England call up Freddie Burns and Billy Twelvetrees

Freddie BurnsA press release was sent out an hour ago with the news that we’ve been waiting for here at The Rugby Blog.

Fly-half Freddie Burns has joined the England squad at Pennyhill Park preparing for the game against Fiji, along with teammate Billy Twelvetrees.

Burns replaces Jordan Turner-Hall, who will stay at Harlequins for treatment on an inflamed knee, while Twelvetrees comes in as temporary injury cover for Jonathan Joseph (ankle).

Stuart Lancaster said: “Freddie has been playing well in the Aviva Premiership and, with Jordan needing to stay at Harlequins for treatment, we are keen to have a look at him. JJ is continuing his recovery from an ankle injury and this is a good chance to get Billy in for training.

Will he play a part on Saturday?

UPDATE: Joe Launchbury has also been called into the England squad as cover for Tom Palmer, who has a calf injury.

23 thoughts on “England call up Freddie Burns and Billy Twelvetrees

  1. Great to see Burns in although his previous non selections suggests he won’t be getting game time.

    Seems a bit strange that they brought in 36 for JJ as the squad is lacking 13s. I suppose they are using Allen and Barrit as cover.

  2. Wrong time of year for an April Fools’ joke chaps. You’ll be telling us Simpson-Daniel has been called up next!

  3. Can the Glaws conspiracy theorist pls calm down now. Burns for JTH should be a permanent move IMO as we have way too many inside centres in the squad.

  4. Confirmation (as if any was needed) that SL reads this blog!!

    Hope they actually get some game time though, as waste of time otherwise. However delighted with the news, although not good for Glos for the next few weeks!

  5. Did any one read Sir Clive’s column in the Sunday Times today – interesting team he picked for the autumn tests, had Burns at inside centre outside Cipriani at 10, with Armitage at 13. His logic was defence can be taught, natural brilliance can’t. His team:

    15. Brown
    14. Wade
    13. D Armitage/May
    12. Burns
    11. Ashton
    10. Cipriani
    9. Care
    8. Easter
    7. Saull/ Armitage
    6. Robshaw
    5. Parling
    4. Lawes
    3. Cole
    2. Hartley
    1. Sheridan

    1. This team would get destroyed in the autumn tests, never mind the fact that both Lawes and Hartley are injured…

      I sometimes wonder what planet Woodward is living on. To have a 12/13 partnership of two players who rarely ever play there is just nuts. He’s remarkably critical of Lancaster in his amusing little columns in the Sunday Times and yet seems to have forgotten how tough he found things in his first few years, and how people were calling for his head a few years in. Wish he would pipe down sometimes.

    2. If thats the team he picked hes completely changed his selection philosophy since he was coach. He was mr steady conservative.

    3. By selecting a team so different to the one that is likely to run out it seems like he is having a dig. Ego a little bruised at how well Lancaster has started (compared with himself) and Richie saying no role for him perhaps? Huge respect for what he achieved but that doesn’t give you the right to be a tool.

      Anyway, really pleased for Burn’s in particular, no less than his form deserves. Hope he makes the 23 for Fiji.

  6. Cipriani!?!

    May as well put Jessica Ennis on the field.

    Haven’t been following things up there in pomgolia, but if that’s the best on offer, good luck to you.

    I would have thought that Cipriani shows that you can’t teach defence to everyone!

    1. To be fair to Cipriani, he used to be able to defend.

      Whilst he was never Wilkinson-esque, before his rather nasty injury, he regularly played fullback for Wasps and I remember him tackling powerhouses like Alesana Tuilagi in one on one situations

      Unfortunately, he seems to have lost his bottle since the injury, hence his somewhat leaky defence.

      Mind you Ronan O’Gara is a living demonstration that being rubbish at tackling is no barrier to amassing a large number of caps.

      The main problem with Cipriani is attitude and that cannot be taught…

      1. Agree with you on Cipriani’s tackling. An injury like that can affect someones confidence a great deal, and with him in undoubtedly has.

        I really hope that he can sort out his attitude, and I feel like he is starting to.

        Every Cipriani hater out that would be a fool to dismiss him, he is undoubtedly one of the most talented players this country has seen in years, and on form, is outstanding.

          1. Cipriani once made a good tackle against Tuilagi but he’s a liability defending the 10 channel. This was as true before the injury as it is now. Why did wasps always put him in the 13 channel on defence?

        1. I saw him play two years of Super Rugby and his woeful performance for the Baa Baas.

          He’s rubbish and had the highest missed tackle count in the super xv competition.

          Southern Hemisphere teams would just run through him all day.

  7. Does this mean I can’t complain about the England set up anymore???

    Actually, lets just try and get Woody and Simbad in the squad and then I might stop moaning :-P

  8. Fully fit, dream eps for 2013:

    Corbs; Marler; Cole; Wilson; Vunipola; Hartley; Webber; Lawes; Parling; Palmer; Launchbury; Robshaw; Johnson; Wood; Armitage; Croft; Morgan; Robson; Vunipola; Haskell

    Youngs; Care; Flood; Burns; Farrell; Twelvetrees; Barritt; Tuilagi; Joseph; Simpson Daniel; Sharples; Ashton; Wade; Foden; Brown; Goode

    Plenty of others pushing once they return from injury/get some consistent form, and some exciting youngsters pushing too, including:
    Dickson/Simpson; May; Knight; Gray/T. Youngs; Biggs/Eastmond; Ford; Attwood; Waldrom

  9. Hate those comments on ciprianis attitude. I know fine well people who complain about it here have never shared a changing room with him or trained with him, and don’t have a clue what he’s like since returning to England. He can’t be that abrasive because he’s been creating things the last two games for sale. A team which must be low on confidence from all the changes occurring.

    1. James, we can only comment from Cipriani’s actions so far. Yes, he does seem to be going ok at Sale but it is a bit early to say whether or not he’s changed. I hope that he has, as he has all the gifts to be a very good player.

      However, I don’t need to have shared a can of Ralgex with him to think that anyone who is repeatedly dropped from their team (and even from an entire tour)for off-field discipline issues might have a bit of an issue with their attitude…

  10. Cipriani would be a great option off the bench. Demonstrated against Cardiff that he can turn a game, whilst playing against a decent opposition back line.

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