quits Saracens and looks for England return

Saracens backs coach Andy Farrell has left the club with immediate effect, offering his surprise resignation on Thursday night as he opened the door for a possible return with England. The timescale on Farrell’s return is in doubt given that England are currently on tour in South Africa, with Mike Catt currently filling Farrell’s previous role as backs coach.

It opens the door for England to possibly operate with four coaches instead of three, with Catt covering the attack and Farrell the defence going forward for which he was so highly praised during the Six Nations. Kevin Sorrell has been appointed Saracens back coach following Farrell’s departure. Chairman Nigel Wray has wished Farrell well.

The RFU are yet to release an official statement.

7 thoughts on “Andy Farrell quits Saracens and looks for England return

  1. Wow didn’t see that coming! With regards to his return to the England set up I’m happy about it, if as the article suggests, it is as primarily a defensive position. Lancaster has said that the 3 man team from the 6N was an integrated set up so its hard to see what roles each coach had but it was pretty clear none of them new how to coach a back line in attack. So I’m happy with Farrell’s return as long as England still get a new attack coach.

  2. Completely agree about Farrells return, as long as it is as defence coach. Granted, it was against the Ba Ba’s (and only one game) but we were better in attack then during the 6N’s. That said, our defence wasn’t great, so Farrell as defence coach and Catt as attacks coach (for me) has a nice feel to it.

  3. Yes this set up would be perfect. Knowing England it probably wont happen! Pls Stu get him on the plane to SA now.

    Very bizarre though, I wonder what the circumstances are behind it?

  4. Wouldn’t be surprised if he wanted to be involved from the off, but Saracens wouldn’t realise him, so after due consideration of his options, he has chosen to resign. Of course, thats just a theory.

  5. Perhaps the RFU wanted Wayne Smith so didn’t try that hard to get Faz out of his Sarries contract, but then when Smith said no thanks, they thought they had better go after Farrell properly…?

    Agreed that he should be defence coach only…! Still no sign of a backs move.

    1. That’s an interesting conspiracy theory, but sounds plausible. I couldn’t get my head round how they could possibly fail to liberate him at the time given he and Lancaster must have had a chat before the formal approach.

      Plus 1 to all the views for defence responsibilites only (and I think he’s more than qualified to coach kick chase). Can we get him on the plane ASAP to bolster the team and help ensure the midweek team gets a bit more support.

  6. Would love to see what Farrell and catty can come up with. Agreed about Farrell in a defence roll though. Will be good to see what catty can do with the quins and Leicester contingent available.

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