England v Australia – Live Updates

We’ll be at Twickenham to bring you live, real-time updates from England v Australia. We’ll also have a few photos and audio commentary, so follow all the action on The Rugby Blog.

We promise to be fairly biased and one-eyed and we should be ahead of the updates on the BBC. You won’t need to refresh the page, so you can keep an eye on our updates whilst you watch the game, whilst you pretend to work, or even on your mobile.

Feel free to leave a comment as well – they’ll be published immediately, and it would be great to get your feedback on the game.

14 thoughts on “England v Australia – Live Updates

  1. This is going to be great. The game doesn’t air here until Sunday night, so sign me up! Looking forward to hearing you tell the TRB community that we got it all wrong about Thompson, Borthwick and Deacon and that the backline is scaring the crap out of the Aussies.

  2. Monye must be the worst back 3 player I have ever seen play in an international game…

    He has not fielded a single ball and he is the fullback…the 8 and 10 fielded more balls…and it is not as if Monye runs the ball up much…

    He has the worst handling EVER…
    he gwts tackled back EVERYTIME by EVERYONE…
    Not a good defender at all…has been bumped off a few times…


    The worst backline player EVER….


  3. And did I mention Monye has not kicked a single ball…and England was almost got us in trouble because of it….

    He is USELESS….

  4. Adam ashley scores a try with both Monye and Cueto on his back!??!

    And he runs 5 meters with them on his back….

    Monye is …


  5. What is England trying to do?
    To lose within 7!?

    Should have kicked at goal and then kept possession from the kick-off for hopes of scoring a try and winning….

  6. Great defence but we need to be more creative on attack…

    And we need to stand up against useless selections like monye….

  7. This how I would rate Englands performance

    1. Payne – 6/10
    2. Thompson – 6/10
    3. Wilson – 7/10
    4. Deacon – 3/10
    5. Borthwick – 4/10
    6. Croft – 6/10
    7. Moody – 7/10
    8. Crane – 5/10
    9. Care – 7/10
    10. Wilkinson – 9/10
    11. Banahan – 5/10
    12. Geraghty – 5/10
    13. Hipkiss – 6/10
    14. Cueto – 6/10
    15. Monye – 3/10

    Hartley – 7/10
    Lawes – 6/10
    Haskell – 7/10
    Hodgson – 6/10
    Erinle – 2/10

  8. Apologies to those awaiting audio reports – I did them, but lovely Twickenham Stadium is a bit 1985 and their internet connection was devastatingly slow. It being our first foray into broadcasting from there, some lessons were learned! Exclusive interviews will be here tomorrow to make up for it from Shane Geraghty, Danny Care, Martin Johnson and Jonny Wilkinson.

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