British and Irish Lions Tour Fixtures 2013

Here’s something to get you excited – the 2013 British and Irish Lions Tour schedule in Australia has been announced.

The tour begins in Hong Kong with a fixture against the Barbarians, and the three tests will take place in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

Here are the Lions Tour fixtures for Australia 2013 (times are BST):

Sat 1 Jun12:30BARBARIANS  VLIONSHong Kong Stadium
Wed 5 Jun11:00WESTERN FORCE  VLIONSPatersons Stadium
Sat 8 Jun10:30QUEENSLAND REDS  VLIONSSuncorp Stadium
Sat 15 Jun10:30NSW WARATAHS  VLIONSSydney Football Stadium
Tue 18 Jun10:30BRUMBIES  VLIONSCanberra Stadium
Sat 22 Jun11:00AUSTRALIA  VLIONSSuncorp Stadium
Sat 29 Jun11:00AUSTRALIA  VLIONSEtihad Stadium
Sat 6 Jul11:00AUSTRALIA  VLIONSANZ Stadium

15 thoughts on “British and Irish Lions Tour Fixtures 2013

  1. Six matches before the first test isn’t a lot (I believe it is the same amount as the 2009 tour). Hopefully whoever is head coach will get the squad to gel quickly!

    However, I am saving for a wedding at the moment and having seen the fixture list the temptation to jolt is rather surprising!

  2. The coach will be announced in April/May next year apparently…any early predictions?

    England coaches quite low down I would think, and my bet is on Warren Gatland – he has a clause in his contract that allows for a few months off around the Lions Tour.

  3. might as well:

    1. Gethin (Healy)
    2. Rees (Hartley)
    3. Jones (Cole/Stevens)
    4. Palmer (charteris)
    5. Grey (Lawes/AWJ)
    6. O’brien (Croft)
    7. Warburton
    8. Heaslip (Faletau)
    9. hard to say hopefully Youngs can find form.
    10. Pristland/Sexton/Flood/Hook (whos on form at the time)
    11. North (Bowe)
    12. Roberts (Davies)
    13. Tuilagi
    14. Ashton
    15. Foden (1/2p)

    Is Geech out of the question for manager? I seem to remember him ruling it out but not sure when/where/if he did …

    1. 1. Gethin (Healy)
      2. Best
      3. Jones
      4. Grey (charteris)
      5. O’Connell (Lawes/AWJ)
      6. Ferris (lydiate)
      7. Warburton
      8. O’Brien (Faletau)
      9. Mike Philips (youngs) or (murray)
      10. Sexton/Hook (if sexton can play like he does for leinster!)
      11. North
      12. Roberts
      13. Tuilagi (BOD if back, and on form, which is likely considering he wont be playing through injury when he does get back)

      14. Ashton/trimble
      15. Foden (1/2penny)
      At the moment its that team for me! players in brackets been the second choice

  4. possible replace foden with halfpenny! bowe is a 14 and would start him ahead of aston and have north on the other wing, fitz on the bench as cover along with sexton. priestland starting that would be 10 and 12 covered by sexton and fitz for 13 out :) we won’t have another week bench like 09 of williams and o’gara we all know what happened their! not sure about tuilagi yet! bod might just have enough sticky tape left to get him through the series!!

  5. By Fitz I assume you aren’t talking about Luke Fitzgerald otherwise I will have to conclude that you’ve gone mad.

    Absolutely all over it, will be epic on and off the field.

  6. very difficult to pick many from outside the wales team on current form ;-)

    1. Jenkins
    2. Best
    3. Jones
    4. Grey
    5. Wyn-Jones
    6. Lydiate
    7. Warburton
    8. Denton
    9. Phillips
    10. Preistland
    11. North
    12. Davies
    13. Tuilagi
    14. Bowe
    15. Halfpenny

    largely based on current international form, plus a few who might soon return to form

    1. preistland??
      oh come on, apart from the fact hes crap ,, HES ALSO GINGER.
      Warburton instead of Tips is an absolute brain dead selection
      bod in the centre and to be hinest i dont think anyone layed well enough at centre in the 6 nations to pick to run with huim,, tualagi( or how ever you spell that wonderful english name)isnt worth a wank.
      and i think hibs should be equal pick to best

      but priestland?? oh come on you are having a giggle

  7. Decent team but would have O’Connell over Wyn Jones, Ferris or Robshaw over Lydiate, possibly Sexton over Priestland and Roberts rather than Davies

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