Another frustrating afternoon watching England

I wouldn’t want to be in the England camp this week. That clip of Martin Johnson’s reaction to yet another sin-binning – England’s tenth in four matches – was frightening, even from some distance.

Martin Johnson

A one-point loss to Ireland could have been very different if they had maintained a full complement of players for 80 minutes, and Johnson is bound to unleash hell on his charges over the next couple of weeks.

That said, indiscipline was only an element of the poor performance yesterday – the screaming lack of ingenuity with ball in hand, poor decision-making in key positions and the inability to recycle the ball with any urgency were equally as disappointing.

The best thing you can say about England is their defence and their tenacity to stifle the game, in the vain hope that they might steal a win. Unfortunately, this doesn’t make it a great experience for the England fan when they destroy the game by slowing the ball down time after time, and then lose anyway.

By the second half, I was wishing that the Scotland v Italy game was still on.

In writing this, I’ve changed my mind in frustration – I would actually want to be in the England camp this week and I’d want to give them a beasting myself.

Was your reaction to the game the same as mine? Was this progress from the game against Wales? Did any players catch

4 thoughts on “Another frustrating afternoon watching England

  1. I too feel very discruntled with the way England are playing at the moment.
    I can understand Johnno’s frustration with players that should know better.
    There should be a clause that if you are sin binned then you do not get to play the next game, as the one’s who are being sin binned are mostly the same ones and the ones who have been playing a long time ( no names mentioned). I feel if we continue to play as we are Scotland will have a field day with us. Hopefully the talking to the players had after the game will sink in.

  2. England’s problems are:
    1. Slow ball
    2. Forwards getting mixed up in the back line (Vickery taking it stationary at stand off the worst example)
    3. Unbalanced back row
    Until these problems are addressed, and we encourage backs to run quick ball at oppostition we will get further into the mire.

  3. I have a funny feeling England will beat France in 2 weeks betfair have them at 2.4 and I think that has value. The English will be up for this game like no other for a long while, maybe even since the world cup against Australia and they will not give away any yellow cards, they’ll be too afraid of loosing their place in the team. As for France to play like they did on Friday two matches in a row, and away from home, I think not. England to win by between 7 and 10.

  4. If I could bring myself to bet on England I might take those odds , I think you will get the support down our way for once (well possibly ! ) but put money out on it no !

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