Bath Three resign from club

It has emerged today that three players have resigned with immediate effect from Bath Rugby – Michael Lipman, Alex Crockett and Andrew Higgins.

The players, who share the same lawyer, made the decision based on their position at the club becoming “untenable” following internal ructions summarised in a statement made yesterday by Bath CEO, Bob Calleja:

“Michael Lipman, Alex Crockett and Andrew Higgins had been required to appear at an internal disciplinary hearing today to address the failure on three occasions to take a drugs test following allegations surrounding player conduct on Sunday May 10. Immediately before the hearings were due to take place the players resigned from the Club with immediate effect.

The Club regards this as an internal matter and intends to make no further comment”

The players have denied the claim by the club that they have refused to provide samples for anti-doping purposes.

Both the club and the players will probably try to sweep this under the carpet without too much further media comment but following the recent mutual agreement to terminate Justin Harrison’s contract and Matt Stevens’ admittance to a cocaine problem earlier in the season, I don’t think we’ll have heard the last of this.

Do you think the Bath players are being unfairly treated or is there a problem with Bath Rugby’s social scene? This has the potential to be very damaging to the sport as a whole – all thoughts and comments are encouraged.






2 thoughts on “Bath Three resign from club

  1. it’s hard to believe that there is smoke without a fire – there must be a problem at Bath.

    one article i read suggested that the players had agreed to provide urine samples, in which cocaine was only evident for a few days, but the club wanted hair samples, which retain evidence of cocaine for much longer…

    but they’re on lucrative contracts and will no doubt not go down without a fight, although Harrison did – what his ‘misconduct’ on may 10 consisted of is not yet clear, but it must have been something pretty bad.

    when the england players misbehaved in auckland last year the results of the enquiry were all published eventually, i wonder if the same will happen here?

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