England ban Alred and Stridgeon over ball-switching incidents

After an investigation by Rugby World Cup Limited following England’s match against Romania, England have banned their kicking coach Dave Alred and fitness coach Dave Stridgeon from playing any part in this Saturday’s match against Scotland, after they were found to have illegally switched the match ball during play.

“Two members of the RFU RWC 2011 team management, David Alred and Paul Stridgeon, mistakenly thought that there was an issue with some of the match balls used in the England v Romania RWC 2011 match. Those team management members took it upon themselves to substitute balls during the match in contravention of both the Laws of the Game and the Spirit of the Game.

The RFU fully accepts that the action of those team management members was incorrect and detrimental to the image of the tournament, the Game and to English Rugby. The RFU has therefore decided to reprimand those team management members, to warn them as to their future conduct and to suspend them from participation in England’s next game, the match between England and Scotland. This suspension means that they will not be able to be in the stadium for that match in any capacity.”

According to the RWCL, this happened “following a number of conversion kicks in the first half of the match.” As stories go, this one is a bit bizarre. It’s not exactly on the same level as Tom Williams and Bloodgate, but a breach of the laws is a breach of the laws.

What are you thoughts on this situation?

6 thoughts on “England ban Alred and Stridgeon over ball-switching incidents

  1. If there is a problem with the balls, which seems likely given the kicking stats in the matches so far, surely they should have made a formal complaint? Suspension seems a little harsh but rules are rules.

  2. I’m presuming they neglected to tell the Romanians about their actions so it is smelly. On the other hand, it’s sad if the match balls are that different from expectations. I’d have had more respect for the coaches if they stole a match ball and did some tests on it during training to see if there were grounds in the first place. Rugby will never be fully respected on the level of other international sports if this carries on. You can’t just go throwing balls onto the pitch that could have come from anywhere – lol It would have been funny if they threw in 1900’s balls.

  3. They were cheating and they got caught doing it.
    Regardless about the state of the balls everyone else is getting on with it and doing the best they can, except this lot who resort to CHEATING.
    In the spirit of the game I think not.

  4. I’m always amazed at how we English always find more inventive ways to make people hate us! On the other hand, if a lot of other countries had done the same wouldn’t they have been accused of impish behavior rather than cheating. Personally I blame colonialism!

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