Charlie Hodgson out for ‘up to 12 weeks’

Charlie Hodgson

England fly-half Charlie Hodgson has fractured his foot and is set to be out of action until “well into the new year” according to Sale Sharks.

The Manchester Evening News have reported that his recovery could take up to 12 weeks, which would see him miss the first half of England’s RBS Six Nations campaign.

Assuming there are no further injury concerns over Jonny Wilkinson – which is a pretty big assumption – Hodgson may not be required anyway, but Martin Johnson may be concerned about the lack of depth at fly-half 9 months from the Rugby World Cup.

It got us thinking what the England pecking order looks like without Hodgson, and here is our current top 5:

1. Toby Flood
2. Jonny Wilkinson
3. Olly Barkley
4. Stephen Myler
5. Shane Geraghty

Alex Goode might slot in above Myler or even Barkley given his recent stint in the 10 shirt at Sarries, and although Ryan Lamb deserves a mention, I’d still have reservations about him playing for England.

What are your thoughts? Is there anyone else that deserves to be in contention?

9 thoughts on “Charlie Hodgson out for ‘up to 12 weeks’

  1. Not a big loss from an England perspective – in fact, it may be a good thing – sorry Charlie. Personally, I think Owen Farrel could be in contention in the not too distant future. Bold I know, and granted he has only had 2 games and is still very young, but if he continues to get game time and builds on his great performances so far, he may be future star in the making. Also, in relation to his age, I hope his doesn’t hinder his chances. The southern hemisheres relish young raw talent and develop it as oppossed to wrapping players up in cotton wool – just take Quade Cooper for example. And lets not forget Sir Jonny was very young when he stepped onto the scene for England

  2. With a fe obvious exceptions I’m always reluctant to get too excited about young fly halves as there is so much you have to learn to be able to transfer from turning in a few good domestic performances to being a consistent international player. That goes for Alex Goode as well as Farrell as they are both relative novices at fly half at Premiership level.

    Hodgson’s injury is a shame as I was glad to see him back in the fold. Re the above list, don’t think Barkley is considered a realistic option as a 10, other than perhaps a handy benchman who can cover more than 1 position.Don’t really think there is a lack of depth at 10 at all. We have 3 test class 10s and a few other handy options; NZ have 1 (Aaron Cruden and Stephen Donald are some way short), Ireland have 2, Aus have 2 (Barnes is now an out and out 12), SA have 2, one of whom is actually a 9. Only Wales and France have 3 and France can’t make up their mind who they want there. Think we’re in reasonable shape at 10.

  3. Obviously this is just my opinion, but I’d have to disagree with you on the depth in English 10’s Stuart. Flood is currently first choice for England (and my preferred current choice) and to be fair he is a much better player now than he was a year or 2 ago, but I don’t think he is world class – though he does make a good partnership with Youngs. I think Wilko is great, but I think his style of play doesn’t really suit the “new” England style of play (or least what England are trying to do) as he stands too deep and is more comfortable kicking rather than running the ball, plus he is geting on and (IMO) probably won’t be playing international rugby for much longer. Hodgson is not good enough for international rugby (again, IMO). As for the rest – Barkley is more of a 12 than a 10 and besides, he is not in the good books of the England management so isn’t in with a shot anyway. Geraghty, Myler and Lamb are all good club players, but (IMO) they’re too inconsistent for international rugby. Yes, we have options, but I definitely wouldn’t say we have depth in true class. As I said, these are just my opinions.

  4. We have a ton of depth at 10, but it’s all pretty mediocre (are any of them really world class? I think not). Flood has come to the forefront, and you have to admire his consistency. Never going to be a 9/10, but never going to be lower than a 6 or 7 either.

  5. Tommy, I agree none of them are in the Carter class or even Wilko pre-03 but they can do a job. I guess my point is, while none are absolute world beaters (I’d say they are test class as opposed to world class, if you see what I mean), our team would not be too drastically affected if we suffer an injury there as the player coming in would be of a similar standard (as Hodgson showed when he came on for Flood against SA and equipped himself well). NZ losing Carter, Wales losing Jones, Scotland losing Parks or SA losing Morne Steyn would have a considerably bigger impact on the performance of their team.

    In a weird way if we’re discussing depth you’re almost better off having 3 10s who are all 7/10 than one who is 9/10 and nobody else above a 6. If Carter gets injured, as with Wilko in 03, the chances of winning the World Cup diminish hugely. If Flood gets injured, England’s chances don’t change appreciably. Although clearly you’d rather have Carter every day of the week. Does that all make sense?

  6. Watching Lamb at the weekend he is never going to be an international 10 and i think Irish will be looking to get someone else in there before too long. I think Geraghty and Myler are better options but their time is now up for world cup 2011 contention, there aren’t any more games to give them a go in. Except maybe the world cup friendlies next summer, which is too late. So i think it’ll be Flood, Wilkinson and Hodgson – Johnson will hope that two of the three remain fit throughout. I do agree that it doesn’t really matter which two from three – the quality is similar (although the playing styles are different).
    I think i’m one of the last people still holding out this hope but if Cipriani has a good Super 15, might he still be in contention? I’m sure he wont be involved in the 6 nations but he might be a massive outside bet to make the squad. However if it’s too late for Myler and Geraghty, i’m almost sure it’s too late for Cips.

  7. Can’t see Cipriani getting anywhere near the squad to be honest. He’s never been in favour with Johnno who is renowned for picking the safe option anyway, and in light of the RFU’s intention to favour England-based players going forward, Cips doesn’t have a chance!

  8. Completely agree, Cips will never get anwhere near the squad – and the RFU’s new policy on players playing overseas ensures this

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