Australia throw their toys out of the pram

Australia are refusing to play against South Africa in the Tri-Nations after the Springboks named a weakened squad for the fixture.  John Connolly is suggesting an additional fixture against the All Blacks.

To be honest, the South Africa second-string could probably beat Australia, and perhaps Connolly is looking to avoid the embarrassment.  I seem to remember the Wallaby whingeing about Wales’ squad that toured this summer – and then they nearly lost the game.

Whilst I believe the Aussies should put up and shut up, it does raise the question over the structure of the rugby calendar.  There are too many matches too close together, and the so-called Test matches are beginning to lose their significance.  It’s worth remembering that the only losers in this debacle will be the supporters, who have paid hard-earned money to watch a competitive match.

One thought on “Australia throw their toys out of the pram

  1. I am told that the move by SA is an attempt to wriggle out of their tri-nations contract and join the 6 Nations in 2010. This is all about money, I did not see the Aussies object to playing the poor English sides we have sent over in recent years…

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