Bayonne chairman lays into Phillips as Wales star is axed

Bayonne chairman Alain Afflelou has spoken in the French press of his disgust at Mike Phillips’ behaviour, describing his actions as ‘inexcusable’, and accusing him of ‘treason’.

Official confirmation of the Wales scrum-half’s sacking, after he reported for a video analysis section under the influence of alcohol, is expected shortly, but in a heated interview with French publication Sud Ouest, Afflelou did not hold back on his opinion of one of the club’s star players.

He claimed he had wanted to sack Phillips immediately when he had found out what happened, but had to wait until a disciplinary hearing had been completed. He claims had Phillips not been sacked, he would have walked away from the club.

“It was him or me,” he said. “I could not have stayed in a club with such disagreement.”

“From the moment he let us down, his friends, coaches and fans, it was not possible to keep him. However, I had great respect and affection for the boy and the player. I had already kept him on a year ago, against everyone’s advice.

“This summer, I even invited to my house to offer him a contract extension of two years. I trusted him. This is treason.”

Asked if Phillips had expected to be fired, Afflelou replied: “I hope he did not expect to receive an email of congratulations. Shit! With all the sporting problems at the moment, we did not need this type of behaviour. It could no longer be tolerated.

“What he did is inexcusable. And it’s not the first time.”

Asked about reports Phillips was considering legal action, Afflelou said he did not expect to face paying compensation. “We’ll let the lawyers do their work but I don’t think so. He is a repeat offender and has been laid off for misconduct.”

Photo by: Patrick Khachfe / Onside Images

10 thoughts on “Bayonne chairman lays into Phillips as Wales star is axed

  1. Is a Welsh region going to be able to pick him up? With the doubts over their finances do any of them have the option to offer him a contract? Even with this I reckon he will demand a large pay packet.

    English side maybe?

    Haven’t heard any rumours yet, is there any news on where he might go?

  2. Not sure he’s a good buy for anyone and I think Bayonne have pulled a bit of a fast one here – they won’t see Mike for the whole of next month and then for about 2/3 months of next year anyway. Similarly not sure a Welsh region will pick up the tab for him to go off with the WRU for four months now?

      1. Well, depending on who you listen to there’s a real chance he’s not welcome at The Blues, Scarlets and Ospreys due to previous issues. Can’t see him at The Dragons. He’s 31 so prob has one decent contract left. Could find some difficulty getting one anywhere really…

        1. Someone will take him. He’s still got some rugby in him and that trumps most things (sadly)! Won’t be Exeter though as they pick players on character!

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