Exclusive: England’s post-match interviews

You can listen to what our England ‘stars’ had to say after their victory over Argentina yesterday in our exclusive interviews.

Here we have Johnno’s post-match press conference, plus interviews with Matt Banahan, Shane Geraghty, Lewis Moody and Jonny Wilkinson.


England’s try-scorer Matt Banahan:

Shane Geraghty on kicking away possession:

Man of the Match Lewis Moody:

Jonny Wilkinson:

5 thoughts on “Exclusive: England’s post-match interviews

  1. Bugger Sky is all I can say. Their packages mean that you have to pay for a load of other rubbish as well if you want Sports 2 and I still ain’t seen the game. Just as welll though from what I can hear of it

  2. OH! and why can my brother in Vancouver pay about a fiver and watch the game. I would have happily parted with a fiver and watched the racing on replay

  3. Can’t believe the number of times they refer to the weather. Firstly, it’s London in November – which part of wet and windy caught you by surprise? Secondly, given that you were smart enough to observe the weather even before you got to the ground (great idea that) how come you spent the first half with a gameplan that did not work in the conditions?

    What a miserable bunch. Must be pretty horrible to be part of this camp at the moment (and Johnno seems worst of all). Cheer up lads, you have a chance to redeem yourselves at the weekend.

    A couple of great questions asked, which made me laugh:

    (1) To Geraghty – (paraphrasing) did you kick the ball away for the first half because of the conditions or because you didn’t know what else to do with it? Geraghty’s response along the lines of we didn’t really know what the hell we were doing

    (2) To Wilko – why did it take so long to work out that the kicking plan wasn’t working, and who made the decision to change it – Wilko’s response, we did figure it out even before half time, but didn’t get a chance to do anything with it; this was the result of a consultation – “we were chatting” between 9, 10 and 12. [would have loved to hear that conversation – presumably started with “why are they booing?”]

  4. Uncle Mat – Thanks for the support. A lot of the press surround the players and get their questions in but I couldnt help feeling they were being a bit general, and therefore generous! I wanted both Wilko and Geraghty to get a real sense of just how negative a strategy it was, and how we felt about it.

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