England release Ashton and Youngs

Chris Ashton and Ben Youngs have been released today by England’s Elite Playing Squad – Ashton is available for Northampton this weekend, whist Youngs is returning to the Saxons squad.

Ashton will, however, meet up with the Senior England EPS at the Pennyhill Park Hotel on Sunday evening.

Does this suggest that he’ll be nowhere near the matchday 22 when it’s announced next week? I think this might be the first of ‘promising players released’ bulletins over the next couple of months!

5 thoughts on “England release Ashton and Youngs

  1. I’m probably falling off the positive wagon very early but it is looking worryingly like another exciting squad but the boring 15/22 situation. I’m just waiting for Goode/Erinle to get their late call-ups.

  2. This is how it goes all the time. I am so dissapointed it is really unbelievable. I never felt let down more than this time. Please tell me why?? /Johnno wants to show what tough guy he is and that he is releasing this prospects very soon just to let them know rugby on an international level is something different. I am expecting the Tommy Cooper variant in second row again (Borthwick/Deacon).


  3. It doesn’t come as a shock, but it does make me laugh. In the Autumn internationals, the only half decent winger we had was Cueto – Monye and Banahan were shockingly bad. They haven’t been playing well for club either, so why are they still Johnno’s favourites? Ashton is the best strike option in England at the moment. Granted, it may not last, but use it while it’s there! The fact that Borthwick has retained the captaincy is Johnno’s nail in his coffin as far as I’m concerned – I always have, and always will respect him, however he is not the same leader in the office as he was out on the field. The consistent lack to change the important issues i.e. coaching staff, team captain, blooding young talents, is also a joke.

    My prediction on Johnno’s team to play 6 nations – not OURS!

    1. Payne
    2. Hartley
    3. Wilson
    4. Borthwick
    5. Shaw
    6. Haskell – if fit, if not, either Lawes or Robshaw
    7. Moody
    8. Easter
    9. Hodgson
    10. Wilkinson
    11. Monye
    12. Flutey
    13. Hipkiss
    14. Cueto
    15. Armitage

    16. Mears
    17. Cole – only due to injuries
    18. Deacon – the superstar ha ha ha
    19. Care
    20. Flood
    21. Banahan

  4. Couldn’t agree more tommy, but I am not suprised in the slightest. I have very low expectations for the 6 nations, not that they were ever high but to pick a young exciting team and watch them grow would be interesting.

    England have become obsessed with continuity of selection. I understand what B Moore was saying, when on the podcast he said that the world cup winning teams all had an average of 40 caps per player, a settled team is crucial but only if they are good enough. Moore failed to mention that lots of teams with 40 caps per player failed to win the world cup, didn’t even come close. Experience helps but it is not the only ingredient. Johnn believes he can mould a great team out of mediocore players and go all the way, he is wrong. He believes that kind of team building and team spirit won England the world cup, it didn’t, they won it with talent, great players.

    Don’t expect many changes from now until the world cup, this is what it is.

  5. I would have liked to see Ashton start, was at least expecting to see him on the bench. I would like to see England build on a core of young players; Foden, Armitage,Tait, Geraghty, Cipriani, Ashton, Care, Simpson, Haskell, Rees, Robshaw, Lawes, Hartly, Cole. We have some serious young talent in England, you can throw in Strettle, Goode, Cato, Saull, Gaskell, Youngs, Myler, Turner-Hall, Stevens (hopefully…). We need a manager who can instill confidence in these young players, and more importantly one who plays them. These guys need game time together. If Johnson does not try these players now they won’t be ready in time for the WC and we’ll be stuck with the old guard again…

    Also I’d like to see Simpson-Daniel included in the EPS!

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