UPDATE: Dan Carter ruled out of Rugby World Cup 2011

UPDATE: New Zealand fly half Daniel Carter has been ruled out of the Rugby World Cup 2011 with a serious groin injury. The 29-year-old tore a tendon in his left groin during kicking practice on Saturday, New Zealand coach Graham Henry said at a team hotel press conference. The record points scorer was initially withdrawn from New Zealand’s Pool A match against Canada in Wellington on Sunday and later scans revealed the seriousness of the injury.

Who should the All Blacks call up to replace Carter? And can they still win the Rugby World Cup despite this massive loss?

The All Black talisman Dan Carter is facing a nervous wait over the weekend as the New Zealand medical staff assess the severity of a groin injury he picked up in training, which has forced him to withdraw from the match against Canada tomorrow morning.

Carter pulled up during kicking practice ahead of Sunday’s game, and the All Blacks are set to release an update tomorrow on the state of the injury, which has been preliminary described as “a niggle”. Naturally, the news of Carter’s withdrawal will have the whole of New Zealand panicking.

How big a blow would losing Carter be to New Zealand’s World Cup chances?

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  1. This would be a massive blow to the Darkness. They have no one who can touch Carter as a replacement.

    If both Carter and the in form Frans Steyn are out, and the Wallaby injuries are coming good, then the whole shooting match is wide open.

  2. True its a large loss to NZ. BS that the person commenting above only speaks about the 3 trinations teams tho, there are a load of other contenders for the RWC that are conveniently forgotten!!

    1. Mate, unless Ireland lose, the kiwis are going to have to beat either the springboks or the wallabies in order to make the final. Both these teams can beat a Carterless NZ. And frankly, both Aus and SA are more likely to lose against a NH team than the All Blacks.

      Hence, the cup is wide open. No slur intended.

      1. You know what you’re talking about. I’m starting to think the Aussies are gonna make a comeback. Turner’s a class player and can easily replace Mitchell. Ireland may have been the kick in the ass they needed.

  3. Any team would miss such an outstanding player, so it must be a great worry. Still don’t think it will make that much difference to the All Blacks’ prospects, though!

  4. So he is out then, it’s official.

    Big loss for them, especially with Mc.Caw struggling with his foot too. If they go on and win now it’s very cruel on Carter after the part he’s played in making them the team they are.

    As much as I’ve enjoyed my fair share of “choker” banter in the past, the World Cup needs the world’s best players, and this is a sad loss for the tournament, as is Franc Steyn.

    This is just one more thing that makes it even more open though. The All Blacks haven’t yet been tested, compared with Oz still smarting from a defeat, then you’ve got Carter out, Mc.Caw struggling and quite a few All Blacks players in key positions playing their first World Cup.

    I think you still have to make them the favourites on home turf, but with their record, you can never be sure.

  5. I said to my friend before the world cup that the only thing that could stop the AB was if Carter broke down, I hope they prove me wrong but when you have such a great player you get use to relying on him and he will be missed.

    All in all I have to say this world cup looks wide open, Aussies must fancy it again, France might wake up you never no but I doubt it, SA look really tuff to beat even if they don’t find it easy to win, same as England really.

    I’m still going to go with the All Blacks due to home turff advantage, Carters injury may take some pressure off, less expectations, I don;t have a clue.

  6. Because to run at someone s shoulder would make him even more stupid and brainless than you.

    Go play with other gormless T**ts like yourself and leave the rugby chat to the grown ups! There a good boy, trot on

    1. I just feel gutted for the poor bloke, all that work and this was going to be a huge thing for him.
      He was just starting to look really good the way he cut the French up,. and he will be missed.

  7. Very sad for Carter and for the World Cup. You want the best players lighting up the pitch. Does throw it open a bit more though as Slade will be put under a hell of a lot of pressure by both the oppo and the NZ public.

  8. Im really gutted Dan is out. His exit is unfortunate for everybody. He is such a great contributor to the game in all aspects, i really feel for him.

    I’m behind who ever is selected to go on the field. It’s a big set of boots to fill – for anyone – and who ever ends up with that task would be very appreciative for all the belief shown in them. It’s like before a performer comes out, the presenter sings the praises.. “lets have a big hand for….” everyone claps and the performer comes on to the stage feeling good. It helps with nerves and confidence.. to put on a good show … Its like that for Colin, or whoever… lets warm the stage up for him, lets make him feel good and i believe, without doubt that he and others have the ability to produce some big games. This is an oppourtunity for someone to claim their fate. We kiwis suffer horribly from tall poppy syndrome… lets turn it around! lets come together and believe in each other… hold that Cup Up in the air on Home Soil. Lets go boys, lets dominate regardless.

  9. The All Blacks can still do it. Their forwards are just going to have to lay an exception platform for Slade. That means dominating the set piece. We have a superb scrum (i believe the two best scrums in Argentina and the AB’s go head to head this weekend), but we need to work hard to get parity at line out time.

    Without dominance up front Slade will be put under pressure and he is relatively untested. But hey, sometimes young guns with nothing to lose can turn up in these situations!

  10. mmm,yeah,have to agree with the punters,mostly.AB’s need a no. 10 and a good no.7.maybe just maybe even an x factor in a nine as well.so it’s up fer grabs.I think the men from the Emerald Isle will be in the hunt for the cup.B.

  11. if the kiwis had any sense they would have given nick evans a bit more love. hes the number 2 flyhalf in the world, behind carter.

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