Danny Care arrested for third time for drinking related offence

Harlequins and England scrum-half Danny Care was arrested at 3:30am in Leeds on Saturday night. Care was found urinating in public outside the Queens Hotel in Leeds by a member of the British Transport Police.

The story can be found on the back page of Monday’s issue of the Daily Mail in an exclusive, including a statement from Care where he explains that he was in a taxi which he asked to stop so he could get out and relieve himself. “After an evening out with friends in the centre of Leeds, after a long time queuing, I was in a taxi home when I got caught short and asked the taxi driver to pull over so I could relieve myself behind a nearby building.”

“The British Transport Police found me doing that and took me to the nearest police station where I was released with a caution. I understand the link that will be made to previous offences but, as with my fine in December in Weybridge, the issue is more one of a small bladder than excessive drinking. I am working hard on and off the pitch to overcome my issues and while this is another small setback I will continue to do that.”

Harlequins released the following statement on Monday afternoon:

Harlequins Director of Rugby, Conor O’Shea met with Danny Care this morning to discuss Saturday evening’s events in Leeds. Following the meeting Mr. O’Shea said, “After last Friday evening’s match at Newcastle, our players were given a week off and Danny went to spend a few days with his parents at their home in Leeds.

“On Saturday evening, he went out with some friends in the city and took a taxi home. He was caught short and stopped the taxi to relieve himself. The situation Danny finds himself in is unfortunate and is one that could and should have been avoided. We have no intention of doing anything other than supporting Danny and continuing to work with him so he understands his position and the decisions he makes.”

Danny will continue his role within the club’s inner city Hitz Project and is active in supporting the Prince’s Trust and its work with young people.

Care was previously arrested in December 2011 after an altercation in a bar in Weybridge, before being arrested again in the early hours of New Year’s Day for drink driving. He was fined £3,100 and banned from driving for 16 months.

As this is Care’s third arrest in four months, what action should be taken?

14 thoughts on “Danny Care arrested for third time for drinking related offence

  1. He should be disciplined as any other normal person would,reprimanded and dropped for the rest of the season.

  2. I’m no fan of Care but this seems heavy handed if taken at face value. If he was being discreet he seems a tad unlucky to have been spotted by the police. I cant imagine the police normally make an arrest in these cases so either there is more to the story or he was picked on for being famous. I wonder how this got leaked to the press…

  3. Pretty sure that every bloke has done this at one point or another so unless there is more than he is letting on then this is a nothing story.

  4. The offense may not be massive in the overall scheme of things but the sad thing is that he knows he’s got to be squeeky clean (not in the Andrew sense! that’s more teflon!) and he just can’t manage it. If he could he would be starting for England now – what greater incentive for an individual. Doesn’t bode well.

  5. He has been a fool but rather than throwing the baby out with the bath water he should at least be given the opportunity to have his say, and let’s look to see if there is any underlying issues thqat he needs help with. It could be he needs to some form of alcohol counselling as it seems to be that the booze is the constant theme here.

    1. He indicated that his problem was with a small bladder! That seems to be denial to me. No mention of the alcohol or an inappropriate place to relieve himself. I find it hard to fathom how he can put himself into these positions when he’s drinking in the last chance saloon (sorry, very inappropriate analogy, but I just couldn’t help myself!).

  6. gotta say i piss in a corner when i’m out beers go through ya fair quick who did he hurt no one !!! drink driving is a different story but this is just trivial

  7. taken at face value it seems very heavy handed by the police, my mate got caught by the police having a leak and got an on the spot £60 fine (he was raging cos I was round the corner and didn’t get caught ^_^). However, it makes no comment of where he was at the time, and I was under the impression BTP only had authority on the railways so bit perplexed as to why they got involved!

  8. He was pissing against the train station hotel – hence why the BTP were interested in him.
    But I think that they nicked him for being drunk and disorderly and urinating in a public place – given that most of us have come across coppers when we have had a few and they ignore you, you really have to plastered for them to nick you.
    He needs to find social activities which do not involve alcohol as he simply does not have a healthy relationship with it, or get himself a wingman who will keep him out of trouble

    1. I suspect you’re right Nick, you would have to be very unlucky to get nicked for just relieving yourself in public. He must have been pissed, and possibly said something inappropriate when approached? Sill boy. I think he just needs to quit the drink.

  9. drunken man has a wee! wow this microscope society, whats the big issue he needed a pee most men have done this, however if you play for England it turns into questions about stupidness. Young men do silly things all the time its part of growing up, no need to get all analitical and american about it.

    No wonder all these crazy threapy clinics are opening everywhere. Get a grip this really is not a news story.

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