England to play four Autumn Internationals in 2010

It has just been announced that England will play four Test matches at Twickenham in the Autumn, taking on Australia, Samoa, South Africa and New Zealand.

That seems like a pretty tough run of games, but it’s something to work towards – let’s hope we show enough improvement between now and then to believe that we might be able to compete.

6 thoughts on “England to play four Autumn Internationals in 2010

  1. Hmmmm….

    Much as I like to see the world’s best players in action, it just seems like the RFU can smell money again and want to make up for only having two home games in the 6N.

  2. Er where’s the optimism?

    What a high we’ll be on going into the World Cup, having beaten three of the best Southern Hemisphere teams and Australia!

  3. 4 Autumn Internationals is too many. I agree with lining up top oppo but to play 4 internationals like that on consecutive weekends and expect not to have any injuries at the end of it is asking a lot. Also, the Autumn Internationals are awesome but when 4 are play my enthusiasm is diluted a bit. Filthy lucre is at the heart of it again.

  4. I agree to an extent – four is probably too many, and it’s clearly more of a financial reason than a playing one.

    However, Twickenham matches are obviously the biggest money-spinner for the RFU, and that money ought to be invested in the game at various levels. There might be one or two overpaid old farts, but the proceeds from this game won’t just go into the pockets of a few.

    Maybe they are raising money to finally buy Wells and Ford out of their contracts?!

  5. If they are raising money to buy those two out, I’ll gladly go to all four games.

    On a different note – why is it that whenever we play a weaker side like Samoa, we don’t always start with that game to give ourselves a chance in the later games?

    I’m pleased we’re playing Samoa because if the rugby’s as bad as the autumn just gone, at least we’ll have Moody vs Tuilagi round 2 to look forward to. That was a classic autumn tussle – right up there with Mendez and Ackford.

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