2 thoughts on “Aviva Premiership Try of the Week Round 4: who gets your vote?

  1. Setup for Ford’s try is undeniably brilliant and he was amazing the entire game, but I’m really not convinced that should ever have been given. Ball doesn’t go down in the frame you see it, I think if you can imagine it went down afterwards, it’s probably a second movement. Based on it being given though, probably the best, but broken defence is easy to look good against

    Personally thought the setup for the Pisi try was brilliant, nice training ground loop play from Dickson, beautifully executed, drawing players in, creating an overlap, sublime, and Luther Burrell’s try, dummying two players to make the gap, very nice.

    Catterick’s try for Newcastle as well, lots of quick hands, holding the tacklers until the last moment, can’t be argued with.

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