England players punished for RWC shenanigans

The RFU has taken action over the exploits in New Zealand of some of the England players.

Mike Tindall

Mike Tindall has been fined £25,000 and thrown out of the England squad for his part in the Queenstown drinking debacle, whilst Chris Ashton and James Haskell were given suspended fines of £5,000 each for the episode in the Dunedin hotel. Dylan Hartley has been cleared of any wrongdoing.

When he picked up the World Cup winners’ medal in 2003, this probably isn’t how Tindall thought he would be remembered, but it looks like he’ll not play again for England.

Rob Andrew said, “Mike Tindall’s actions reached a level of misconduct that was unacceptable in a senior England player and amounted to a very serious breach of the EPS Code of Conduct. Whilst we acknowledge his previous good character it needs to be made clear that what he did will not be tolerated.”

And slightly comically, he goes on to say, “these episodes and the subsequent disciplinary action should stand as a strong reminder that the highest standards of personal conduct are expected from any England player on and off the field.”

What are your thoughts on the sanctions? And who will take Tindall’s place in the squad?

29 thoughts on “England players punished for RWC shenanigans

  1. BS decision. And how Rob Andrew has the audacity to criticise having overseen the previous tour of NZ that had discipline problems I don’t know. Tindall wouldn’t have made the 6N squad anyway.

  2. When you ask who will take his place in the squad, do you mean who will become the new bad boy? There are so many candidates, I couldn’t possibly choose!

  3. Being fined for drinking and going out? Not only do I think that it’s rubbish, but what about the other players who were out drinking? I think this is for the lying about going back to the hotel.

  4. The timing of these sanctions is a bit odd. I know Rob Andrew loves nothing more than a drawn out review process, but surely they should have taken action at the time. After ‘that’ night in QT, the RFU released this statement:

    Following the article regarding Mike Tindall and other England squad members in a UK tabloid newspaper this morning, an England team spokesperson said: “Mike and several of the players were enjoying an evening out after he had led the team to a hard-earned victory over Argentina. Like all the lads he plays for England with a massive amount of passion and he was relaxing after a tough match.”

    There will be no further comment.

    Seems as though they’ve changed their minds based on public reaction and the general fallout…

    1. Surely it was a case of trying to calm down the indignance of the press in New Zealand, and trying to maintain a modicum of team spirit while the walls crashed down around them. I think, to be accurate, they probably missed the words “at this time” from the end of the statement, but that would have left the issue open-ended as well, leading to speculation as to what would happen when they got home.

      There is still one thing I dont understand. To paraphrase a famous film “Of all the gin joints, in all of Queenstown, WTF were they doing in Altitude in the first place?”

    2. It’s base politicking, nothing more. As has been said elsewhere in this comment thread, the time to deal with these issues was immediately after the fact and to my recollection, they were albeit not to everyones satisfaction. Whether you believe the actions warranted disciplinary measures, or not, to leave it all this time and then throw the man out for something he had already been admonished by the management is simply not right.

      Rob Andrew increasingly looks like the small man in the whole England set-up.

  5. If Rob Andrew wanted to set an example he missed the boat. Those players who put themselves in the firing line by virtue of wholly unacceptable behaviour in Queenstonw and Dunedin should have been sent home in disgrace at the time. That would have been a worthwhile statement of intent. Cannot recall Mr Andrew having much to say at the time though!

  6. good on them dont see any of the welsh team getting the wrong press and nearly 10 years younger than these players. just shows the lack of commitment and respect the players have for their coach and country!

    1. “dont see any of the welsh team getting the wrong press”

      Oh right. That must have been a different Mike Phillips who was restrained by a bouncer outside a McDonalds and then arrested then

      And a different Andy Powell who nicked a golf buggy whilst drunk?

      Oh and a totally different Gavin Henson who was arrested for disorderly conduct on a train and an assault in Cardiff

      these Welsh names do get confusing!

      Some double-standards going on from various Celtic commentators on here. All Tindall did was have a few too many beers

  7. Think its total balls. Worse than the balls Jonny was complaining about. This is the RFU management trying to look like they are not at sea and crap at their jobs but “taking charge”. Unnecessary decision, unnecessary fine. This is not about player conduct or setting an example, this was simply Andrew and his cronies trying to save their jobs. Sick of all the management at the RFU trying to find scapegoats for their own failings.

  8. Can you shed any light on what “thrown out of the squad” means? For a match? Indefinitely? I agree with the other comments – what exactly warrants the fine and ban? The drinking? That was sanctioned by Johnson and a lot more of the squad were out that night. Not recalling where he went? That’s part of allowing players to drink. The furore of hugging a girl? Surely not.

    Just the latest in the catalogue of ridiculousness from England Rugby.

    1. Hopefully hes out for a while so we can play someone whos half decent with a bit of potential to get better.

  9. Though i have no sympathy for Tindall as he brought it on himself and the fact i don’t want him to ever play for England again, i do feel he’s been made the scape goat for a truly awful RWC campaign

    1. Scapegoat is about right I think, I don’t think he’d have stayed in the squad long term anyway (at least I hope not) Throw Tindall under the bus to show the RFU is taking action, same outcome overall.

      I do think it’s a shame though that he will be remembered from an international point of view for a stupid night out in NZ not for his long career with England, he won’t get a chance to retire gracefully now.

  10. It was poor for him not to realise what was going to happen.
    It was more than a few beers in his case he was lolly-gagging drunk.
    This and the lying was enough to remove him from the Squad.
    However, he should have gone as he seems incapable of giving and receiving a pass.

  11. “Door Horse Shut Stable Bolted After The Has”. Put these words into the correct order and you have the RFU.

    Tindall was wrong as he lied to management. Simple. Tindall won’t play again for England because he is longer good enough. Simple. But to treat a man who has been a remarkably loyal servant of the game like this is totally wrong.

    As has been mentioned above this has been done by a person or group of people desperate to cling on to their jobs and prove that they can manage the game. Well you’re a month too late, you can’t manage the game and to be bluntly honest, you don’t deserve to hang on to your jobs.

  12. Tindall’s days of playing for England were over, maybe this is the RFU trying to use the stick to install some discipline.

    I’d have thought that going to the World Cup would have been enough for players to give their all on the pitch.

    After their dismal performances on the pitch during the World Cup. How many of the squad will look back and realise how stupid they were?

    How World Cups do they expect to play during their Rugby careers?

    Muppets including A Healey

  13. they have made an example of tindal, and i agree with their actions.

    Tindall was battered and i dont care what anyone says, your senior players shouldnt be gettered leathered and fondling some bird.

    it looks bad.

    Perhaps this will remind our players that wearing the england shirt is an honour that must of us can only dream of doing and show it some respect.

    1. Don’t get me wrong – Tindall shouldn’t have done what he did, but this is all too late and stinks of political manoeuvering not proper discipline.

  14. Gloucester donkey should never have gone to NZ as he is just too one dimentional. crash bang Tindell cant pass wont pass

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