Cipriani dropped from England team for ‘inappropriate behaviour’

The Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away. Danny Cipriani, the new star in the England rugby firmament, has been dropped from the England team to play Scotland for ‘inappropriate behaviour’. One wonders how this will affect the youngster in the long term but the most notable short-term impact is the return to the starting 15 of that crowd favourite, Ian Balshaw (well, favourite of the opposition crowd).

At this stage we can only speculate what form this ‘inappropriate behaviour’ took – mooning out of the coach window on the way to the training ground; making Brian Ashton an apple pie bed; doing his ‘elephant impression’ at the team meeting; being found with a voodoo doll of Jonny Wilkinson in a bid to get the 10 shirt?

Reports suggest that he was spotted leaving a nightclub at shortly after midnight last night. If this is the case then the word ‘pillock’ is one which springs immediately to mind. Only a year ago, Andrew Flintoff was dropped by the England cricket team for being seen out 2 days before a crucial World Cup match. Granted he was upside down underneath a pedalo but coaches and sporting authorities do tend to take a dim view of this sort of thing. And before your full debut?

From a purely selfish point of view, I will not be able to say in years to come that I was there when the great Danny Cipriani made his full debut. Instead I suspect I will be reduced to crowing that I was there when the hilarious Ian Balshaw made his final appearance.

15 thoughts on “Cipriani dropped from England team for ‘inappropriate behaviour’

  1. It’s all a sting operation. Ashton’s son had a word with Daddy, and organised a doppelganger to pose for the photos outside the nightclub (I think he used Colin Farrell – there’s more than a passing likeness). We all know it’s not real – no self-respecting England player would be caught dead leaving a nightclub (a) alone, and (b) before 3am.

    Very disappointing indeed.

  2. It doesn’t get any more depressing than this. So clearly BA puts Balshaw ahead of Tait – which is insane. Just how appalling would Balshaw have to be?And Hodgson?! You have to be kidding Brian.

  3. I have been searching for some time to find the correct words for Brian Ashton’s decision to drop Cips in favour of Balshaw. After a great deal of deliberation only the phrase “f**king tw*t” really works.
    Was Mr C drunk??? Half naked?? “Sorting Out” someone in the style of Ollie “the fist” Barkley?? Nope.
    OK – maybe a little foolish for staying out late when he should have been tucked up for tea and biscuits with Brian, but please……
    Methinks any excuse to drop Cipriani in favour of Ashton’s bumchum would have been used.
    I have resigned myself to the fact that the only way to ensure Balshaw and Ashton are stopped from their nefarious activities is a counter-sting involving midgets, a Doberman and some marmite. However, this will cost a bit to arrange. Whipround anybody?

  4. PS – what about MaTthew Tait?? Surely a far better choice than Ballsup???? Or isn’t he buying Ashton a packet of chocolate biscuits every week?

  5. Very frustrated about Cips its embarrassing for him however talking about embarrassing I can think of three others… Cant stand Balshaw he is yesterday’s man and is well out of his depth over rated and quiet frankly embarrassing in an England no.15 shirt. As for Ashton the blokes never had it the team got England to the final not his selection. And finally The RFU embarrassing for not snapping up Shaun Edwards big big mistake.

  6. I agree with dropping Cipriani. The curfews are there for a reason and taking a soft line means you end up with footballers. He knows he shouldn’t have been there.

    Returning to my regular theme, why with Wilkinson and Flood in the starting line-up do we need Hodgson on the bench? I thought Sinbad was going to be silver lining to this cloudy affair.

  7. I agree with dropping him too, but I’d rather see Cipriani play full back still pissed than Balshaw!

  8. He’d probably still be better under the high ball when he’s pissed than Ballsup when he’s sober.
    I bet Wasps won’t be shy in playing Mr C against ‘Quins now he’s !free for the weekend”.

  9. By the way Justin, are you going to pass on tips to Cipriani to sort out (a) and (b). I’d have thought you were the man for the job.

  10. I guess none of us can make that judgment – whether or not dropping Cipriani was the right decision – because we don’t know what was agreed between the players and management. If there was a midnight curfew, then he broke the rule and deserves some level of punishment. But who knows whether this was the case.
    More depressing was listening to BA (pre-this incident) blathering on about how his master plan to transition in young, exciting players is really taking shape, on the Rugby Club last night. All part of his plan to take us to the next RWC. The man is totally detached from reality.
    Sorry, I can’t finish the post without another moan about the Balshaw reinstatement – Brian, your loyalty to this well-meaning but hopelessly inept player will be the nail in your England Rugby coffin.

  11. Just read the following:

    after he was pictured leaving a London nightspot early on Thursday morning, Ashton took unprecedented action for an England head coach and promptly dropped the gifted 20-year-old. .

    Ashton said: “As I’ve said, it was my decision alone. I thought his behaviour was inappropriate for an international rugby player almost 48 hours before a Test match away against Scotland”

    Incredible – he’s capable of making this sort of snap decision but allows Balshaw three appalling games before dropping him. I’d say that was “inappropriate behaviour for an England coach”. Does that mean he’ll be kicked out???

    Nah, didn’t think so…………

  12. Well the punishment for anything should always fit the crime, and to my mind Cipriani is guilty on two counts.

    The first – breaking a curfew – rules are rules and he must be punished and I think being dropped for this one game is fair.

    The second charge though is far more serious – that of inflicting an un-necessary Balshit appearance upon an undeserving English Rugby public. I don’t think a 10-year ban is too excessive (maybe 9 for good behaviour). To quote Keith Wood from the 1997 Living with Lions video, “this is a particularly heinous crime”.

  13. Absolutely agree Rob. And I’m sure Danny is particularly pleased not to have tainted his record by appearing in what was possibly the most boring and insipid English performance I have have seen for some time. Utterly awful. Hopefully Cips will get a few points against ‘Quins and put an extra few nails in Ashton’s rapidly completing coffin.

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