Aviva Premiership Try of the Week: Round 22

The final weekend of the regular season produced possibly the strongest field for try of the week yet – check out the contenders below:

Video credit: Premiership Rugby

13 thoughts on “Aviva Premiership Try of the Week: Round 22

  1. Nice little offload from Manu there. What a machine he is. Anyone who thinks he doesn’t have to offer than just being a bosh merchant is sadly mistaken as well. Whilst in previous years he has been limited; he has developed him game massively and is only going to get better. Everyone seems to forget that they guy is 22.

    Ford’s was well taken but poor defending from Quins. From the camera angle behind the posts you can see the massive gap left for him to stroll through.

  2. Some amazing pace from May there. let’s hope he runs as straight the next time he plays for England

    My vote goes to the Scully try just cos its shows off Tuilagi at his wrecking ball-best. Goes through the 9 and the 10, draws in 2 more in an attempt to stop him and leaves huge gaps for others to exploit. Hope he is on form for the NZ tour

    1. Agree with you on May, when you can gas quick men on the outside like that why always turn inside?

      I know Hodgson isn’t the biggest defender and going high on Tuilagi was never likely to end well for him …. but to see him hurled out of a tackle with a fend (not bounced off) is astonishing strength/power. I’m going for the same try for the same reasons!

      1. I’m sure that’s true generally Dazza but if that had been anyone other than Tuilagi they’d have had it well covered.

        Take 4 tacklers out and huge gaps appear whether or not you have 15 men on the pitch!

  3. Don’t know which other discussion to bring this up but are we thinking newcastle are going to be much more of a threat next year taking into account some of their awesome signings over the past couple of weeks. Just signed Josh Furno as well who was really realy good in the 6 nations

    1. I’ve heard this from someone else today as well – but personally I’m not convinced.

      Josh Furno I think is a really good signing. I thought he looked like a top player in the 6 nations.

      But who else is significant?

      The Tuilagi’s were the headline signings; but Anitelea has never been particularly impressive. Alesana was obviously fantastic at Leicester. But he is 33 and has spent the last two (?) seasons playing in Japan. Are either of those two going to make much difference?

      1. I’m sure the Tuilagi bro’s will add something to the Falcons attack, and Furno seems to be a good signing. It seems to me that they just wanted to stay up this year, and with Worcester doing so badly I think their performances reflected that of a team that had a pretty good idea that they would stay up.

        I’m sure the whole squad will be looking to play a more attacking brand of rugby next season, and they will need to. Bristol (if they come up) have signed well, so expect more fight from Falcons next year.

  4. Fantastic pace from May. That is great to see, not just from him after his stuttering 6Ns campaign, but from anyone on a rugby pitch.

    A little less obvious perhaps, but I thought that Andy Fenby showed very good pace (and balance) for his try also.

    Lastly – Jacob, referring to your qualifying remarks on Ford’s try, you may be right but I would turn that perspective around and suggest that his skill left Evans (who was covering Turner-Hall’s inside) falt footed and as a result left Turner-Hall floundering and indecisive (and he is not generally an indecisive defender), and then rather skinned Monye and Brown, neither of whom are known for their weak defence.

    This one gets my vote simply because of the quality of defenders he swept past.

    1. My point was more that I don’t think he swept past those defenders. Monye was a covering flailing tackle, as was Browns – so I don’t think you can give Ford credit for going round them.

      The gap was massive way before Ford even received the ball, so again, I don’t think you can give him credit for creating the gap in any way.

      Credit to him for spotting the gap, and then finishing very nicely. I just think it looks far better from the first few angles than it does when you see it from behind the posts, with the benefit of seeing how the defense is lined up.

  5. Can’t be May for me, he made no attempt to come closer to the posts even though he could have easily shaved meters off the kick. I believe Burns missed that, and they went on to lose by a point…

    Normally I don’t deal with what if’s, but when it’s a conversion, it’s not changing the nature of the game to the same degree as a disallowed try or missed penalty, as the game still returns to a restart, it’s just 2 points up for grabs.

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