England beaten by the Welsh at ‘Fortress’ Twickenham

Cruising at half time, Jonny slotting a few goals, Balshaw playing reasonably well, Haskell looking outstanding, yet they still snatched a defeat from the jaws of victory.

Where did it all go wrong?  No doubt there will be some post-mortem articles on here once we’ve had a chance to digest it, but feel free to post your opinions on the game.

8 thoughts on “England beaten by the Welsh at ‘Fortress’ Twickenham

  1. Wales came out after half-time and played outstanding rugby, 15 men chased everything, kept their heads, reduced their handeling errors to virtually none, got their lineout working, got their scrummage working, got their kicking game working, and put the ball wide at every opportunity.

    It didn’t go wrong for England as much as go very right for Wales.

  2. What about their penalty to get back within 7 points then? Can you not accept that the succession of handling errors off our own possession, which drove us backwards, culminating in a penalty in front of the posts, was even slightly our own fault?

    Credit to Wales for getting up in defence, but totally needless on our part. Do we really need a prop going in for the ball and passing it 2 yards to the scrum half? Can’t he get it himself?

    And what about Balshaw’s kick (you know, that bloke who you said the other day always tries to run it out of his 22 rather than kick?)?

    Wales took their chances well, don’t get me wrong, and I thought Hook was superb in the build up to Byrne’s try. I could mention missed tackles for the final try, but yes, that might be taking credit away from Wales, but come on, can you really say it’s acceptable to capitulate like that in the second half at home?

  3. Total implosion by England in the second half. Wales did not so much raise their game as stop making so many stupid errors, in the second. England were completely lost. No plan B. Like SCW says, it’s all about the TCUP.

  4. Balshaw played exactly like people on this site predicted he would. Put together a fairly impressive 40 minutes then made a sequence of mistakes in the second 40 to help Wales come back into the game. He wasn’t the only one at fault but he has not managed to play consistently well for 80 minutes for club or country in 8 years.
    I thought the French team showed a lot of promise and if Lievremont keeps that 22 together for the rest of the tournament they might grand slam it. Watching their backs all get behind the ball in their own 22 and run it at every opportunity was great entertainment. Regardless of the fact that Clerc try had a blatant forward pass in the build up, the one-two sequence with Heymans was brilliant.

  5. The England performance was disappointing, but completely predictable. Ashton’s “lost for words” comments just make you realize how far he is out of his depth. As Spike says, the French were impressive. I will say the table will end up like this (1)FRA (2)WAL (3)ENG (4)IRE (5)SCO (6)ITA. 3 and 4 may flip. What does everyone else think?

  6. I disagree with your comment about Ashton. I think just about everybody was lost for words after that. If you’re expecting him to be able to wander down from the stands and deliver an incisive critique on precisely what England need to do over the next 2 weeks then you’re being unrealistic. He was being honest, unlike many people. He’d just had to sit helplessly in the stands while his team fell apart and frankly there was nothing he could do about it. The only criticism during the game is that you don’t take your captain off when your team is teetering and needs stabilising, no matter whether you’ve planned to or not.

    TCUP – bang on.

  7. Bob aka Stuart. That’s fair comment. What I really meant was that I think the head coach should be more contructive than just saying he can’t explain it. Tough though, in this situation. I would love to be a fly on the wall in that dressing room. There was clearly a great deal of unrest and dissatisfaction with BA’s lack of control during the world cup. I can’t believe he’s changed things that much, and wonder how the players view the current situation.

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