Aviva Premiership 2014/2015: Predicted final table


Here at TRB HQ we’ve put together what we think the final Aviva Premiership table will look like. Check out Hosie and Hutch’s predictions below – whose do you like best? Do you see it going differently yourself? Let us know your predicted table in the comments section below!


1SaracensLeicester Tigers
2Leicester TigersSaracens
3Northampton SaintsNorthampton Saints
8Sale SharksSale Sharks
9Exeter ChiefsLondon Irish
10London IrishExeter  Chiefs
11London WelshLondon Welsh
12Newcastle FalconsNewcastle Falcons

26 thoughts on “Aviva Premiership 2014/2015: Predicted final table

  1. I’ll go with:

    1. Saracens
    2. Leicester
    3. Bath
    4. Saints
    5. Quins
    6. Wasps
    7. Gloucester
    8. Sale
    9. London Irish
    10. Exeter
    11. London Welsh
    12. Newcastle Falcons

      1. I actually put Welsh originally, but I just think the addition of Weepu, and more importantly Barkley, will make the difference. I tend to look at that 9/10/12 area when to comes to the big games at the end of the season. Those roles have so much of a say over big games, and Welsh are much strong here IMO.

  2. We have fairly similar predictions here, Hosie.

    I sort of wanted to pick a team like Wasps or Irish to exceed expectations and finish higher, but I can’t really see it. It feels like there are three clear tiers of teams, from 1-3, 4-8, 9-12, but hopefully we’ll be proved wrong and the season will be more unpredictable than this…

  3. 1. Saracens
    2. Saints
    3. Leicester
    4. Quins
    5. Bath
    6. Gloucester
    7. Exeter
    8. Wasps
    9. Sale
    10. London Irish
    11. London Welsh
    12. Newcastle Falcons

  4. I think relegation could be more interesting than the top four race this season. I would be keen to know what separates Welsh and the Falcons in your opinion?

    I am a Falcons fan and do see us going down, but think it will be very tight.

    1. It’ll be hugely tight. I think Welsh could start slowly as their hundreds of new faces take time to gel, then put together a decent run around the turn of the year. If they can get all the new boys to play together as a team, I think they’ve got a better chance than Newcastle of staying up. The Falcons seem to lack a bit of depth, and I’m not convinced either of Godman or Clegg is really a top class 10.

      I also wonder if their new artificial pitch might work to their disadvantage.

    2. It would be a shame for Rugby in England if Newcastle are indeed relegated and replaced by Bristol at the other end of the country…

      It will be tight though, and one win here or there makes all the difference.

      1. Any particular reason why it would be a shame for rugby in England?

        Bristol have finished top a few times in recent seasons, but due to a ridiculous play-off system they’ve been denied. 8 or 9 points clear last season wasn’t it? The winner of the league should always be promoted, it’s just daft.

        Lots of Love

        A Bristolian ;-)

        1. Bristol would be a brilliant addition to the league, no doubt, but it would almost be the death of rugby (union) in the North! I think that was Hutch’s point.

        2. Yes, the point was not related to Bristol in particular, but the loss of Rugby in the North. And the (silly) playoff system makes it much harder for a relegated team to come straight back, so they may be gone for a while.

          Bristol will be a great addition to the Premiership next year…!

            1. Ha, I wondered if anyone would pick me up on that. The not-quite-as-silly-as-it-used-to-be playoff system means that plenty of teams have a chance of being promoted.

        3. Totally agree Smithy. Also would be great to have you lot back in the Prem, I miss the Briz/Baaaath games

  5. I’m suprised there seems to be such a consensus on Falcons being relegated. They’ve got some very good props, plenty of power in the backs, an expereinced coaching team and a ground that no one likes to visit. Whereas Welsh have thrown together a disparate bunch of players to play in an empty stadium in one of the toughest leagues in the world. I think they’ll be adrift by Christmas

  6. I have to agree with Hedley. If that London Welsh squad was six months old then I’d say they would stay up. But Newcastle on a Friday night between October and February is a pretty dreadful place to be as a player I imagine. I think they will avoid relegation this time around but will succumb to Bristol in the 2015-16 season (and if anyone puts any money on that I’d be happy to help with the winnings!).

    The top of the table discussion is all academic really. Marler as captain, strong set of backs and ever-improving forwards. What’s to debate? Quins for the title baby!

  7. Am I the only person who sees wasps as a potential dark horse? Their front 5 is strong this year and I feel their back like is one of (if not THE) strongest in the prem.

    1. Saracens
    2. Leicester
    3. Saints
    4. Bath
    5. Wasps
    6. Harlequins
    7. Gloucester
    8. Exeter
    9. Sale
    10. Newcastle
    11. London Irish
    12. London welsh

  8. The only sure thing is Saries will be top. I think Leicester/Northampton will be second and third, however not sure in what order. Bath will be fourth.Wasps, Glo and quins will finish 5, 6, and 7 , again, however in any order. Sale will be ninth. The last three i would imagine being New castle, London Welsh and London Irish. Sitting on the fence?, maybe !

  9. I think all you can say is things look pretty tight for the teams in their respective zones. Falcons by the way lost 8 games last season by less than 7 points without a decent goalkicker (which they now have). They also recorded two try bonus points in their last few games. Their problem may well be the new turf if there is one. As a squad they are better man for man and more experienced.

  10. Big assumption that Bristol will be promoted this season. Briz are again over-rated and I expect Worcester to bounce back up……..

  11. Hmm, one thing for sure, it will be close at the top and the bottom and in the middle!! I’ve tried no to be biased….
    1. Sarries
    2. Tiggers
    3. Saints
    4. Baaaaath (here I delcare I am a Baaaaath fan)
    5. Quins
    6. Glaws
    7. Exeter
    8. Irish.
    9. Welsh
    10. Wasps
    11. Sale
    12. Falcons (sorry guys)

    Promoted: Brizzle

  12. A mistake writing off Saints. “One swallow does not a summer make” but tonight they proved they have the game to retain (not that WE doubted that)

  13. First weeks results need to be taken in isolation, until we’re a few weeks in it’s tough to tell where everyone is. But Saints certainly don’t look bad!

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