Andy Powell’s driving ban is the least of his problems

Andy Powell has been banned from driving today for 15 months, following his hilarious golf buggy episode at the M4 service station after the Wales victory over Scotland.

He has also had to pay over £1,000 in a fine and a victims surcharge, but the money and not being able to drive for a while are not his biggest problem at the moment.

His rugby career is hanging in the balance after falling out of favour with Warren Gatland who made it clear he would not tolerate this sort of behaviour. He will play no further part in this year’s Six Nations, and there’s no guarantee that the management will select Powell for their summer tour.

If he was at the peak of his form, it’s more likely that Gatland would rush him back into the squad as soon as possible, but he has not had as much impact in his recent outings for Wales. A year ago, he was a real weapon in the Welsh back row, but he has not been causing quite so many problems to the opposition of late.

Powell is already 28, and I’m sure he’ll be more worried about the possibility that his international career is over than he is about driving, and all because of a highly amusing drunken prank. Perhaps he’ll go to Melbourne?

One thought on “Andy Powell’s driving ban is the least of his problems

  1. He may have got up to some drunken pranks but I think describing him as ‘a real weapon’ is a little harsh. You don’t even know him.

    For more drunken pranks, I recommend people look up Italy fly half Craig Gower on Wikipedia. Makes Andy Powell look like the Dalai Lama (not physically obviously).

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