England confirm 2014 QBE Autumn Internationals

The RFU today confirmed that next year’s QBE Internationals will see England play four consecutive Test matches in November 2014 at Twickenham against New Zealand, South Africa, Samoa and Australia.

England Head Coach Stuart Lancaster said: “To be able to take on these teams in successive weeks is ideal preparation for the World Cup and will tell us a lot about where we are one year out. All four are tough opponents and we are looking forward to the challenge.”

The schedule is subject to final International Rugby Board approval.

Fixtures for the 2014 QBE Internationals:

Saturday, November 8: England v New Zealand
Saturday, November 15: England v South Africa
Saturday, November 22: England v Samoa
Saturday, November 29: England v Australia

Ticket prices and availability for the 2014 QBE Internationals will be announced in due course with details appearing on www.rfu.com

4 thoughts on “England confirm 2014 QBE Autumn Internationals

  1. Every year it’s the same old thing up here, and it gets a bit tiresome. I’d much rather have a two/three test series against one of the big 3 and play one/two countries from the rung below as warm-ups. If we rotate the big 3 every non-World Cup year, it means you only get NZ/SA/Aus at Twickenham every 4 years and brings a bit more of a “big game” feel to the encounters.

    Between 2011 and 2015 (non-inclusive) we would have had three “one-off” games with New Zealand at Twickenham. One three-game series would have been a lot more interesting.

  2. They said a couple of years ago that they were aiming to return to the traditional test series format, but that plan doesn’t seem to have materialised.

    I have mixed feelings on it. Yeah, I’d like to see a properly contested series with a trophy at the end of it and a proper tour with visitors playing midweek games against clubs. It does create a real fight and the trophies become worth something again. My problem with this is that England then get stuck in a rhythm of playing the top 3 all the time and we miss out on visits from more developing sides like Argentina, Samoa and Fiji. That said, it creates an opportunity to just use that 4th game to invite a developing side

    Another thing I’d like to see is for England to become less London Centric. England visit a smaller country in New Zealand and yet New Zealand host games at several different stadia. It doesn’t just put more meaning on a “tour” where you actually move around the country and see more than one place, but it solves a problem that England rugby have suffered for some time and that is a serious lack of interest in the North. The price of a single adult ticket being £40, piling on travel to London from wherever you are, it’s becoming increasingly impossible to afford. Another place where the RFU need to pull their finger out. That rant may have been off-topic slightly, but still related

    1. I think that was in reference to the summer tours, wasn’t it? Last year we had 3 tests against South Africa and next it’s 3 against the All Blacks, whereas it had been 2 for a good few decades.

    2. Twickenham holds more punters. Discussion finished. Personally would love to have a match closer to home, but it just ain’t going to happen.

      Not sure we can play a development team against Samoa. They’re looking pretty good at the moment.

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