England v Ireland – Live Updates and Discussion

We are bring you live updates from Twickenham this weekend, so please join us to share your views and follow the action.

Even if you can see the game on television, tune in here and submit your comments on the game as it happens – it’s a lot of fun!

2 thoughts on “England v Ireland – Live Updates and Discussion

  1. England and many other N hemisphere teams no longer look to pass. England players appear to be programmed to take the ball into contact and hit the ground. Players tuck the ball under one arm and very rarely look for team mates in a better position. The same goes for long range aimless kicking to the oponents hands which simply gives possession away.
    Look for support, pass the ball and kick for advantage only when other options are not available. Schoolboy coaching that the S hemisphere teams still remember and enjoy and benefit from!

  2. Martin Johnson is old school and clearly does not know how modern rugby can be played. We need an experienced Southern Hemisphere coach if we want to change our style and culture.

    Everything about Martin’s Johnson’s analysis fills me with fear and discontent. When Warren Gatland explains how Wales tried to go about their business, albeit not at the top of their game, it shows a clear strategy and positive approach. I get the distinct impression Martin Johnson just thinks England should be satisfied with rolling mauls and powerful forward play. It is just not acceptable.

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