Bradley Davies receives 7 week ban for tip tackle

Wales & Cardiff Blues second row Bradley Davies has been given a seven week ban for his tip tackle on Donnacha Ryan. The ban means he will miss the rest of the Six Nations championship, leaving Wales without yet another second row option with Alun Wyn Jones and Luke Charteris injured.

Given the severity of the tackle, with many suggesting it should have been a straight red card, is the ban long enough?

28 thoughts on “Bradley Davies receives 7 week ban for tip tackle

  1. I think 7 weeks is pretty lenient. It was incredibly dangerous. He lifted him, turned him and then dropped him on his neck. Add to that the fact that it was off the ball and seemingly unprovoked and I would have thought 8 weeks would have been the minimum he’d have gotten.

    1. Awaiting official statement but i don’t think he’s had much history with the disciplinary committee , that may have something to do with the lenience

  2. Yeah about right.

    Makes me angry about what Umaga and Mealamu ‘should’ have received for their tackle on O’Driscoll in 2005. It was off the ball, it had 100% intent, it was pre-meditated and had deliberate downward pressure.

    What would happen to them now I wonder?

    1. I’m enraged about the reffing generally. Rugby doesn’t need these shit refs.
      I don’t care as much that Wales beat us. They might have deserved it. Thing is, we’ll never know. It was a complete shambles. & why are disciplinary hearings held in ludun???

      The scoreline is molded by crap reffing instead of play and that sucks. These f$#*ers need to retire. An Eng ref and Eng majority disciplinary committee: NO & NO

      I’m tired of this. I want those f#@$*rs out of our game.
      A _free_ penalty to give Wales the auto win at the end of a game. It’s just not right. Something needs to be said, and I’ll say it here.

  3. They’d be shot i’d imagine Charlie

    Ryan should have been cited for his cheapshot on Adam Jones that caused the whole thing, but there you go!

    1. Nonsense. Ryan came through the gate and bound onto Jones the instant he joined the ruck. You can see that by the way he uses that leverage to drive Jones backwards.

      Even if Ryan had been guilty of charging, you can’t just take the law into your own hands.

      Davies should have received a significantly longer ban for what was a disgraceful, off-the-ball, pre-meditated and malicious attack that deliberately aimed to injure his opponent.

  4. Disgracefully lenient. Why do the IRB bleat on about ridding the game of spear tackles then give Davies what amounts to a slap on the wrist?????

  5. 7 weeks is very lenient that was miles away from the ball and could have caused terrible injury, disgraceful behaviour!

  6. @shelts
    he hit the ruck………what wrong with that?
    If you have ever played rugby I’m sure you would have hit a ruck at some stage, especially if you have a chance of winning the ball. It was very good counter rucking by Davies but once he had Ryan drove off the ruck he should of left it at that.

  7. Here is the update – he got 5 weeks off for his previous good behavior

    For immediate release: Wednesday 8th February 2012
    At a disciplinary hearing in London today, Bradley Davies, Wales lock forward, was suspended for 7 weeks having been cited by the independent Six Nations citing commissioner Achille Reali (Italy), for an incident of foul play in the RBS 6 Nations match between Ireland and Wales in Dublin on Sunday.

    The independent Six Nations Disciplinary Committee, chaired by Antony Davies (England) along with John Doubleday (England) and Jean-Noel Couraud (France), having considered the citing report and the television footage and having listened to the player’s explanation, found that the incident, in which the player lifted his opponent beyond a horizontal position but did not bring him to the ground safely contrary to Law 10.4(j) and the IRB’s particular emphasis on this aspect of the game, merited a top end entry to the IRB’s table of sanctions.

    The Committee applied an additional two weeks to the entry point of 10 weeks to reflect the need for a deterrent for this type of foul play but, in mitigation, took account of various factors in the player’s favour including his admission of guilt, his previous good disciplinary record and his conduct at the hearing in allowing the maximum possible reduction of five weeks.

    Bradley Davies can resume playing on 26 March 2012, and has the right of appeal.

      1. 12 weeks sounds about right. An almost 50% reduction for previous good behaviour is way too lenient, considering the malicious nature of the attack.

  8. Nearlyhalf the sentence knocked off, but still out for the remainder of the tournament. At this stage of the year, is there really that big a difference between 8 weeks and 12? How many more games would he have missed? At that point it becomes frankly academic.

    I’m a Welshman, and I was disgusted with that tackle. That being said, there does seem to be a more refined focus on tip tackling ever since the ‘contravertial’ Warburton red in the RWC semi final.

    1. I think there has to be a refined focus on it, purely because of the huge debate that surrounded it. But the referee’s have to be consistent.

    2. The length of sentence both sets a precedent for future incidents and serves as a deterrent to others. In this case, reducing the ban by such a big proportion sends the wrong message.

      Also I think people should stop referring to this as a “tip tackle”. It was no such thing. It was a pre-meditated off-the-ball assault, with deliberate intent to injure.

  9. Understand the ban but the assistant referee is as much to blame – listen to the audio as he talks to Barnes (who admitted he had seen nothing of the incident and had to rely on the assistant who said) – Davies “lifted player above 90 degrees… dropped him… (recommendation) YELLOW CARD ” ridiculous
    Do Barnes and the official not understand the rules by his own comments that is a red card offence
    It is and should continue to be a red card for a deliberate spear tackle
    Does he (sorry dont know the officials name) not understand the rules that it merited a straight red card for a deliberate spear tackle on its own never mind that it was off the ball and deliberate.
    It makes the same ‘Yellow card’ penalty against Ferris look very harsh when his tackle was in play.
    If the IRB want children and young people to want to play rugby it must be safe and the officials must know and apply the rules correctly to make the right decision in EVERY game. Poor poor reflection on the officials on what was a super game of rugby

  10. The ban is far to short. If he had tipped Ryan any further he could well have landed on his neck and potentially ended his rugby career and maybe put him in a wheel chair for the rest of his life. The guy does doesn’t deserve to play international rugby again in my opinion. What he demonstrated has no place in the game, along with attacking the eye area. He got off lightly. The officials can’t be watching every player at all times of the game. The players are treat with the respect and the maturity that they’re not going to attempt to maliciously injure or hurt an opponent. Especially not in front of an international audience that probably has a number of young kids that play second row for their club watching.

  11. So 2 extra weeks as a deterrent then 5 weeks off for good behaviour previously. A bit of a mockery. At some point there will need to be a tough stand taken.

    Ferris gets off, as he should have done, but for me, Mr Pearson should be given a few weeks off to have a think too. Bearing in mind the hubbub after the World Cup semi, since when it has been made abundantly clear that a deliberate tip tackle is a red card, how can he correctly describe what he has seen and then so badly interpret the decision? A couple of weeks at home with the Rule Book and the Gospel According to St Paddy (O’Brien) and he may not make the same mistake again.

  12. If tip tackles were on a scale of 1-10 it would go from Ferris’s (a zero since it simply wasn’t illegal) to Warburton’s (2 or 3. Probably illegal but done with no malice, happened in the course of play and was more a result of a mismatch in strength than anything else) with Davies being a 10 (deliberate, off-the-ball, done with the intention of causing serious injury, dropped from a serious height). Davies should have been banned for 3 months. It was one of the dirtiest plays I’ve seen in a rugby match at this level since the game went professional.

    And Pearson should be stripped of any more high profile games for the rest of the season. To see that tackle and to suggest a yellow is beyond incompetent.

  13. Stroudos , do you know what pre-meditated means? I sincerely doubt that Davies went into that ruck clear out planning to pick Ryan up and drob him on his head (near enough) off the ball. So it was not pre meditated. It was however a completely dull not to mention dangerous act, and deserves a 12 week ban, especially given the hype around this kind of incident recently. The reduction. Is too lenient.
    I think Ferris let off is right, probably should only have been a penalty during the game, not a yellow.

  14. Hadn’t realised until today that it wasn’t a tackle. Don’t know quite why it is being called that. Ball no where near – it was a blatant attempt to injure someone. That is nothing like Warburton who was making a tackle and got it wrong. For me way too lenient.

  15. As said not a tackle more an off the ball incident though the punishment scale was based on the tariff for such a tackle ! On that basis Bradley got off lightly though the seven weeks are of course the most crucial ones in the international calendar Rugby Calendar he will still be back in time for the Blues Heineken Cup quarter Final.

    Opening old wounds I still think Bradley’s was a red and Warburton’s should have been a yellow but that’s a cracked record now .

  16. Tackle was a yellow at most for me. Ref is a donkey anyway. Gave the game to Wales @ end with free penalty. I looked and looked and the only reason the Eng ref blew for a penalty to Wales was to give the game to the Welsh.
    Get the Britz out of Irish rugby, and Ireland for that matter. Micks forever.

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