Campaign to make rugby the new national sport of England

Join my Facebook group, invite all of your friends and if we get enough support I’m told it might actually happen.

Come on England!

12 thoughts on “Campaign to make rugby the new national sport of England

  1. I live in the United States and had never watched a full game of rugby until I subscribed to Setanta Sports.

    Ever since I watched my first game of rugby I fell in love with the game and can’t get enough of it.

    In my opinion, as a long time sports fan, I believe that there is no other sport out there that better shows team spirit, unity, and physical ability like rugby does.

    Good luck to England in the final!

  2. Really useful comment malvino! Oscar, great to hear that you have also embraced a passion of many of us here in the UK.

  3. Is that right Spike? Why have you bothered to comment on a rugby union website? Sad chippy chap you are. Don’t really understand people like you.
    The two sports are completely different. The main difference being that England has a sporting chance of winning this world cup. Unlike England’s chance of winning the farce that is the rugby league world cup where only 3 countries take League seriously.
    League is a good sport too, but the club game is far more important and a far better spectacle than the international game. Why don’t you just get behind the national team which currently seems to be the only major English sporting team that has any chance of winning a world cup.

  4. by the way that is a different “spike” to the one who usually posts articulate opinions and insights…i.e. me!

  5. Hey! I’m new to the world of Rugby as well, and enjoying my stay :D
    Can someone tell me what’s the difference between Rugby Union and Rugby League? I’m confused!!

  6. I enjoy both codes in Rugby but there is no prospect whatever of Rugby being made the National Sport of England for several reasons.

    Firstly, and most importantly, there is no official National Sport and it is unlikely in the extreme that there will ever be one.

    Most people, I believe, would say that cricket and football have a much better claim to being the National Sports but for different reasons.

    Cricket is a fundamental part of English culture. The spirit of fair play that even today imbues most cricket is widely regarded as being essentially English and the sound of leather on willow is one of the enduring images of Englishness. Cricket is surely the most English of games.

    Football on the other hand, which is a game for unwashed yobs (unlike rugby or cricket), is much the most popular game in England and is likely to stay that way unfortunately.

  7. I forgot to add:

    There’s a breathless hush in the Close to-night
    Ten to make and the match to win
    A bumping pitch and a blinding light,
    An hour to play, and the last man in.
    And it’s not for the sake of a ribboned coat.
    Or the selfish hope of a season’s fame,
    But his captain’s hand on his shoulder smote
    “Play up! Play up! And play the game!

    How very far from the sentiments of most (association) football players. As you can probably tell, I am principally a cricket fan.

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