6 thoughts on “Aviva Premiership Try of the Week: Round 19

  1. Brown’s try for Sarries is the only real team effort so gets my vote. Of the others I think Manu’s is the best, for just sheer brutality in ball carrying ability.

  2. Agree with Dazza. Not flawless execution but some great interplay and touches (when did Borthwick become an inventive ball handling second row?!).

    Tuilagi wasn’t even coming from any depth/with any pace. What a freak! So pleased he’s back.

  3. Warren fury’so reaction once he’s stripped for the fenby try sums up Newcastle this season. Always a couple of seconds behind the pace of the game. Why he attempts to take a few steps rather than passing it straight from the base of the ruck is bizarre. As is the fact none of the falcons forwards thought to actually secure the ball, just blasted last it and left it behind. Don’t look like a team and it’s frustrating us loyal fans now.

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