Dreaming of the Lions

Stu Peel clearly has a lot of time on his hands and has spent the afternoon pondering a Lions XV. 

“Gerald Davies has just been appointed Lions manager and we’re at the midway stage between tours, which leaves me wondering who would make the team if there was a Lions test match tomorrow.”

Please help him out with your suggestions for selection, since he goes on to say, “I’m thinking of picking myself at 15.”

7 thoughts on “Dreaming of the Lions

  1. Or at 10. Or possibly even 12. And if BO’D doesn’t buck his ideas up, the 13 shirt could be up for grabs.

  2. I’d actually pick Paterson at full back if there were a game tomorrow. Fairly controversial and never thought I’d say it, but he could be a Neil Jenkins figure and it was the Welshman’s boot that won the Lions series in ’97.

  3. Paterson??? He would get eaten alive by the South Africans. Granted, he’s good at spotting the gap, but you need solidity and confidence at the back, and there’s no way he inspires that. He has a metronomic kicking ratio, but that’s partly facilitated by the fact he only takes penalties that are well within his range (a box drawn between the 10m line and the 15m lines). Plus, there’s the fact he can’t even make the Gloucester starting line-up at the moment.

    I reckon purely on the evidence of his performance in the world cup final, Tait would get my nod.

  4. I speak with some authority having watched Living with Lions three times in the last month – Jenkins was shaky and vulnerable at the back against the Springboks in ’97. Jim Telfer even said when he claimed one high ball, I think that’s the first one he’s caught all tour.

    Pick a massive pack and a good boot, and we’ll destroy them in their own high-altitude back yard!

  5. re fullback there is only one choice and its a nobrainer = lee byrne wales

    poss best in the world on his form for the last two years

  6. 15.Lee Byrne
    14.Rory Lamont
    13.Brian O’Driscoll
    12.Ricky Flutey
    11.Shane Williams
    10.Gavin Hanson
    9.Pieter Stringer
    8.Ryan Jones
    7.David Wallace
    6.Jason White
    5.Poule O’Connell
    4.Simon Shaw
    3.Euan Murrey
    2.Ross Ford
    1.Andrew Sheridan

    16.Jerry Flanery
    17.Phil Vickery
    18.Doneca O’Calaghan
    19.Denis Leamy/Martyn Williams
    20.Dwyn Peel
    21.Ronan O’Gara
    22.Josh Lewsey

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