England Squad to Tour Argentina 2017

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Eddie Jones has named the England squad that will travel to Argentina in June, whilst 16 players are away with the Lions.

England’s 31-man squad for Argentina tour

Will Collier (Harlequins, uncapped)
Luke Cowan-Dickie (Exeter Chiefs, 4 caps)
Ben Curry (Sale Sharks, uncapped)
Tom Curry (Sale Sharks, uncapped)
Charlie Ewels (Bath Rugby, 3 caps)
Ellis Genge (Leicester Tigers, 1 cap)
Dylan Hartley – captain (Northampton Saints, 84 caps)
James Haskell (Wasps, 75 caps)
Paul Hill (Northampton Saints, 5 caps)
Nathan Hughes (Wasps, 8 caps)
Nick Isiekwe (Saracens, uncapped)
Joe Launchbury (Wasps, 42 caps)
Matt Mullan (Wasps, 15 caps)
Chris Robshaw (Harlequins, 55 caps)
Sam Underhill (Ospreys/Bath Rugby, uncapped)
Harry Williams (Exeter Chiefs, uncapped)
Tom Wood (Northampton Saints, 50 caps)

Mike Brown – vice-captain (Harlequins, 60 caps)
Danny Care – vice captain (Harlequins, 71 caps)
Joe Cokanasiga (London Irish, uncapped)
Nathan Earle (Saracens, uncapped)
George Ford – vice captain (Bath Rugby, 35 caps)
Piers Francis (Auckland Blues/Northampton Saints, uncapped)
Sam James (Sale Sharks, uncapped)
Alex Lozowski (Saracens, uncapped)
Harry Mallinder (Northampton Saints, uncapped)
Joe Marchant (Harlequins, uncapped)
Jack Maunder (Exeter Chiefs, uncapped)
Jonny May (Gloucester Rugby, 25 caps)
Henry Slade (Exeter Chiefs, 4 caps)
Denny Solomona (Sale Sharks, uncapped)

Unavailable for selection due to injury:
Jack Clifford (Harlequins)
Sam Jones (Wasps)

England’s two-Test tour to Argentina

Estadio San Juan del Bicentenario, San Juan, Kick-off 4.15pm (local time), Saturday 10 June
Estadio Brigadier General Estanislao Lopez, Santa Fe. Kick-off 4.15pm (local time), Saturday 17 June

At first glance, the notable absences are Christian Wade, Dan Robson, Joe Simpson and Semesa Rokoduguni. What do you think of the squad?

51 thoughts on “England Squad to Tour Argentina 2017

  1. Blimey. Talk about taking rookies.

    Other than the noted absentees – no Tommy Taylor, Ewers or Haley.

    Really would like to have seen Robson, Taylor and Ewers get run outs, but you can’t accuse Eddie of ignoring the future.

    That presumably is it for Wade, Simpson and Roko under Eddie though. Not a look in.

    1. On the subject of taking rookies, Zach Mercer is one you could say to have missed out too, competitive position amongst the younger ranks and I know he is still only 19 and still technically part of the U20 squad, but has been in fine form with Bath when he has been on!

  2. No Jackson Wray? Bit surprising! Other than that good looking squad.

    My only other niggle is Solomona! Fantastic player but we have fantastic strength in depth at the moment, especially on the wings and we don’t need to bring in foreign imports. The guy played for Samoa just last year, seems ridiculous!

  3. A really weird squad, especially the backs. Dropping Tommy Taylor, Mike Williams, Nathan Catt and Teimana Harrison from the 6n squad just seems to make no sense as none of them were really given much of a chance in the 6N to show what they could do. No Kvesic, Wray, Slater, Beaumont or Attwood seems a bit odd as well? However, the backs are even stranger: Cokanasiga (who?) and Earle over Roko, Yarde and Wade? Maunder over Spencer, Robson and Simpson? Pick Haley for repeated squads and then not for the tour where he can show what he can do? Centres are very surprising picks too, no Devoto who’s been in and round the England setup for a while now? The omission of Cipriani feels like a bit of a slap in the face? I hope Cipriani gets to play for the Barbarians and has a blinder against England and shows EJ what he’s missing.

    I just don’t really understand as the inclusion of Hartley, Robshaw, etc, means that it’s clearly not a completely experimental squad, it seems that EJ is selecting a squad that he thinks is the best squad to go out and win it just seems really strange?

    1. Joe Cokanasiga is a talentless big lump who looks good playing for the U20’s but will get absolutely smashed in Seniors. Saw a few of the U20 six nations and lost count of the amount of times he spurned space for contact and killed a promising stituation.

      Cips has been excluded for good reason not as good as his rep and not as good as either of the players selected

  4. Oh crumbs Eddie not impressed that you have left out Robson that’s basically saying he doesn’t have a chance in hell of playing for England
    Also poor form to leave out Beaumont, Roko, Wade and Haley and for uncapped players who have barely played any club rugby

  5. The hypocrisy of English Rugby is ridiculous. They lead the charge on updating the residency rule to 5 years, but when it profits them, they pick Solomona. I understand EJ is going to pick the best players available to him, but surely they could make a stand on this. (this coming from an Englishman)
    And then the form side of things, Yes Solomona has come into Union really well with an impressive strike rate (9 in 10 games). Whereas Wade has scored 68 tries in 100 appearances (in the premiership alone). He’s defensively sound, whilst I’ve noticed Solomona out of position on a number of times. It makes no sense to me!

  6. It seems to me like this is being viewed entirely as a development tour.

    Take a load of uncapped up and coming kids and send them on tour with a number of seasoned pros like Robshaw, Brown, Care, Wood and Hartley. See how they respond – both on the pitch and on the tour. Decide from their performance and the reports of the senior players whether they are worth perservering with in the long term.

    In the absence of the Saxons, this makes sense to me. What choice does EJ have if he wants to see what he’s got coming up in the future?

    Autumn AIs I have no doubt will see the likes of Taylor, Beaumont, Robson, Rokaduguni all back in contention, but hopefully with a smattering of young lads who can cut it on the bigger stage.

    I’m slightly disappointed that he’s not taking at least some from the following – Mercer, Chisholm Jr, Will Evans, Johnny Williams and Ewers (who needs some game time)

    Am also disappointed at Solomona. I view the RFU’s stance on this as realism rather than hypocrisy but it doesn’t mean I have to like it.

    1. The above holds doubly true as apparently EJ has said that he will rest the Lions contingent for the Autumn AIs, which means the likes of those who are normally on the firnges of selection will be right in contention.

      1. If that’s the master plan then great idea, give the Lions tourists some decent time off to recover and the 2nd/3rd choice players get their opportunities in the Autumn.

        If, assuming he stays fit, Wade hasn’t had his chance this year then I would be very disappointed. I can’t understand the continued reluctance to give the premierships most prolific winger a chance on the international stage.

        1. Only problem with that is why would you throw those 2nd/3rd choice players in cold in the autumn when you have a chance to see what they offer in the summer and integrate them into the culture and gameplan

  7. Development. The experienced core will drive expected standards and culture. The development opportunity is massive, and I have a sense that the players left behind have been asked to commit massive energy to pre-season and work on’s. I heard first hand that EJ was fuming with one of his England players who has been selected for the Lions tour, in spite of many regarding his performance weekend gone as one of the best all year. I think we are now entering the brittle and curt phase of EJ’s leadership to see how players respond, and the selections all indicate that.

  8. Wow!!! I was only slightly disappointed by some of the omissions and inclusions from the Lions tour, but this squad is a big surprise.
    We have some players in this squad barely tested at Premiership level who have got in ahead of some tried and tested players who are arguably as good as players in the Six Nations squad!!??
    No Robson or Spencer? No Ewers, Armand or Wray? No Woodward, Haley or Goode? No Tomkins, Hill or Roberts? No Taylor? No Wade??

    Mallinder? Cokanasiga? Maunder? Francis? Solomona?

    Looking at these names, aside from Care I don’t even know who the other scum halves are?

    1. Maunder’s the other scrum half, only two going. Up yours Dan Robson, unfortunately.

      Eddie certainly works in mysterious ways. His plan to expose these younger guys is all well and good, but at the expense of the vast number of proven club 20 somethings who aren’t getting a shot at the internationals?

        1. I see your points there Pablito. I just hope he’s spoken to some of those players so they know where they stand.

        2. The 16 Lions won’t play in the AIs, sure. But there’s such a deep talent pool that I’d still think a fair few more established but uncapped guys could have featured here rather than go so heavy on the guys just out of nappies.

          Also annoyed by this comment from Eddie: “We have picked the best squad we have available.’

          Clearly, you haven’t. Is that meant to wind up the likes of Robson to do better – what more is he meant to do? It just seems insulting.

          But as always, meant sincerely, he obviously knows more than me so lets see what happens.

          Quite agree with you on ‘my heart’s not for England’ Solomona.

          1. I didn’t read that comment, but it could swing players either way. Players like Robson and Wade could easily be tempted by big money in France if they keep getting overlooked.

            I wonder if he meant the experienced heads when he said that, and wasn’t including the young untested players?

            Whoever is in the squad I am excited to see players like Isiekwe, Cokanasiga, Earle, Maunder and Marchant get on.
            I was really looking forward to seeing a midfield of Tomkins with Marchant, but it looks like I’m out of luck.

            1. There was a comment from Eddie Jones yesterday saying that he is picking players that can be better than their counterparts that have gone on a Lions tour, which I think says a lot. Maybe the Robsons and Taylors of the world are deemed just Premiership standard by Eddie so he’s looking for these young guys to put pressure on the existing talent that we have.

              For Wasps sake, I hope they all stay and keep fighting for an England place!

              1. So do I Jacob, but we have all seen plenty of players who get shunned continuously by England etc and then take big money offers to move. Professional rugby is a relatively short playing career so they have every right to take those offers if they feel that way.
                We have seen plenty of Premiership journeymen who we all thought could’ve done a great job wearing the red rose, but never got the chance. I’m sure the current crop won’t be the last.

  9. So lots of surprises but on reflection there is some logic too.

    Take the wings; it is clear that Jones has Nowell, Daly, Watson and May as his first choices. He could take Yarde and Roko, but I guess he knwos well what they will bring. h ehas instead the chance to see some others in this “window of opportunity”.

    Not so sure I understand why Wade is not included though.

    1. “He’s a brilliant player but he just doesn’t fit our needs at the moment,” said Jones (on Wade).

      There you go, crystal clear.

  10. Totally baffled by this squad to be honest and most of all by Solomona and Francis, who doesn’t even play in England yet! Starting to get sick of imports that only decide to play for us when nobody else wants them at the expense of English talent ie Wade, Cips

    1. Sorry, which import is getting in at the expense of Cipriani?

      Ford, Farrell, Lozowski? Can’t be.

      Piers Francis? But he’s a Gravesend lad and an ex member of the Sarries academy. Sure he’s been playing in NZ but what’s that got to with anything? I seem to remember one M Johnson playing in NZ before any English club and even being selected and playing for the Kiwi under 20 side.

      There is absolutely nothing wrong with him being selected if EJ thinks he’s up to it.

      On the other hand, I am not a fan of Teo or Solomona being selected as they strike me as pure rugby mercenaries. Hughes slightly less so as at least he’s got some solid time at Wasps under his belt.

      1. Solomona is the one I don’t like. Great with ball in hand, but pretty poor at tracking back from what I’ve seen. Wade would have been a better option to have a look at rather than someone who played League for Samoa last year!!
        I remember seeing Francis play for Sarries academy a few years ago. Didn’t seem to be showing any real promise at the time but haven’t seen him play since leaving for NZ.

        Lozowski is class though and really deserves this chance. Arguably as good as Ford with ball in hand but much more physical in defence.

      2. Solomona I agree with you – a complete Rugby mercenary.

        T’eo though is half-English, so whilst he may not have grown up through the English rugby set-up (as Piers Francis did) he has in my opinion, every right to play for England.

        1. I think the thing with Te’o is that he considered declaring for Ireland when he was there, then ultimately went with England. Having played League for Samoa. It does feel a bit mercenary.

          Nathan Hughes said some slightly questionable things about deciding to play for England but he did also say he now felt English so that’s something.

  11. Never thought I would say this but why can’t we be like France and support our home grown players that grow up dreaming of playing for their Country. I include Vunipolas in this too, my gripe is seasoned professionals who adopt Englishness to suit

    1. Yes Vunipolas came from Pontypridd. Goode has been the best fullback in England since Brown had the long term injury. Didn’t Wade play well in the last tour to Argentina.
      EJ has transformed England but doubtful selection may have cost him the Grand Slam.
      No mention of the Exeter No 8 either.

      1. Billy Vunipola went to Harrow school, and I’m pretty sure Mako went to school in Bristol. Both certainly spent huge parts of their childhood and rugby development in England so I can’t see what the issue could be there.

        Solomona and Te’o are certainly two that have made previous comments that demonstrate they don’t (or certainly didn’t) have any allegiance to England.

    2. I wouldn’t use France as the best example of supporting home grown talent.

      Any number of South Africans, a kiwi prop and two Fijian wingers?

      (wasn’t it the last France-Austrlia game that saw all 4 starting wingers as Fijians?)

  12. Who is the back up fullback to Brown out of that list? I assumed Daly would be on the Lions tour but had hoped that Haley or even Watson might have been given a run to try to develop some long term options at 15.

      1. Earle and Lozoswki can cover fullback as well.

        Mallinder is good as long as he’s having an easy ride. Soon as the pressure is on he seems to go missing. This may be why Eddie seems him as a fullback?

        Watson is on Lions tour, but I was hoping we would see Haley or even Woodward. Really hope he gets an offer from a Premiership club now Bristol have been relegated.

  13. EJ acknowledged that Christian Wade is a “brilliant player but doesnt meet his needs” Does that include scoring more tries than anyone else?

    1. If just scoring tries was sufficient criteria to make a brilliant international player, then Varndell would have been one of England’s greatest – and before him Steve Hanley.

  14. I wonder if Eddie would have gone in this direction if the winning streak hadn’t been ended. Would he have been so experimental if the prospect of extending the run was there?

  15. This is clearly an England ‘B’ tour, as many have said, to partially sort wheat/chaff for the AIs and 6N when the lions are back in. I suspect the few old heads are in 1) Because their opinion and feedback is respected amongst the coaches 2) To maintain their confidence/commitment to England Rugby (else may retire)
    3) In a mentor capacity to the younger players

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