England make heavy work of Italy as Ireland beat France

Thank goodness for the Ireland versus France game that had pace, passion and excitement – without it I could have been searching for another sport to follow after the turgin England / Italy affair.

England beat Italy by 36 point to 11 but the margin is hugely flattering – this was a poor match between two poor sides.

Ireland then took on France in a match where the lead changed hands several times, with the hosts eventually winning by 30 points to 21.

Post your thoughts here whilst we consider our analysis to share with you on Monday.

9 thoughts on “England make heavy work of Italy as Ireland beat France

  1. Yeah, the ELVs have totally wrecked rugby, just look at the England v Italy game – no space, aimless kicking. All the hallmarks of the ELVs.

    Oh, hang on. Then there was the Ireland v France game. A fucking belter with running rugby, foward play and pinpoint tactical kicking.

    What rules did they play under??

  2. If Mallet didn’t think he was such a smart fellow, Italy could’ve been in the running here until late in the second half, but he probably had visions of grandeur as usual when picking a flanker at scrumhalf.

    Well the Ireland France affair more than made up for it. The first two tries, hell what am I talking about, all of the tries were excelent. The O’Driscoll try was especially spectacular to me, seeing that it was from from first phase possesion.

  3. Is this about as bad as England have been since the early seventies. they pick a fly half to kick and he misses almost everything. If Italy had a scrum-half in place in the first half they would have been right in it.

    Back row looked weak until Joe W came in and the truth iS England never threatened out wide. God help them in Paris.

  4. How can an England side with so much talent available be so awful? Italy’s second-half outfit might have won it. Take away oldies Ellis and Goode and then Kennedy and Haskell and there is …zero!! Ireland France was wonderful. Great game! Questions over Ireland’s limited tactics for so long – kick and hope -but finally they toughed it and won it. Having seen today – Ireland v. Wales looks great. Wales played to perfection for 20-30 minutes then largely went to sleep. God help the rest when they play 80!

  5. Was at the Ireland france game. My first international, What a game, What a stadium, This game had it all. The French were fantastic, every time the ball was kicked into their 22 they ran it back with interest. It was pure brillance, The difference was the mentality of the irish playing a “munster style game” grinding down the French and playing the phases. A few men to mention are the “Bull” John Hayes. What power this man has immense, Also Rob Kearney at Full back. Didnt think he would last the first half after he collapsed twice in 10 seconds. I dont think the TV showed this. Cant wait for the next round, France, Ireland and Wales are going to make England regret not having a good flyhalf,

  6. Gagger, who said anything about the ELVs? Bit random. Don’t quite see what your point is anyway.

    Basically what we saw at Twickenham was 2 crap teams having an off day. I really fear for the rest of the championship. Ireland, France and Wales are light years ahead of England and even Scotland showed more promise.

    Mind you, Bergamasco aside, the fact that England played terribly and still beat Italy by 25 points shows how shockingly little progress the Italians have made.

  7. Denis, that is the key question – “How can an England side with so much talent available be so awful?”, and unfortunately Johnson doesn’t have any answers for you. The usual guff about needing to do the basics properly and not deviate from the gameplan. But nothing to make you think he gets the fundamental issues with a pack that lacks ferocity or hunger at the breakdown, that nearly always delivers slow ball to backs that have no inventiveness and will probably kick (badly) because they have no other ideas. The outlook is dismal. I’m too depressed to say any more.

  8. What I say. I’ve been looking forward to the start of the 6 nations for ages and yet again England’s start was poor. I was jumping for joy after the first 2 minutes when Goode scored, thinking that finally, a huge gamble had paid off, and our packs would be ignited, but then we just faded back into our usual, boring, uninspired routine. Goode’s kicking (in and out of hand) was appalling, our fowards looked tired after 30 mins and the basic mistakes (ball handling, tackling and fowls) that we committed were disgraceful. The fact of the matter is, we were playing a very poor Italian team and we couldn’t even put a good score on the board. There were some postives to England’s game – we actually managed to captialise on Italy’s mistakes and were rewarded with try’s, which in the pasted we would have messed up, but we have so much to improve on – defence, offence, kicking, fitness, consistency to selection, passion, pride and leadership. I don’t expect miracles yet as we are a team, near rock bottom trying to rebuild, so I don’t want to over criticise and no matter weather we win or lose, I will always be loyal to, and proud to, support England, but we are always hearing about “doing the basics right” and “we’re developing as a team” but the amount the team has and is being changed on a weekly basis, I find it hard to understand these statements. Fingers crossed we’ll start to see some improves soon

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