England team to face the Barbarians

Martin Johnson has named his team to take on the Barbarians at Twickenham on Sunday.

Shontayne Hape starts at 12 alongside Mike Tindall, whilst there are recalls for David Strettle and Charlie Hodgson.

Jon Golding and Dave Attwood will also win their first cap in the pack.

15. Ben Foden
14. Mark Cueto
13. Mike Tindall
12. Shontayne Hape
11. David Strettle
10. Charlie Hodgson
9. Danny Care

1. Jon Golding
2. Steve Thompson
3. Paul Doran-Jones
4. Dave Attwood
5. Tom Palmer
6. James Haskell
7. Steffon Armitage
8. Nick Easter

16. Lee Mears
17. Tim Payne
18. Dan Ward-Smith
19. Joe Worsley
20. Joe Simpson
21. Olly Barkley
22. Mathew Tait

12 thoughts on “England team to face the Barbarians

  1. So anyone have any idea exactly what Courtney is doing wrong?

    Has Dave Attwood demonstrated his mettle against the best club pack in the NH? Is DWS really a better option as a lock/back row utility player?

    But… nice backline (Hodgson is a perfect 10 for a Ba Bas game) and a great blend of youth and experience throughout.

  2. Like the backline, but think the two big centres may not compliment each other… though we will see.

    Would have liked to see Simpson get a start although maybe Johnno didnt want to change too much.

    Agree with Morgan, where is Courtney?? Surely he is injured to not be included at all? This is the sort of game you give hima run out surely???

  3. I remember being excited about the prospect of Flutey and Tait in the centres…that didn’t really work out, but Tindall and Hape doesn’t fill me with much excitement.

    Not sure what Lawes has done wrong. He has deserved much more of a look-in than he’s had, but I do quite like Dave Attwood as well. Perhaps they are saving Lawes for the tour!

    I can’t quite decide whether this ‘new-look’ team is the turning of a new leaf by Johnno, or whether it’s a result of not being able to pick Tigers players.

  4. Also, I’m not convinced by Hodgson. It seems like we are back into a familiar cycle…it’s been so long since he played for England that people have forgotten that he isn’t really international standard.

    No doubt he’ll have a great game in a meaningless ‘chuckabout’, and then be exposed again in New Zealand when it matters.

    Am I alone in this sentiment??

  5. Hodgson is the best passing 10 in the premiership by an absolute mile, he just has not fitted the England gme plan since Wiilkinson arrived.

    Yes his defence has been suspect, but since 2003 England have had to many ‘safe’ players and not enough match winners. Hodgson using his flat pass to put the likes of JSD, Matthew Tait and Ben Foden into space could just be a matchwinner

  6. One point of note – the v Barbars game is a non-cap match so Golding, Attwood and Hape will all still be capless. That was capless, not hapless….

    I spoke to a few of the boys at Pennyhill Park this afternoon (which you can hear in this week’s podcast – out tomorrow) and they all seem fairly upbeat. They’re more keen to just get out to Oz sooner rather than later now.

  7. I’m confused as to what Johnno is trying with this team selection. Granted, I’m all for “blooding” new players, but surely you do that with a fairly stable team set up and not just throw players together and hope for the best? None of the forwards look like they will compliment each other. The front row, bar Thomo, is so inexperienced, they are going to get chewed up and spat out (and never appear for England again). Looking forward to seeing Attwood – but partnered with Palmer! Again, no experience!!! Give the bloke and chance and put him with someone who he can learn from i.e Shaw. That said, Palmer did do an ok job on his last England appearance. The back row, bar Armitage, have all proven that on the big stage they just aren’t good enough – I like Haskell, but I wouldn’t pick him ahead of the other talent we have available i.e Robshaw. As for the backs, wow. Again, I highly doubt any of these players will compliment each other. I like Hape, but he is better at 13 than 12. Why has Strettle been picked over Ashton? In fact, why is Ashton, like Lawes, nowhere to be seen?Hodgson as obviously been picked due to Wilko picking up that injury in the Amlin cup final, and Flood is playing for Leicester in the GP final. Nervous though that Barkley is obviously the no. 10 back up – has Johnno not realised that Barkley has found his magic again because he has been playing 12!!! If he has the intention of playing him at 10, then surely it should have been Barkley/Hape as the starting 10/12 partnership due to them playing together at Bath? And how has Care been picked over Simpson?

    I seriously hope I’m wrong. Would love to be proved wrong, but I highly doubt that will happen. Has anyone else noticed that the majority of the team has been selected from clubs that finished in the bottom half of the table. Is this a worrying sign?

    Sorry, rant over

  8. The selection of the abrasive and athletic Glouscester lock Dave Attwood is fully justified given his considtent form in the Premiership this season. Watch his dominance in the line out plus his drive and enterprise in the ruck. Aged only 23 he’s got a big England career ahead of him and the commitment and dedication to match. Plus Attwood is perhaps the only England player with a degree in physics and philosphy.

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