Autumn Internationals: England team to play New Zealand

Stuart Lancaster has named the England side to play New Zealand on Saturday.

England RugbyEngland:
15. Alex Goode
14. Chris Ashton
13. Manusamoa Tuilagi
12. Brad Barritt
11. Mike Brown
10. Owen Farrell
9. Ben Youngs

1. Alex Corbisiero
2. Tom Youngs
3. Dan Cole
4. Joe Launchbury
5. Geoff Parling
6. Tom Wood
7. Chris Robshaw
8. Ben Morgan

16. David Paice
17. David Wilson
18. Mako Vunipola
19. Courtney Lawes
20. James Haskell
21. Danny Care
22. Freddie Burns
23. Jonathan Joseph

What do you think? Would you have picked a different team?

Photo by: Patrick Khachfe / Onside Images

52 thoughts on “Autumn Internationals: England team to play New Zealand

  1. I’m just happy that Goode’s and Launchbury’s performances are being recognised. They had phenomenal games last week, despite the result, and were always working for the win. Let’s hope they keep it up!

      1. Absolutely. He was put into the starting XV in the Six Nations. He had a hard summer tour to South Africa, and has been in competition with Toby Flood for the Autumn.

        If he hasn’t progressed as a player beyond what we saw in February/March (as it seemed in the summer and last week) when he’s been given the starting 10 shirt in the biggest game of his international career, then it will be time to sit in the Saxons squad for a while and develop into either a 10 or 12.

        He is a good player, but you can’t get by on raw talent alone. There are other players that will take the opportunity if he doesn’t.

  2. About time Freddie Burns got a chance, and hopefully we get to see him and Joseph off the bench at some stage. Be nice to see whether those two can provide a bit of cutting edge to the back line.

  3. HI hope JJ gets a go off the bench, hes our most exciting back.

    funny things is, while i was chuffed we physically fronted up v SA and nearly won it, we have a different challenge this weekend.

    being physical wont be enough on its own!

  4. I’m actually glad to see that SL has picked with the same starting line up that came so close last week. Anyone know who’s refereeing the game? Could make a big difference!!

    1. Found this:
      England vs New Zealand at Twickenham, London
      Referee: George Clancy (Ireland)
      Assistant referees: Nigel Owens (Wales), Lourens van der Merwe (South Africa)
      Television match official: Giulio De Santis (Italy)

      Good to have a settled team selection. I think if we can ‘hang on’ and keep in touch for most of the game we have a chance and hope it’s not one of those days where everything goes right for them.

      I have a good feelin! (Famous last words)

  5. Although Launchbury has been playing well, I’d have liked to have seen Lawes start in his place.

    He gives the pack a bit more aggression and niggle and I think we’ve lacked that sort of edge. We fronted up well to South Africa but Lawes adds something extra.

  6. What do people think to after 60 mins Faz moving to 12, Burns on at 10 and JJ at 13? Think that could be an exciting prospect, Manu’s trading on past performances ATM.

    1. I think that will depend on the score after 60 mins. I think Burns should come on whatever at 60, but if it’s still tight I would keep Barritt on for defensive stability. Maybe move Tuilagi to the wing and put JJ at 13 at 60 minutes?

      1. I know Barritt is excellent defensively, but surely thats bread and butter for an international centre? I wouldn’t say JJ was our best back, hes totally unproven on the international stage to be fair, and Manu isnt banking on past experiences. If NZ or Aus had a player like him, they wouldnt stick a useless battering ram next to him that doesnt understand space.
        Biggest tragedy about this squad? Brown on the left wing, enter Cory Jane…

        1. Here we go again. Are you referring to the same Mike Brown, who, in the last 2 weeks has made more breaks and run for more metres than any of our specialised wingers?

          Who would you have in his place? Sharples? – out of his depth against the Aussies in attack and defence. Monye? – couldn’t put a marker down against Fiji

          Or perhaps you’d like to throw in someone with no international experience to play against the ABs?

          1. Just like I quashed this argument last week with a video of brown getting turned inside out in the space of a metre by christian wade? An out and out winger? He couldn’t even manage a tap tackle on one…

  7. Only problem I have is Care over Youngs. Youngs works well with Flood, yes – but when Flood’s not there, surely it should be Care? Would have liked to see Haskell over Wood too, not too convinced by Wood’s performance last week.

    1. I actually agree with you on Ben Youngs. With Toby Flood yes, but Owen Farrell doesn’t play as close to the gainline and isn’t going to be on Youngs’ shoulder the way he’s best, so Care or Dickson in for Youngs.

      Haskell though I do not agree on. Wood is a class blindside flanker, I thought he had a good game last week, especially considering his time out. Haskell offered nothing new when he came on, just a bit of grunt.

      Glad to see Launchbury in over Lawes. Lawes is quick, and that’s great, but he’s a liability with his big hits that are too often too close to not being a tackle (same goes for Haskell). Launchbury has a complete game and looked good against South Africa. combined with the fact that Lawes hasn’t played more than a couple of games since the 6N.

      1. Happy with Haskell and Lawes as impact subs – actually think that this is a bench that could make an impact and change a game. First time we’ve had that for a while. Here’s hoping the game isn’t out of sight by then.

    2. Agreed on both counts – although this week’s game may suit Woods more as it is likely to be faster and more dynamic.

      Care really should have started this game. Youngs is not on form at all. His slow passing is likely to be ruthlessly exploited by the AB back row.

      Farrell is going to get closely acquainted with Liam Messam

      1. AS you can tell, im not a fan of care!

        Youngs inside pass to Goode was classy and i know thats one isolated example, but it shows a vision heads up rugby brain that Care doesn’t have and hasn’t shown in the 36 time hes played.

        Youngs has a better kicking game, which is v important.

        I admit that youngs passing was a bit slow, but hopefully extra game time will get him firing on all cylinders.

        1. I did notice.

          I don’t expect to change your mind but watch the highlights from 14 mins onwards here – – to see my problems with Youngs.

          Off the back of Brown’s break, England storm up field, Parling takes it on and Morgan goes through the centre of the ruck. Its very quick ball, England have 4 players on the blind-side (inc Tuilagi and Ashton) to the Saffers’ 2. Its a definite try if Youngs notices. But he doesn’t even look and instead throws it to an isolated player who is quickly snaffled by the defense.

          Never mind though cos the ball comes back and its still on. Oh wait, no it isn’t. Youngs has passed it to someone’s feet.

          I reckon Care would have had that out to the blind-side 9 times out of 10 and England would have scored.

          As for heads-up rugby, Care is at the centre of everything for Quins and that is exactly the rugby they play. Youngs plays for a club whose strategy is based around forward dominance and that shows in his slow decision-making and passing.

          1. Would care have spotted the blindside option? its conjecture.

            Thats a problem with england, not being clinical and a really it boils down to support players not telling you its “on”. its no surprise that he passes to the loudest support player…ashton!

            I could also point out Youngs pass from our tryline & ashtons legnth of field score V Aussies or Youngs score v Aussies in Australia.

            thats vision and heads up rugby on an international stage.

            Care is an excellent club player, no question, but has never produced @ int level whereas Youngs has on several occasions.

            its a step up in class that care doenst make but youngs does.

          2. Can’t seem to reply to your comment Jimmy

            The 2 Youngs moments you mention were quite a while ago and back then I’d be in agreement with you. However he’s not been in that kind of form for ages.

            You are right about support players to an extent, but if Youngs played heads up rugby he would have been alive to possibilities both sides of the scrum

            As for Care never producing it on the int stage, I’ll simply point you to his tap and go against the Aussies which led to a try compared to Youngs’ similar attempt that was not only poorly timed (and should have been kicked) but that led to nothing

  8. This is going to one hell of a game. I just hope that we keep it tight, and run the All Blacks close right until the end. Their team looks so strong, but I think that we might just edge to battle up front. Plus, we need to make sure that our kicking is much better against the All Blacks. I am worrying about the line out as well.

    Fingers crosses we put in a good performance though!

    1. Granted he is not a natural wing, but I do think that Mike Brown has a lot to offer as there is far more to his game than catching and kicking.

      It is said that he is now the quickest player at Quins – which is no mean feet.

      I would prefer Ashton 11 and Sharples 14, but I am not against Brown being there. Certainly better than Tuilagi out there.

  9. I really think if we can tame them at the breakdown and be competitive in the rucks and mauls, we could get them on the back foot. They’re not really used to teams getting in behind them, so if Farrell can get the ball in the corners and we chase well (possibly why Brown is on the wing), we could cause them some problems.
    I’m not saying we’re going to win, be we could surprise everyone.

    1. SL made a comment about Burns on the bench which seemed to imply that he would only get on if needed. I hope this isn’t going to be the case. It would be a wasted opportunity.

  10. I’m kind of glad we stuck with the team as we nearly beat a good side despite it being tired woodwards lot would’ve loved to get that close n his first 6months. i think eventually burns will be number one and farrell will be the guy that comes on to close out matches we are leading with 10 or 20 to go with his stern defence and calm kicking. unfortunately we arent quite that team yet and we’re getting to the last period a few points behind and therefore need a gamechanger. ie burns. excited to see the pack go toe to toe with nz. while sa are barbaric and brutal the all blacks are just hugely competitive and technical o a different challenge which requires more than a physical front up. esp with our discipline issues around that area in the past few years. pleased with brown he is an attacking player with a good offload. it does look a balanced back 3. look at what corey jane gave the all blacks at the world cup. no negative press for him. if that midfield can look up for support it looks dangerous as the centres will take the attention of two defenders. i hate being so optimistic! its sport anything can happen. i love watching us play the best!

    1. If Burns and Ford are in the EPS come the 6N, I think we may have seen the last of Flood, and Farrell will spend his time in the centre of as injury cover for 10…

    1. Don’t know what you mean – Michalak isn’t playing and Cruden can’t play against Carter! Your just jealous because Priestland got overlooked! Lol

      1. Haha brilliant! It is laughable that Farrell got nominated. He isn’t first choice for club or country? Strange.

        1. He is first choice for Saracens, and so is Hodgson as the club uses a rotation system. Still don’t know how he got nominated though.

          1. I agree to a certain extent about the fact he is part of a rotation system. But lets be honest, for the biggest games in Saracens season they go with Hodgeson.

  11. “while sa are barbaric and brutal the all blacks are just hugely competitive…” Take it you didn’t see the Wales match then?

  12. Have just seen the cap comparison in the standard. We have 200 odd caps to their 740 with ano 146 on the bench. That is quite a staggering casym of experience. Are we being a bit harsh on Eng for their failings no matter how frustrating it is?

    1. Good point. And some 90 of those caps probably belong to Youngs, Cole and Ashton

      That kind of puts recent results into perspective.

      This is a young, inexperienced team. And yet they have come close to beating both Australia and South Africa – the second and third best teams in the world.

      I think we are being too harsh. These results are not bad at all – merely frustrating as we know both matches could have been won.

      The forwards fronted up against SA and showed they could at least match some of the best in the world,

      The backs are missing that creative spark but let’s hope they can kick on from here and find it.

      (BTW long term, I’d love to see Goode moved back to his natural position of fly half and a back line as follows – Care, Burns/Goode, Billy 36, Tuliagi, Foden and Ashton on the wings, Brown at fb)

  13. I think we are being a bit negative in England, Lancaster is constantly bringing young players through. the pack stood up well agianst the boks on a rainy day which is no small thing.

    Yeh we have problems in the backs, we aren’t creative ect ect. But I think we should experiment with Burns and twelvetrees in the 6N, maybe Goode in the line with foden at 15.

    I don’t want to experiment against the ABs

    slow it doen, keep the ball (best defence) and let farrel kick his goals, I ain’t hopeful lets see what happens.

  14. The problem is that every coach in England brings through 13 youngsters at once and they spend 4 years clammering to get on an even playing field to the rest of the world, fail at the world cup and the coach goes walkies.

    Other teams and countries don’t bring through players like this and it puts England on the back foot season after season. But it’s the buzz word that coaches like to use to get the England job because it sounds like you’re going to do something new with the team.

    The New Zealanders bring through a few new players a year, they don’t instantly sack off everyone over 25 and build a team that will do the next world cup, but not the one after and then perpetually drop half of them based on 1 iffy game.

    They need a better structure for bringing people through because too many languish in the Saxons and aren’t going to make it into the England side again.

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