ARU launch investigation into Beale and O’Connor

The two players were seen having pictures taken with fans at 4am outside a fast food restaurant in Melbourne, as reported the Daily Mail. They had earlier watched the Rebels’ game against the Lions, and attended a post match function for players.

Beale’s issues with alcohol are well-documented, and O’Connor is another of the infamous ‘Three Amigos’ (the other being Quade Cooper) who have grown an unwanted reputation for getting into trouble.

It is believed, however, after interviewing the players and several witnesses, that neither of them were drinking at the time. An ARU statement said that the situation was ‘not ideal’.

“There has been a full and thorough investigation of the information,” said an ARU spokesman. “The two players were out last night, but they were not drinking – 10 witnesses we have spoken to corroborated that. The players went to the Rebels v Lions game with their team-mates and after the game they went back to a function at a club, with other Rebels guys. Lions players were there as well. After leaving, they stopped off to pick up some food on the way home and had pictures taken with some fans.”

He added, “Both players are adamant that they didn’t drink and we have checked that out thoroughly. James O’Connor was driving. They have not broken any team protocols. These players have done nothing wrong. Within the team protocols, they are expected to behave responsibly and show common sense but there are no curfews in place.”

It is believed both players have now been cleared of any wrongdoing, but it is still an unwelcome distraction ahead of the vital second test this Saturday. Given the injury problems in the Australian backline, both Beale and O’Connor look likely to start, and this early morning jaunt will not have impressed coach Robbie Deans, who will need all his players to be well rested and in peak physical condition ahead of the game.

12 thoughts on “ARU launch investigation into Beale and O’Connor

  1. Be realistic! Tose two could have been drunk, taken drugs, committed murders etc but they will still be in the oz team on Saturday. They could even be videoed stamping on an opponents face like their captain was but guess what??????

      1. It’s difficult to tell whether that comment was meant in a sarcastic way, Martyn Cleasby, but if not that seems a little excessive! There is so much back and forth in the media over who is cheating, who is spying or who are talent-less slabs of meat, that it taints this wonderful sporting tour. It’d be great to see what the tour would be like if all the keyboard warriors would give it a rest and let the players get on with it! Of course it’s unprofessional to be in a fastfood place in the middle of the night in the build up to a test match, but does that mean that “they are all cheats and liars”? I think not

  2. I’m not entirely sure player schedules are worked out, but as the tests are at 8pm surely their sleeping pattern will involve staying up late and getting up late? They’re hardly going to want to be waking at 6am, 14 hours before kick-off?

    1. 4am might be a bit late, but yeh, sleeping patters/programs will be done so that they are playing “mid afternoon” for them.

    2. Appreciate your point Geat, but can you see something like this happening to the Lions players? I doubt Gatland would take kindly to Sexton and H’Penny (not that either of them ever would be) being out in a fast food place (reportedly Subway) at 4 in the morning – it hardly sends a good image does it?!

  3. If Australia aren’t going to take this seriously what is the point? Cld this be an excuse to recall Cooper?

  4. Is this really a story?

    “Lions players were there as well. After leaving, they stopped off to pick up some food on the way home and had pictures taken with some fans.” Furthermore…. “James O’Connor was driving. They have not broken any team protocols. These players have done nothing wrong”

    A function with both sets of players followed by a photo with a fan becomes an investigation? The fact that people are questioning the choice of subway goes to show how little there is to this story. If anything I’d say it shows Beale in a good light that he’s happy to do the honourable thing and stop for a photo with an opposing fan after his difficult time since the 1st test. Stories like this are just page fillers for piss poor newspapers. Sorry all, rant over.

    1. I think its more that both of them have form when it comes to breaking the rules

      Had they previously been whiter than the driven snow, no fuss would be made.

      But obviously, with Beale’s problems, his behaviour is going to be put under the microscope

  5. At least they didn’t bump into Spikey Mikey having a scrap with security outside.

    Think this is a 2+2 = 5 story. Agree with Geat’s logic

  6. It’s fair of the ARU to want to check things out. Neither player has been totally well behaved in the past. Also, with Beale’s recent troubles it was wise to check thoroughly.

    It wouldn’t be too far a stretch for a person recovering from alcohol problems to hit the booze after he had missed a test winning kick…

    That being said. The lads did nothing wrong. They were at a function, where lions players were too. They have had 10 witnesses saying neither had been drinking (good of JOC to stay solid with Kurtley).

    And if it truly was a subway, that’s not even the most unhealthy type of fast food!

    Personally I think that their biggest crime is eating complex carbs before bed. Naughty boys! (Sarcasm)

    It’s a nothing story, on we move to the rugby.

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