Aviva Premiership Try of the Week Round 3 – who gets your vote?

There were some terrific tries in this week’s Aviva Premiership matches – but surely there is one that stands out above the rest, and could even be an early contender for try of the season. Check them all out below and then let us know what you think in the comments section!

Video courtesy of Premiership Rugby’s Youtube Channel

8 thoughts on “Aviva Premiership Try of the Week Round 3 – who gets your vote?

  1. Elliot’s try is likely to be up for try of the season, a superb team try. The deft hands to Strettle was impressive, Manu’s tackle breaking for Kitchener’s try was amazing and it was a great late offload from Robshaw (?) for Care’s try, but it so easily has to be Elliot’s try, just superb.

  2. Some good tries there. Elliott’s the best – North really seems to be improving with every game he plays, a scary prospect.

    Also liked the Quins try for Robshaw’s presence of mind to rip the ball off his own player (and then give that beautiful offload to Care) and Kitchener’s just to watch the power of Tuilagi on the rampage

  3. Who was the Gloucester 21?

    He was the one who actually tackled George North, but still got back up to chase Elliot to the line. What were the others doing???

  4. If you check the comments (mine) on the round 3 predictions you will see that I called it before it happened. Elliot is under the radar but the real deal. Oh, and North is coming along nicely :)

  5. Tuilagi’s carry through the middle will be one of my moments of the season, 6 men (one attempting, and failing, twice) to bring him down, just insane power.

    The Saints try is sensational, if anything beats that to try of the season we’ve got something great to look forward to.

    Did anyone else think Robshaw has gained a yard of pace (last week was more a test of swim speed)?

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