Chris Robshaw named England captain

Chris Robshaw was today named England captain. The Harlequins skipper will lead England into the RBS 6 Nations match against Scotland at Murrayfield on Saturday.

“It’s a huge honour and a very proud day – hopefully one that will live in my memory for a long time to come. Thanks to everyone who has helped me, especially Quins,” said Robshaw.

“There’s lots of other leaders in the group and they have been great since we met up. It’s not about myself because there are six or seven guys around me who all have a massive role to play, whether that’s bossing scrums, line-outs, attack, defence…Stuart (Lancaster), Graham (Rowntree) and Andy (Farrell) have given us the game plan and it’s up to us to get it across to the other players to drive the standards and the squad forward in the right way.”

England Head Coach Stuart Lancaster said: “We have a strong leadership group and I have been very impressed with the way they have all stepped up so far. Chris is a key member of that group and has shown with Harlequins and when I have worked with him in the Saxons that he can lead a team tactically and passionately. I am delighted that he has got this chance at the highest level and I know it will be a very proud moment for him, his club, family and friends when he leads England out at Murrayfield on Saturday.”

The news was released almost an hour after the RFU confirmed that England Saxons player Delon Armitage had been removed from the EPS squad following his arrest for assault in Torquay on Saturday night. Lancaster commented that “there was no other option but to suspend him” for the game against Scotland A this weekend.

Is Robshaw the right choice? Let us know below.

19 thoughts on “Chris Robshaw named England captain

  1. Totally the right call. If Wood was around it would almost certainly have been him, but from what everyone has said about his attitude to training and his leadership qualities (I believe it was Nick Evans who compared him to Richie McCaw) it has to be the correct decision.

    Very happy with that!

  2. I think it’s the right call, but I’m a little worried. He’s got ONE cap! I was thinking over the weekend that it might have been better to name someone like Hartley for the first couple of games and then give it to Tom Wood when he returns.

    I hope it doesn’t detract from Robshaw’s performance if he’s worrying about ‘leading’ – I’d hate him to have a few poor games as a result and then hear people calling for him to be dropped.

    Hopefully he’ll be fine though and the appointment will be a success…

    1. when wood is fit, will robshaw be dropped?

      or does lancaster want a back row of robsaw, wood and morgan?

      1. I’d like a back row of Robshaw, Wood and Morgan. Selection will depend on first couple of games, but Wood will get back in I think, and wouldn’t be surprised to see him take over captaincy…

    2. I don’t have a problem with him only having one cap, as long as he is in the team on merit and not because they want him there as captain. He has to prove he is good enough as a player. He seems like the kind of guy though who may be elevated by the captaincy rather than diminished by it. Good luck to him.

      Not particularly enthused by any of the other options and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Wood comes in as captain for the third game. Lancaster has bought himself some flexibility. If Robshaw does well he can keep him, if he switches to Wood he can say that was the plan all along.

      Anyway, I’m not sure England’s performance at this tournament will be driven by the idenitity of the captain but by the quality of our players. And I have some pretty serious reservations in that department.

  3. Very happy with this decision. I don’t think his lack o caps is a problem, but could work to his and England’s advantage. A relatively new face coming in, and taking over as Captain is a good idea. It means that Lancaster is again stamping his own authority on the team. I think he has had Robshaw down as the main leader for some time.

    1. I think Wood was in the frame actually. Robshaw appointed for first two games before a ‘review’ (Wood should be fit by then).

  4. Typical arrogant English! To select such an inexperienced captain shows disrespect to the whole of Scotland. I will of course cite him at the first opportunity.

    1. Ha, yeah only took Robinson 4 years in Scotland to develop an industrial sized chip on his shoulder.

      Apologies, I forgot the English aren’t allowed to be rude about anyone else. When we do it it’s arrogant, when anyone else does it it’s entirely justified and we must just sit quietly.

  5. I hope morgan gets a run out, never before have england fielded a player i literaly know nothing about.

    Does any one know anything about him?

    1. Cant say i do. Seen him play once in the heineken cup. Was fairly average but showed some classy bits of play at times. I would describe him as a more skillful Tom Waldrom

  6. Should have gone to New Zealand ahead of…well several that did.

    Good choice, if he does well fingers crossed Lancaster will back him for the 6N.

  7. I’m aware this is the incorrect forum but has anyone else been catching Biarritz highlights this season? Iain Balshaw. Making breaks, scoring tries, putting Ngwenya in space. He’s as good as he was in 2002. Not saying he should be in England consideration but it’s good to see him rediscover his form.

    1. I’ve seen a bit of him and thought the same he is playing really well. Don’t know if i can forgive him for that display against Wales in 2008 though. Also full back is our strongest position as well as you say hes not getting a look in.

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