England Captain v Wales: Who would you choose?

With Lewis Moody 100% ruled out of this weekend’s re-match between England and Wales at the Millennium Stadium, we want to know who you would choose to wear the armband?

There’s a chance that Moody won’t be fit in time for the Rugby World Cup, and this weekend’s fixture could be an audition for that role. Who would you like to see as captain for the World Cup?

Cast your vote and we will tell Johnno who to pick…

Who should captain England against Wales?

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Photo: Onside Images / Patrick Khachfe www.onsideimages.com

7 thoughts on “England Captain v Wales: Who would you choose?

  1. It’s a no brainer..there is only one player in that list who is a probable first choice selection .. the man from Rotorua’s got my vote ..come on Dylan, lead from the front.

      1. Yeh you’re right even Hartley’s debatable. But I want someone to take the 8 shirt from Easter. Suppose that must be Haskell but i thought he was poor on saturday. Flood should keep Jonny out of 10. Tindall is crap. Cueto is struggling to hold onto his shirt. Also don’t know what i think about a winger as captain (especially such an un-inspirational one). So for me its Easter or Hartley.

        1. You can say what you like about Tindall but our best results in the last few games have been with him at the helm.

  2. I voted Tindall….but now I’ve read the comments above, I would go for Hartley too. Will be interesting to see what he makes of the role. Thommo’s a good challenger for his #2 shirt, but if Hartley is focused and composed this RWC should be his time to cement his status in the team. Sad thing is though, we are not really spoilt for choice when it comes to captain. Even Moody is not a great choice IMO.

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