England unveil new alternate kit


Canterbury and the RFU have unveiled England’s new change strip for the coming season. The shirt is inspired by the iconic ‘The Battle of the Roses: Yorkshire v Lancashire’ painting from the late 19th century, in front of which Richard Wigglesworth is standing in the above photo.

What do you make of the shirt? Is it better or worse than last year’s purple offering?

16 thoughts on “England unveil new alternate kit

  1. Hideous…. Purple was much better.. but how often do England need it… who else are they going to play in the next year that wear white???

    1. I hope not. But given Wiggesworth is in there as well, I’m not setting too much stock by it.

      Danny Care looks like a German schoolboy

      Don’t mind the shirts – a damn sight better than that purple rubbish or the All Blacks knock-off – not sure about the braces mind

  2. Disgusting Kit. I enjoyed the purple, but this is horrendous. But that’s just my opinion, everyone has their own.

    On a more serious note though, why do they bring out a new away kit every year? We only used the purple one three times (or was it four?) in the last year, yet we already have a new one! What’s the point of that? I suppose it’s money sleazing, but really, does anyone else think that, well, we could keep our change kit for at least two or three years before bringing out a new one. We hardly use it at all anyway.

    1. That’s what the contract is for. To be honest, we can sit back and pretend that elite sport doesn’ have a sponsorship element to it. I don’t think it harms anyone that they bring out a new shirt every year that only gets used a few times and suckers like me keep buying it… though generally only when it’s half price or less, but I can only get it for that price when the new one is coming out.

      It makes money for the RFU, it makes money for Canterbury. As long as we don’t get as tacky as half time shows, cheerleaders and become the Qantas red roses, i’m reasonably happy with the level of commercialisation in the sport

  3. I like it. Anything is better than the purple and wine rubbish.

    Like the retro look. Plus might blind the opposition!

  4. Well it’s an improvement on the purple in terms of colour, but why are they trying to make it all fancy? Should just be a red kit. White & red, the colours of England.

    Tone it down a bit for next year?

  5. The kits hideous but also why is Richard Wigglesworth modelling it? Surely someone in the England starting lineup should be doing it…

  6. Awful kit, the thin stripes with the large strip in the middle just looks so off balance. Agree with the suggestion it should be a simple red version of the white strip.

  7. Oh dear!

    Couldn’t understand why they kept bringing out new kits that no one buys. Wookie has cleared that up. Let’s face it we all want the white strip, just the same as the Welsh want red, the AB’s black, Ireland green, aussies gold, etc, etc. They are the iconic colours. If England are playing, surely they want the stands to be filled with white. Away colours might be more important if you play in blue……

    1. To be honest, I prefer to get the away strips and I like them to change. I never buy full price, but plenty of people do which makes the RFU and Canterbury money. It still makes them money when I buy up the half price remainders at the end of the year. If nothing else, I can look at an away shirt and say “that’s the one they were wearing when…” like a lot of people do with the anthracite shirt when they pummeled Australia. Not that I get a lot of good memories when England wear the away shirts, to be honest, I wish they wore them more often and actually got some use out of them.

      What I’ve appreciated with Canterbury in particular is that they’ve looked into the history of rugby and tried to produce something relevant but modern. Maybe I’m a marketing puppet, but isn’t it surely better than just having a slightly different white shirt and a slightly different red shirt every time? At the end of the day, if they didn’t change their shirts regularly, they would never be reduced and all of our rugby memories would merge into one.

      1. I am however admittedly talking from a position of someone who owns more rugby/rugby related shirts than regular clothes

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