England release 5 players from RWC Training Squad

Martin Johnson has released 5 players from his preliminary Rugby World Cup training squad today.

The following have been deemed surplus to requirements and will return to their clubs to get involved in their regular pre-season preparations:

David Strettle
James Simpson-Daniel
Thomas Waldrom
Joe Worsley
George Chuter

22 thoughts on “England release 5 players from RWC Training Squad

  1. I’m surprised that he’s chucked Thomas the Tank out this early but I’m not surprised about the other four.

  2. I thought Sinbad and Waldrom might make a real impact on the World Cup, and interesting that Charlie Sharples is now above Sinbad in the pecking order.

  3. JSD should see if the 7s team will have him. He could be the Gollings of the next 5 years. Olympic Gold beckons!

  4. What a shame to see JSD out. Sharples is getting there but JSD is able to turn matches on his own (and can cover centre – which might well be needed)

    Would much rather have had JSD (or Strettle) than Monye!

    Suprised at Waldrom . Who does that leave as number 8 cover then? Robshaw can play there but its not his normal position and Le Hasque has never had the mental ability to play 8

  5. Niether JSD or Stretts can tackle and thats one area MJ will not compromise when it comes to selection. Not saying that I agree with the selection but one thing Monye can do very well is defend.

    Waldrom has been carrying a few injuries apparently.

    Would love to see Wood, Robshaw and Haskel as 6,7 and 8. Haskel isnt the smartest player but I think he would combine well with Wood and Robshaw.

  6. Hmmm…it might work. Robshaw captains Quins so there is some leadership ability there (have always thought that the back row needs at least one player with experience and leadership qualities)

    Wood, Croft and Robshaw wouldn’t be a bad combo either – pretty dynamic

    But the true horror of this has just hit me…

    Tim Payne is still in the squad!!!

  7. Props will be the last players released as they are need more for training. Corbs would get much done in training if he was up against Danny Care!

    As for Wood, Croft and Robshaw – possibly a little lightweight but Wood used to play number 8 at age level so it could work.

  8. IM v happy to see Sharples stay in.

    Ive always been a real LSD fan but the reality is that he cant defend properly and the best int wings are rounded players who are often the last line of defence.

    Sharples also has a fantastic kicking game which i only really noticed end of the prem season.

    Monye is good. Look – if mcgeechan picked him for the lions , mcgeechan is right! Hes sorted out some issues with his play and tackles like a beast.

    Ive read that other players have been told they are not needed but are still in the squad (payne) to help out with training.

    Back row is our biggest dilemma. Easter will defo start, as will croft. So the last slot should be robshaw i think.

    What is robshaws best position?

  9. I’d say 7 Jimmy.

    He’s not a number 8 based on the few times he’s played there for Quins but to be fair, our backrow at the time wasnt very well balanced.

    1. Gotcha.

      Ona slightly different note, watching the NZ v SA game, did anyone think that Mccaw wasnt up to his best?

      He seems a few yards slower than usual and without the all round destructiveness of old.

      I think hes lost it.

      1. He was a bit off pace but he’s missed most of the past 6 months with an injury. He’s never been known for his speed in broken play though.

        I do think the mantle of ‘worlds best no.7’ will pass to Pocock this year though.

  10. McCaw hasn’t lost any of his skill at playing close to (and often over) the line of leagality though.

    I noticed him clearing out one ruck on Sat that he had joined not from behind the back foot but literally from the from the South African side of the ruck – and he got away with it

    Once Pocock can do things like that, I will hail him as the best international 7 – although he has stiff competition in Brussow

    As for Robshaw, I’ve always thought of him as more of a blindside flanker and that’s where Quins have tended to play him, with Skinner on the open-side.

    Robshaw strikes me as being a bit Richard Hill-esque – fully of energy, always there to support or make the tackle, etc, etc

    1. Mccaw seems to get out the way when he makes a tackle but lingers around the oppo scrum half and clear out players, slowing down the ball.

      he did this frequently against the boks and i was screaming at the telly.

      As an aside, check out Fodens comments re Sharples and Tuilagi


      1. “we have been doing some speed tests and Charlie has been putting up phenomenal scores”…was Foden wiping his nose as he said that?! Might get a few “random” tests coming his way.

        Anyone remember who/where it was when a sports team tried to get as many song references in their interviews as possible? I can’t put my finger on it but remember someone getting particularly ridiculous with it and letting the cat out of the bag.

  11. For what its worth,I think this would be squad of 30

    I like Botha and would bring him in above Deacon and probably Shaw as well.

    Banahan is taken as flutey is completely out of form and he can cover wing as well

    Really can’t decide betwen Sharples and Armitage – I would much prefer Sharples but we need some full-back cover

    Props – Stevens, Sheridan, Cole, Corbisiero
    Hookers – Hartley, Thompson, Mears
    Locks – Lawes, Palmer, Botha,
    Back row – Wood, Easter, Croft, Haskell, Robshaw, Moody

    Scrum half – Youngs, Care, Wigglesworth
    Fly hlaf – Wilkinson, Flood, Hodgson
    Centre – Tindall, Tuilagi, Hape, Banahan
    Wings/Full backs – Cueto, Ashton, Armitage/Sharples, Foden

      1. dont we all want that but its not gonna happen.

        Take Sharples tho over armitage cos cueto can cover 15

  12. My biggest dilema when trying to pick out my preferred choice of test team is our back row. The only one i know i definitely wouldn’t play is Easter. Think I’d quite like to see this team get given a go:

    1. Stevens
    2. Hartley
    3. Cole
    4. Lawes
    5. Palmer
    6. Wood
    7. Haskell
    8. Robshaw
    9. Youngs
    10. Flood
    11. Cueto
    12. Tindall
    13. Tuliagi
    14. Ashton
    15. Foden

    16. Thompson
    17. Sheridan
    18. Botha
    19. Croft
    20. Care
    21. Wilkinson
    22. Sharples

    1. i agree mostly but i dont rate Haskell and i think Hape is a better 12 than Tindall as he hasnt played at 12 in a long time. And finally i think Sharples is fantastic and should get into the match this saturday. If i was MJ this is the side i would field

      1. Stevens
      2. Hartley (captain)
      3. Cole
      4. Lawes
      5. Palmer
      6. Croft
      7. Wood
      8. Robshaw
      9. Simpson
      10. Flood
      11. Sharples
      12. Hape
      13. Tuilagi
      14. Ashton
      15. Foden

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