England call up Dowson and Simpson-Daniel

Phil Dowson and James Simpson-Daniel were added to the England Elite Player Squad this evening as injury cover ahead of the Investec Internationals.

Dan Ward-Smith, Tom Wood and Anthony Allen were also included as concerns were raised over the fitness of a number of players.

Simon Shaw is struggling with a calf injury, whilst Joe Worsley (facial laceration) and Lewis Moody (head) are doubts in the back row, for whom Wood and Dowson will cover.

In the backs, Matt Banahan and Dominic Waldouck are both nursing neck injuries, with Sinbad and Allen coming in as replacements.

It seems Johnno has been reading The Rugby Blog after all, since we’ve long been singing the praises of some of these players. Will they feature on Saturday? Find out on The Rugby Blog at 12pm tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “England call up Dowson and Simpson-Daniel

  1. Simpson-Daniel as cover for Banahan. Unbelievable. On what planet is Banahan a better rugby player in any way shape or form that SImpson-Daniel? Unless you want to play the most one-dimensional, one-out hit up style imaginable? Hopefully Sinbad will absolutely dominate in training and be captain come Saturday. Or alternatively he will wear a bib, hold some bags and then get sent back to Gloucester while Banahan suffers severe dizziness from the rings being run round him by the Southern Hemisphere boys.

    Glad to see Dowson there as well. Another who must have been beginning to wonder quite what he has to do to get a look in.

  2. Unfortunately, I’ve got a funny feeling that none of the players “called up” will feature in the test team, which I find hilarious (in a non funny way). JSD is one of the best players in the premiership, with great speed and feet work, an offloading game which is up there with the best and can pick holes in defences all day long – where most of our other backs can only tackle all day long at best, and provide nothing in being able to open up defences. If we want to win games, then we have to be able to score tries! And JSD is perfect for that role. And in order to get those opportunities we need fowards who not only can secure ball at the breakdowns, but also provide support all over the pitch i.e. Dowson. With Moody possibly not fit, how about a back row of something like Croft, Wood, Dowson?

    Not long to go now (though I think I’m gonna be slightly disappointed with a few of the selections)

  3. That’s fantastic news. Like Tommy and Stu say, the likelihood of them actually featuring in the games is pretty slim, but that’s great news to see that they’re actually vaguely on the England management’s radar.

    I’m just waiting for Kemlo’s celebratory comment on ‘Chimpson-Daniel’s’ inclusion…or maybe he’s too excited to type at the moment.

  4. why chimpson -daniel?

    thank god for SInbad. i know he gets injured blah blah but hes been quality for glos this season and has the basic skills. plus hes faster than Cueto, who apparently was beaten by Andrew Sheriden in sprints on Monday and sheriden was holding his guitar and a trowel.

  5. I’m afraid we’ve had too may of these false dawns for me to get too excited (sorry Justin!) but as said, acknowledgement of his existence by the England management must be a good thing. As Stuart says it is quite sad that Chimpson is even regarded as cover for Banahan.

    I’m just hoping JSD gets a game against Samoa although I’m sure Cueto’s amazing kicking game (!) will prevent this.

    By the way Chimpson-Daniel was some nick-name we dubbed him with at Uni. I can’t for the life of me remember why though.

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