Bayfield: “Rugby Blog Are Investec Champions!”

As the Investec Internationals approach, what better way to spend an evening than with some of the nation’s best writers, broadcasters and lovers of the game and the chance to put away a few cheeky ales and compete over several rounds of pub-related games all in the aim of some good old fashioned banter and camaraderie?

Here at The Rugby Blog, we’ll be doing our utmost to bring you the latest and greatest exclusive reports throughout the Autumn with access to the England team and news from all of the home nations.  With this in mind, it was only natural that we should be sitting alongside some great sporting personalities and broadcasters as a fantastic evening on Fleet Street unfolded!

Martin Bayfield admirably held court as various teams took part in forms of horse racing, Wii, darts, table football and beer-mat flipping.  You’ll be proud to hear that of all the teams involved, the last three men standing in the beer-mat flip play-offs were the full Rugby Blog complement of Hutch, Stu Peel and Nick Heath – Stu Peel excelling beyond what was necessary in a ridiculous 56 beer-mat flip record that had all around him agog at such an effort.  It even prompted a Twitter mention from Clare Balding.

Here’s double World Championship Darts runner-up and all-round top man Bobby George talking Nick through some technique. “Forget your aim, let’s work on the throw…”


Rugby World’s Paul Morgan excelled at the long jump on the Wii, Ozzy Ardilles proved a tough match on the table football and Clare Balding’s team got so competitive on the horse racing machine that they broke it.  The highlight for many though, was the BBC’s stalwart Scottish rugby commentator Ian Robertson declaring his delight at having beaten Bobby George’s 3 dart total.  Click below to see Robbo’s version of events.


All in all it was a highly-amusing evening and served well to remind us of the incredible entertainment that the Investec Internationals have brought us over the last ten years.  With just over two weeks to go until the first epic encounter with New Zealand, you can expect plenty of build up here as we discuss the England team, the best moments of the Investec Series and of course the fans’ and journalists’ previews of all four weekends involving all four home nations.  Bring it on.

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