Dave Attwood’s 9-week suspension for this stamp

Gloucester’s Dave Attwood has been banned for 9 weeks for stamping on La Rochelle prop Petrisor Toderasc, ruling him out of half of England’s Six Nations campaign.

The ERC hearing found that the offence was in the top-end range of the level of seriousness for an offence of this type and decided on an entry point of 18 weeks.

However, “having taken into account mitigating factors, including Mr Attwood’s guilty plea, clean record, clear remorse and exemplary conduct at the hearing, the Judicial Officer reduced the period of suspension by the maximum amount of 50 per cent and suspended the player for a period of nine weeks.”

Here is a clip of the incident:


5 thoughts on “Dave Attwood’s 9-week suspension for this stamp

  1. Massive shame for Attwood, it would’ve been a good time for him to be knocking on the door. But watching the stamp, he pretty much deserves the ban.

  2. I think there’s a good chance he can rule himself out being part of the England squad for the RWC. Though if thats the case, we could find ourselves short of decent replacements/options for 2nd row. Please Johnno, don’t resort to Borthwick or Deacon!!!

  3. Deserved4 the ban, but really bad news for England and GLos. Atwood was one of englands best player in Australia in June and i think a better option than Palmer.

    Oh well, guess you have to learn the hard way sometimes!

  4. With Attwood out, I’d quite like to see George Skivington and Christian Day given a chance in the EPS. Was watching the Leicester vs Northampton match yesterday and nearly had a heart attack – not only did Deacon get MOTM, but someone also said that Deacon is expected to recalled into the EPS!!!

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