England’s Preliminary Rugby World Cup Squad

Martin Johnson has named a training squad of 45 players to prepare for the Rugby World Cup.

England Team Manager Martin Johnson said: “Every one of these players has the chance to be in that final 30 going to New Zealand. The camp is going to be intense and competitive, as you would expect leading up to a World Cup, but all the players are ready for it.

“We have guys such as Lewis, Jonny and Mike Tindall who have been in this situation before but also a lot of players who won’t have experienced a World Cup training camp. It’s now up to all of them to set down their marker over the next 10 weeks before we head to New Zealand.”

Mouritz Botha, Saracens
George Chuter, Leicester Tigers
Dan Cole, Leicester Tigers
Alex Corbisiero, London Irish
Tom Croft, Leicester Tigers
Louis Deacon, Leicester Tigers
Paul Doran-Jones, Gloucester Rugby
Nick Easter, Harlequins
Hendre Fourie, Sale Sharks
Dylan Hartley, Northampton Saints
James Haskell, Unattached
Courtney Lawes, Northampton Saints
Lee Mears, Bath Rugby
Lewis Moody, Bath Rugby
Tom Palmer, Stade Francais
Tim Payne, London Wasps
Chris Robshaw, Harlequins
Simon Shaw, London Wasps
Andrew Sheridan, Sale Sharks
Matt Stevens, Saracens
Steve Thompson, London Wasps
Thomas Waldrom, Leicester Tigers
David Wilson, Bath Rugby
Tom Wood, Northampton Saints
Joe Worsley, London Wasps

Delon Armitage, London Irish
Chris Ashton, Northampton Saints
Matt Banahan, Bath Rugby
Danny Care, Harlequins
Mark Cueto, Sale Sharks
Toby Flood, Leicester Tigers
Riki Flutey, London Wasps
Ben Foden, Northampton Saints
Shontayne Hape, Bath Rugby
Charlie Hodgson, Saracens
Ugo Monye, Harlequins
Charlie Sharples, Gloucester Rugby
Joe Simpson, London Wasps
James Simpson-Daniel, Gloucester Rugby
David Strettle, Saracens
Mike Tindall, Gloucester Rugby
Manusamoa Tuilagi, Leicester Tigers
Richard Wigglesworth, Saracens
Jonny Wilkinson, RC Toulon
Ben Youngs, Leicester Tigers

60 thoughts on “England’s Preliminary Rugby World Cup Squad

  1. No Tom Johnson, no Steve Borthwick, no Jordan Crane, no Paul Hodgson…no Dowson, Anthony Allen, Dave Attwood.

    Any other notable absentees?

  2. feel sorry for attwood, although he is injured.

    Hutch i assume you are joking about borthers.

    also assume that Narraway is too injured to be considered.

    glad to see robshaw in there.

    1. Wasn’t expecting Borthers to be included, but his absence is sort of notable…!

      Shame about Narraway, I agree. Back row pretty competitive though, which accounts for Johnson and Dowson as well. Would rather Dowson than Worsley though.

  3. Jordan Crane is a Donkey.
    Why does he deserve to be incuded??

    Brilliant to see Tuilagi and Sharples in there.
    However where is a 12 that has been playing consistently well this season.

    Would have liked to see Barrit in there instead of Flutey

    1. i agree with you will esp re Barritt, who i think is with 12trees, are future england.
      sadly barritt is injured.

      barritt and 12 trees would be like greenwood tindall with Manu on the bench.

      dont think that manu will ever be a starting option.

      1. Manu not a starter.

        Howcome. He has pace, power hands, a beast tackle whatelse do u want?

        Both 12trees and Barrit brilliant tho

        1. you need consistency @ top level and he hasnt shown that mentally he has got it.

          he might develop it over time in bigger games tho and i would love to be proved wrong.

          1. Well i guess everyone has there own opinion.

            Personally i think he has matured so much over tyhis year that if he starts some of the warm up games he will develop even more and be ready for the world cup…

  4. Just compared the squad with the Saxons line-up that won the Churchill Cup. Only Sharples, Stevens and Botha have been called up, which makes me wonder what is the point in the Saxons if it’s not a genuine second team.

    Alex Goode and Mike Brown might feel a little hard done by, along with Crane, Hodgson and Johnson.

    1. Mike brown=journey man.
      TOm Johnson is 28 and i therefore feel v sorry for him, he may have missed his chance.

      i can see Geechs taking him to Aus tho.

      1. I sort of agree on Mike Brown and he’s had a few chances already for England without really taking them. Foden is by far and away first choice 15 anyway.

        Centres are still looking like the problem area…

        1. And its because we arent developing them.

          Tindall and Hape have shown they are consistently average and lack the cutting edge of some players coming up

          gotta get different centres in

      1. worselys inclusion is mistake.surely he cant go to RWC?
        TOm Johnson reminds me of RIchie mccaw. clearly has an excellent rugby brain

    2. Hutch – it’s an interesting one.

      I think it’s fairly clear that for a lot of players in the Saxons the squad is there for long-term development, rather than short-term competition for the England squad. The likes of Rory Clegg, Billy Twelvetrees and Miles Benjamin were never likely squad members. However for some, it’s can’t be just about development.

      Considering the performances of Crane I’m baffled as to how Waldrom is in the squad ahead of him. Why not pick Waldrom for the Saxons? It’s not as if he’s even played for England before, unlike Botha who probably benefitted from the Churchill Cup experience and squad environment.

      Ditto David Paice, who has seemingly been usurped by George Chuter. I could probably go on.

      In my opinion, and possibly Charlie Sharples aside, this squad was decided before the Churchill Cup.

  5. Barrit has just had a hernia operation so he may find playing rugby a little difficult!

    But Payne – surely some mistake!

  6. Can’t admit to following his form this season too closely (mainly cuz I think he’s sh*t)… but I’d question what Chuter adds to the squad. Surely he’s the 4th choice hooker and will probably get chopped. So why not bring in a youngster to give us Thompson and Mears with the old heads and Hartley and A.N.Other for the future.

  7. im very suprised at the omission of tom johnson, he has been excellent the past few games for teh saxons, and has shown a lot more this season than say crane or worsely

  8. Yeah i agree with Tom, most of this squad could have been picked before the Churchill cup however, it didnt really provide any real test for England so perhaps that isnt so surprising.

    1. Which makes it even more of a waste of time, particularly in light of the volume of matches that the guys play each year!

  9. looking over our squad, there isnt much that gives me hope that we will necessarily beat the Argies.

    what a game thats going to be!

    1. I disagree there, our team looks strong in every aspect apart from the centre partnership, Tindall and Hape seem to lack flair, and in the fact that we have in general a young team, with only a couple of players with world cup experiance. That in mind i still think we should be able woop the argies when the time comes :)

  10. The squad is largely as expected, and I think there’s enough quality here to have a decent crack at the World Cup.

    How about this for a starting side?



    12 is the weakest position, with only Hape and Flutey as ‘specialists’ although I’d use that term with caution where Hape is concerned!

    1. Personally i would pick Sharples ahead of Cueto and Waldrom ahead of Easter but besides that its a good team

  11. Never reeeeeally been a deacon fan, and don’t feel like he’d add much impact off the bench.

    Not a bad team there Hutch. I’d probably retain the Youngs-Flood partnership though. Their understanding of each other could be the difference in tight matches. Tempted to then move wilkinson into 12, but i’d resist – just. I’d retain Hape there to be honest. I know he doesn’t offer a whole lot, but with Tuilagi outside him and Ashton and Foden lurking, i’d be content with a 12 who i know can tackle and won’t let the likes of Nonu and De Villiers storm past him 10 times a game. Plus there’s a bit of offloading ability there which Tuilagi could benefit from.


  12. I’ve always been in the camp of “if you qualify by the current regulations, i’ve got no problem with you playing for England”. My stance is being tested by these selections. It’s such a grey area when you try and define what should qualify someone as “English” in a sporting context but the Botha/Attwood and Waldrom/Narraway selections have riled me. Attwood and Narraway have had fantastic seasons, they have grown up through the England system and have targeted this world cup and the next one as the ones they peak for. Will Botha and Waldrom still be around and wanting to play for England at the next world cup, or even the next 6 nations?

    It surprised me to read that Waldrom is only a few months older than Narraway but do his allegiances lie with England for the future? If New Zealand also called him up to their squad who would he choose? Maybe that’s the way to sort it out. Conduct a lie-detector test for dual-qualified players to find out which country they’d most like to play for then hard-luck if they don’t get selected by that team! No, that’s ridiculous. But so is having the potential to have more non-birth Englishmen in the team than blokes who’ve been born here.

  13. Too many foreigners. The eligibility rules are what they are but they are wrong and make a mockery out of international rugby. They need changing. I can cope with the odd one or two (evryone has them) but I find it unacceptable that we could potentially field the following in a starting XV/XXII at the world cup:

    1 Stevens (SA)
    2 Hartley (NZ)
    3 Corbisiero (USA)
    4 Botha (SA)
    5 Shaw (Ken)
    7 Fourie (SA)
    8 Waldrom (NZ)
    12 Flutey/Hape (NZ)
    13 Tuilagi (Sam)
    14 Banahan (Jersey)
    15 Armitage (Trinidad)

    Ok I admit Shaw, Corbisiero, Armitage and Banahan are hardley foreigners – but the other 7/8 are (thats half the team). I’m not saying this would be our strongest line up either but it would not be inconceivable to see such a team take the field in one of the easier group games.

    1. Scot
      i hear you and i used to think that way but then “nationality” is such a moveable and frankly subjective feast.

      dont mean to bore anyone and IM not taking a sideways step when i say Our royal family are pretty much German. The queens grandad (george V) was 100% german and in 1917 changed the family name from Saxe-Coburg and Gotha to Windsor to sound “english”.

      His son, the queen’s dad (George VI) was also 100% German and he married Liz bowes lyon (queen mum,english, Gawd bless ‘er).

      That makes the Queen of england 1/2 German and 70 years ago we were dying in our millions fighting them.

      Im not a fan of the monarchy because i think they do not stand for anything “english” or “british” because they are a) german extract b) quite inbred c) act in a way that i simply dont respect (wills and catherine aside, gawd bless ’em)

      What a rant. The point here is that we are an island nation with all of us varying blood lines and a history of migration.

      nationality doesnt really stack up as a concept, its what you want to believe you are and as as long those foreigners want to believe and spill their blood for team “england” then thats fine with me.

      Im half English and half Irish btw and i support both teams, but since ive lived and been brought up in England i have more affinity to England.

      i cant get too excited about the issue, as long as rugby is the winner.

      1. jimmymc1

        I am straining to not comment on your rant about the Royal family suffice to say I couldn’t disagree with you more!

        Re nationality, IMHO it is exactly the apathetic attitude you describe that shows why there is such a lack of nationality in England anymore.

        I digress, my point is we have a larger pool of registered player than any country in the world (4 x more than NZ). We should nurture that talent and if we don’t produce guys good enough to compete with the top teams then that’s tough luck! I think it’s disgraceful that we resort to foreigners rather than our own boys! If any of that lot are selected they better be belting out the National Athem louder than any other player and truely believe it!

        I personally think that anyone who doesn’t have at least 1 English parent should not be allowed to play for England same applies if people have played for another country before otherwise what distinguishes club from country???

        Rant over feel better for having got that out!

    2. Scot, not entirely sure what your criteria are for judging these various players on whether they are “ok” to be in the england squad, yes all were born outside of english soil but for some reason Shaw, Corbisiero, Armitage and Banahan are ok. Whats woring with Stevens and Hartley who both have an english parent amking them half english and which entitles them to dual nationality and can therefore quite happily stake a claim as to being english and legitimately part of the squad. Whereas technically Armitage and Banahan of no greater claims of nationality than Tuilagi, Botha, Fourie etc

  14. Forget the nationality farrago.

    Deacon? Worsley?? Chuter??? Mears???? Payne???????

    I’m sorry but has someone posted the 2007 squad in error?

    I hate internet abbreviations, but one seems suited here – wtf?

    How the hell have these players earned a place above Attwood, Johnson, Paice, Marler (to just pick one example in each position, although there are mulitple players better suited)?

    What on earth is Tim Payne doing there? What could the reasoning possibly be? He was never anything but a stop-gap when he was playing tolerably well.

    And Worsley. Will he ever be left out of an England squad? He offers nothing that isn’t offered in spades by Dowson, Johnson, Saull, etc, etc

    My depression with this squad is only lightened by seeing that Gavin Henson is taking rugby so seriously that he’s filming a UK version of ‘the Bachelor’

    1. I dont think you should worry about some highly questionable selection. Deacon, Payne, Chuter, all seem to be a throwback to the dark times when we had Borthwick and Andy Goode in the team. However, take solace in the fact that this is a prelimanary team to be cut down when they they fly out NZ. These are the players who are likely to axed. Although it is a shame that they didnt give the opportunity to give some young players experiance of what it is like to be part of the England camp, however it wont prove fatal to english rugby short or long term.

      Looking at this team i am quietly optimistic about Englands chance of getting to the final!!

  15. Worsley is one of the best defenders in world rugby. In tight games won on defense and goal kicking (which most finals are), there’s no one i’d trust more.

    Saying that, he wouldn’t start ahead of Croft for me…. but if a final looked like it was going that way, we could do far worse than have a warrior like Worsley out there.

  16. 1. Sheridan
    2. Hartley
    3. Stevens
    4. Lawes
    5. Palmer
    6. Croft
    7. Moody
    8. Easter
    9. Youngs
    10. Flood
    11. Cueto
    12. Wilkinson
    13. Tuilagi
    14. Ashton
    15. Foden

    Man i’d love to see that team. Suddenly the midfield has gone from nothing, to world beating.

  17. Matt Watts – whilst I wouldn’t deny that Worsley is a good tackler, he is hardly the only one in the squad

    If we want dogged defence, then look no further than Robshaw, who is finally getting his well-deserved chance.

    In the last 5 years of Premiership stats, for 4 consecutive years, Robsaw has been in the top 10 for tackles made . Worsley only once (this year with 180 tackles to Robshaw’s 249).

    Yes this is partly a result of Worsley playing less – but that’s due to his age and that certainly isn’t a plus for the WC

    Robshaw also adds a carrying ability – this last year he was second only to Waldrom for number of carries.

    Much as Worsley has been useful in the past, he is taking up space that could have been used to blood a younger player.

    Just seems a massive waste of time to me and as Chris says, a throwback to the bad old days

  18. I’ve just had a proper, unblinkered by nationality issues, look at the squad and i’m back to feeling how i felt before the 6 nations this year. We only have two world class players currently, Ashton and Lawes. They are the only two who would get near a world XV. I know we got to a world cup final with a similarly un-star-studded team in 2007 but i’m decidedly pessimistic about our chances again.

    I’m sure i’ll still be the most excited Englishman in Dunedin on the 10th of September mind you.

    1. Spike – my thoughts exactly.

      however, a pack with Stevens, Sheriden, lawes, croft and wood should win ball any where on the pitch.

      What are your thoughts on our starting pack?

    2. Spike, once again it falls to me to be quietly optimistic.

      Foden, Croft, Youngs, Wilko, maybe Cole, Sheridan and Stevens as well, all have the potential to be world class, and are the sort of players that should raise their game for the big occasion.

      England v Ireland in the semi after the Irish beat Australia in the group, then either of them playing NZ in the final will make it a cracking tournament!

      Get your chin up Spike and I’ll see you in Dunedin.

      1. Hutch – you heard it here first. ireland will not beat the Aussies.

        Crusaders v Reds was in effect NZ V Aus given respective teams contributions to their national squads.

        Ireland will not be able to dominate,a s they did in the HK etc

        scrum (there wont be many and the aussies are that bad any more)
        break down (aussies do quick ball!)

        the reds took the saders on, cant see the Irish living with them if they play like that

        1. you love this Irish beating Oz theory don’t you Hutch?! You should put an accumulator on with all the RWC outcomes as you see them.

          Jimmymc1 – i think a starting pack of Sheridan, Hartley, Stevens, Lawes, Palmer, Croft, Moody, Easter will be competitive but then you look at who the S Hem have in their packs and i don’t think any of these players (except Lawes) would be near a world XV. That’s especially true of our back row.

  19. World Class players ?

    The pessimist in me says …

    World Class players win trophies, Laws has won nothing of note ( he did not play any part in the 6 nations victory . Ashton is not & will never be a clinical finisher …. Such composure is innate & he does not have it.

    The optimist in me says ….

    A fit & firing front row of Sheridan, Hartley & Cole / Stevens will trouble any outfit especially with Corbs & Thompson to come on.

    If a midfield of Youngs, Flood Wilkinson & Tuilagi were to click …. its a big if! they would offer questions in attack & answers in defence to cause problems to the best. With a good blend of old heads, experience & youthful pace & power.

    ….. Sorry to be a johnny come lately ……. An aside on Worsley. I am not actually a big fan, but he does offer a different dimension. Damn lies & statistics ….. Sheer numbers are not everything. Worsley does make hits which change the flow of games, lift the whole team & also turn over ball at crucial moments. Ask yourself honestly who would you rather be hit by? Dowson (who is a fine player) or old Jug Ears?

    1. Come on Ross, you’ve got to be kidding about Ashton? He is the epitome of a clinical finisher.

      Will Tuilagi get in the squad ahead of Hape, Tindall, Banahan, Flutey? Will Wilkinson play out of position? Judging by Johnson’s previous selections it’s very likely our midfield will be Youngs, Flood, Hape and Tindall with Wilkinson and Banahan on the bench.

  20. You’re right Ross, statistics aren’t everything but they do tell a story and give a guide as to form

    Worsley was the man to turn to 4 years ago. But even then his contribution was more or less limited to tackling. He rarely offered anything with the ball in hand.

    Including a player who offers little beyond defense and whose advancing years mean that injury strikes more often or not, seems to me to be defeatist and a return to the years that saw Borthwick as captain seemingly only because he was good at calling line-outs

    But Worsley is hardly the worse of it. Tim Payne for crying out loud. Are we seriously meant to believe that there isn’t another prop in England who wouldn’t have been a better choice??

  21. Dont understand all the fuss about Brad Barrit, yeah he is solid for sarries but he’s not world class. Manu is only 20 and has been causing trouble for tried and tested international centre partnerships, most notably BOD and D’arcy. I would say Twelvetrees and Tuilagi are a centre partnership for the future, just too immature and inexperienced right now.
    As for world class players I bet there is’nt many coaches who would leave Tom Croft out of their world XV. Ben Foden is nearly the finished article as well, BOD was barely in the game thanks to Foden in the Heineken cup final. Chris Ashton is one of the best wingers in the world and can only get better, his tries speak for themselves, if in any doubt youtube him, I’m sure plenty of clips will be returned in the search to support my statement not to mention a certain memorable, very embarrassing moment for the aussies. As for the second row no one is more dependable than Tom Palmer, his partner Lawes is relentless in attack and defence as well, I do however see Kitchener maturing and taking Palmers place in a few years, he has great potential. Our front row is capable of ruining any opposition they may meet and we have great depth in that area. I would like to see David Strettle join Foden and Ashton in the back three, defences just can’t seem to shut him down.
    One thing that I will agree on that has been voiced many a time is that Tom Johnson should really have been included, the decision to include Tim Payne and George Chuter baffles me. Payne is an old has been that has never been world class, Johnno should have taken Joe Marler to atleast give him so experience preparing for a world cup and maybe give him some test game time in the warm-ups.
    I know a lot of you are probably going to have something to say and I look forward to reading your oppinions, oh and here is my ideal starting XV going off current form of course.



    Flood did used to play his club rugby outside Wilkinson however, I seriously doubt he will play 12, I would rather leave Hape and Flutey at home (they are both out of form and I can’t remember the last time Flutey played a game) in favour of Allen and Barrit.
    Would anyone agree that it may have been a better choice to take Tom Johnson and leave Joe Worsley?

    1. If we are going off current form i would see simpson in there ahead of Care. He has been fantastic. Unfortunately i can’t pick Dickson as hes not in the squad (he is VERY underated).
      Also Stevens swap withSheridan (who i think is very overated) and put in Dan Cole
      And Robshaw in the back row with Croft and wood. This will be a very good and balanced back row with carrying power and good ability at the breakdown.
      And my final change would be Sharples in the back three with Foden and Ashton.

      Here is the Team i would pick from the squad we have

      1. Stevens
      2. Hartley
      3. Cole
      4. Lawes
      5. Palmer
      6. Croft
      7. Wood
      8. Robshaw
      9. Simpson
      10. Flood
      11. Sharples
      12. Hape
      13. Tuilagi
      14. Ashton
      15. Foden

      Foden is a world class player. He would get into a world XV

      1. Not ahead of Kurtley Beale he wouldn’t.

        And i’d imagine Mils Muliaina would hop in there ahead of him too.

        1. Spike -Beale maybe, muliana, 5 eyars ago perhaps not now.

          Also,Wilkinson isnt a 12 and wont play there.

          hes doesnt play there at club level nor would he be picked there at club level.

          it isnt going to happen.

          I think Botha could step ahead of Palmer by the time we get to NZ.

          Otherwise im happy with our team.Our midgield isnt the best but noone will be running through it!

      2. will – I like your back row but No 8 is a specialist position and Robshaw, who i really rate and should be going to the RWC, isnt a specialist no 8.

        hence the inclusion of waldrom.

        shame Naz is injured.

    2. James – i think you are mostly right.
      I like your back row where i think the world cup will be won and lost.
      My only thought is does it lack 1 ball carryer?
      Im not sure what the alternative is, since MJ is likely to pick moody, whatever happens.

  22. Jimmymc1- I agree that we do lack a big ball carrier in the back row, if Easter is still in the form he was when Quins won the cup a few months ago he is well and truely capable of trucking it up, but he cant do it on his own. We do however have the most mobile back row in the tournament, Moody always plays his own unique brand of flanker. Would be nice to see someone in our backrow that had the carrying ability of Sean O’brien or Pierre Spies.
    Flood used to play his club and international rugby outside of Wilkinson, they were a great 10/12 combination. I can see how I may have confused you there by saying “outside”, What I meant was Wilko played 10 and Floody played 12.

    Spike- I agree with Jimmymc1, Beale is only a maybe, Foden and Beale have the flair and creativity to change games but I think Foden just swings it as he has more pace than Beale.

    1. i see, floody @ 12!

      Also, re beale and foden, Fodens defence is underrated ie its excellent and therefore id much rather have foden than beale @ 15

  23. OK well while we’re on the subject, let’s hear some thoughts on it.

    For me, it’s the following (or somewhere near it)

    1. Andrew Sheridan
    2. Bismarck Du Plessis
    3. Martin Castrogiovanni
    4. Brad Thorn
    5. Courtney Lawes
    6. Schalk Burger
    7. Richie McCaw
    8. Sergio Parisse
    9. Fourie Du Preez
    10. Jonny Wilkinson
    11. Sitivini Sivivatu
    12. Ma’a Nonu
    13. Brian O Driscoll
    14. Chris Ashton
    15. Kurtley Beale


    Tony Woodcock
    Keven Mealamu
    Tom Croft
    Dan Carter
    Matt Giteau
    Ben Foden

    1. It’s such a tough XV to come up with. So many players warrant consideration. I would say though that in the matches i’ve seen McCaw play in this season, he’s been far less effective that i remember him being before. He’s also been pinged a lot more and where before he was tip-toeing along the line between illegal and legal he’s now being too blatant and refs are wise to it. Teams seem to be going back to driving 3 or 4 players over the ball to win a turnover rather than one lad pilfering before anyone else gets there.

      So i’d probably replace McCaw with Adam Thompson or Jerome Kaino, neither of whom are specialist 7s but i don’t think you need one anymore, 6 and 7 are pretty much the same nowadays. And i’d put Quaaade in there ahead of Wilko. He really can’t defend and has decided now that “tackling” means trying to rip the ball out of someone’s arms whilst he runs past you but i just don’t care. He does back flips when he scores.

  24. I have to admit that I am a bit disapointed with this squad, I think Payne is (and always has been lacking in class), Marler would have been a better selection for the experience. But the Name i was most excited about seeing in the squad was tom Johnson, I can’t believe worsley was picked ahead of him! it just makes no sense to me really. That said, my starting line up from this squad wuld be.

    2. Hartley
    3. Cole
    4. Lawes
    5. Palmer
    6. Croft
    7. Wood
    8. Haskell

    9. Youngs
    10. Flood
    11. Cueto
    12. Banahan
    13. Tuilagi
    14. Ashton
    15. Foden

  25. Dear All,

    Amanda and myself, Simon, will be delighted to meet you all in NZ. Can’t wait as have planned this for 18 months. We may travel a little less far than most of you as we live in Hong Kong.

    Now, we believe that a very tightly controlled and discliplined squad can do very well. If we dont give away too many penalties and keep the ball we will be a handful for any side. Most teams will not be this disciplined and let the accassion and emotions get the better of them.

    Come on England!!, we were there in France and the final in Paris and have tickets for the final hoping you will be there in Eden Park.

    Simon and Amanda

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