Can Ireland win the Grand Slam?

Ireland is the only team so far unbeaten in this year’s Six Nations, but can they go all the way to end so many years of heartache?

It has been suggested that this was the last chance for the Golden Generation, but with Wales looking so strong, they weren’t much talked about as contenders for the title. Brian O’Driscoll has suggested that he prefers there to be lower expectations on his side – but that they have the inner belief to defeat all before them.

Now that France have beaten the Welsh, and following Ireland’s one-point victory over England on Saturday, it seems to be there for the taking.

Assuming Scotland do not upset the odds, the final match against Wales will be a tremendous occasion – it will not be the Grand Slam decider that once appeared to be on the cards, but can O’Connell, O’Driscoll, O’Gara finally deliver the dream?

What do you think? Who will win the Six Nations from here?

9 thoughts on “Can Ireland win the Grand Slam?

  1. I think they might just do it. They seem to be saying, one game at a time, and the game against england showed that they can grind out a result even when not playing very well. i really hope they do it.

  2. I think Ireland were very poor on Saturday; the pressure seems to be getting to them, especially O’Gara as he was trying to beat Johnnie Wilkinson’s record. Ireland must take the chance this year as if they don’t it will taunt them forever! Come on you Greens!!!

  3. Ireland won’t get the slam, they will crack, too many players knowing it’s probably their final chance. That being said if they can put a few points on Scotland and keep their points difference to about +10 better than Wales I can’t see Wales winning by that big a margin. Which will leave us all dissappointed on the final day with Ireland loosing but picking up the championship but no grandslam, with Wales in second. – You heared it here first.

  4. Could go right to the wire – Wales have to make the most of the opportunity to rack up some points difference against the Italians. They’re currently 23 behind Ireland, which isn’t much to make up in two games with one being against Italy.

    And don’t forget Paynie – +10 points might not sound a lot – but Wales would only need to beat them by 6, because in the last game the change in points difference is effectively double the winning margin (eg Wales win by 6 and boost their own points difference by 6 but also knock Ireland’s down by 6, so they gain +12 on them in one game).

    I reckon Wales will probably sneak the championship as Gatland and Edwards will have them wound up after Friday’s defeat.

  5. Rob, I didn’t think of the points difference doubling thing for the final game, that could well have a major impact.

  6. Its all still up in the air , the Welsh players are dreading facing Gatland and Edwards this Wednesday so expect the whip to be cracked – a 20 to 40 point win against Italy is “do-able”.

    Ireland at Murrayfield is a tricky one for them I expect a win but not by much say 10 points at most . So if Wales win by say 30 and Ireland by 10 the points difference is down to 3 ,so a 2 point win against Ireland would do it for us , at home too . Cheering myself up already !

    France are the fly in the ointment behind on the points at the moment but a cricket score to come in the last game against Italy – they’ve been there before of course- so over to you England now France will be favourites at Twickenham expect them to underperform in true French style.

    Still shows there is life in the old tournament yet despite the naysayers.

  7. I really hope the Irish boys pull this off! It will be close, whatever happens. I just hope that none of the coming games suffer from questionable refereeing decisions. :-)

  8. Well, it’s all over. “We” did it and it was a great occasion, a great match (I’m talking tension, sporting occasion, not necessarily class). Even for me, a non-player (except in my head) it was a tense, nervewracking occasion. I have to say – on behalf of the Welsh – that the final table looks crazy, even if it’s on points difference. Anyway, the ghot is laid and I’m delighted!!

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