Dylan Hartley unpacks his Lions suitcase

Poor Dylan Hartley last week provided us with a nice video of what was going into his Lions case – all the usual kit, etc. If you missed it, you can see the short video here (if video fails to appear, hit refresh):

Of course following on from his 11-week ban for abusing a referee, this will be more like what he’s going through:

Sorry Dylan, but you make these videos at your own peril!

*Original video posted on joe.ie

17 thoughts on “Dylan Hartley unpacks his Lions suitcase

  1. So sad that a moment of madness like that is going to be remembered for the rest of his career.

      1. rather he commit this dumb act now than in the last 5 minutes of the second test when the Lions are winning by one point and he gets sent off/ gives a way a penalty, and we lose the series.

        Dylan has shown that he is not a Lion in the making.

  2. Children and animals learn lessons the hard way; the consequences of their actions lead to painful sanctions. A grown man should know better, unless he’s an idiot…

  3. Let’s not forget one man in the lions squad who also made a serious mistake and came back from it: Matt Stevens.

    1. Looks as though Stevens will be playing on Saturday as well (at least from the bench anyway).

    2. are we genuinely trying to liken being banned for 2 years for substance abuse to swearing at a ref?

      its interesting though, Hartley is getting all this bad press, and people are continually calling him a dirty player/thug/idiot. do many people call Sergio Parisse this? after all, he has had bans due to Gouging and Verbal Abuse of an official…

      acts on the field (while not excusable) are in the heat of the moment. acts off of it are sheer stupidity.

  4. I’ll be honest, and say that I find this a little dis-tasteful. Almost teasing the guy.

    I have no issue with his ban at all – or the fact that he misses the tour because of it, and probably loses his chance of ever playing for the Lions. However, I do think that we (the public) should just leave him, and look forward to the tour itself.

    1. agreed Blub. he has the rest of his life to rue this.
      lets look forward to the tour.

      on that note, did anyone else watch Reds V Stormers? Reds has quite a few key wallabies and they looked very organised but quite beatable.

      1. The Reds seem to be infuriatingly (or encouragingly, depending how you look at it) inconsistent this year. They play some great stuff, and have beaten some top teams, but then lose to the likes of the Force. Let’s hope that inconsistency translates into the national set-up!

  5. Sad yes but this man has now been banned for 47 weeks in the last 6 years, I think it is time he caught himself on. Realistically is 10 weeks worth of bans in the last 2 years, he really shouldn’t be playing any representational rugby. Especially as these lads are setting examples for our up and coming rugby stars.

    1. Ricky, he is setting an example. He is showing that if you step out of line and behave like this there are serious consequences.

      The ban is his punishment, along with the implications of the ban (missing the tour, losing his tour “payment” etc).

      When the ban is done, he should be available for national selection, just like everyone else. Of course, whether the selectors feel that he deserves another go at international level of course is quite another matter.

  6. Depressingly if you’d been asked to pick 1 player who’d be banned before the Lions got on the plane you all know which one it would have been, and you’d all have been right. What a tool he is. I’ve watched the replay a few times and it’s jaw droppingly stupid stuff.

  7. I feel no sympathy for Hartley – The RFU panel indirectly called him a liar – from the BBC website regarding the hearing on Sunday:
    The RFU also felt Hartley had changed his version of events when he attended the hearing.
    It said: “We believe that he quickly regretted what he had done and that as soon as he left the field of play he told his team management that he had directed the comments to Tom Youngs, who was on the ground after the scrum had collapsed.
    “We observed that this account changed subtly, no doubt after he had examined the DVD footage showing that his eyes were not looking downwards.
    “The version provided to the panel was that he had spoken to Soane Tonga’uiha, who was between him and the referee, about Tom Youngs and then looked down at Youngs.
    “In our view this is not a credible explanation.”
    So no sympathy from me

  8. Dylan Hartley Innocent?
    At the week end Alan Quinlan in the Mail on Sunday who like Dylan Hartley was banned just before a British Lions tour to South Africa in 2009, said he fears for Dylan’s sanity and even life, because he was suicidal after his own ban.
    I have read most what’s been written about the incident and watched the incident on TV, and in all honesty how can anyone say his comments were aimed at the ref, Barnes and not Tom Young’s. It comes down to one man’s word against another and ex hookers who know more about scrummaging than Barnes will ever know, have said the Tigers kept going early all match and fooled Barnes and this is what incensed Hartley resulting him calling Young’s a cheat.
    This evidence would not be sufficient in any Court of Law to find Dylan guilty, so he has been treated harshly, in my opinion.
    Now, Barnes may also be sensitive to the word cheat, because Sir Graham Henry coach of New Zealand called him just that, after he refereed the world cup between France and the all Blacks, and award numerous penalties against the all Blacks and none against France, thus giving France a surprise win.
    I think on hearing Hartley say you cheat, he saw red and decided it was directed at him and didn’t consider it could be aimed at Young and the Tigers front row. Once he waived red there was no going back and the RFU where never going to take Hartley’s word against the ref, because that would mean game had been won at half time by his harsh conclusion. He could have given him the benefit of the doubt, but his judgement was perhaps clouded by what Henry and all of New Zealand including their PM & press called him after the 2009 world cup. Whatever sending Hartley off ruined the game, and the Saints chance of winning, despite his comrades given everything they could down to 14 men.
    So I hope Dylan does get the support he deserves from the Rugby world, he didn’t murder anybody he plays with passion and desperately wanted to win the Cup for Club, Players, fans and the Barwell family and that has greatly to be commended. I also hope ex Saints players like Matt Dawson, well known for his winging at referees gets off his case.

    John wright

  9. Feel bad for Hartley as he seems like a genuinely nice bloke off the pitch, but he deserves his ban and hopefully for his sake he comes back a mentally stronger player, because hes awful talented and has time to try and make another tour, I really don’t know why Youngs starts ahead of Hartley for England, whilst I think Youngs is a good player I definitely think hartley is the superior hooker.

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