Exclusive Video: England’s Ben Youngs

With the Investec Internationals only a week away, The Rugby Blog spent some time down at Pennyhill Park with the England boys ahead of what will be an epic four weeks of rugby.  We’ve got plenty of exclusive video and audio content to come, not least with our Preview Podcast which is out on Monday.

First up then, here’s Leicester and England scrum-half Ben Youngs talking to Nick Heath:


More to come with fly-half Toby Flood and centre Mike Tindall.

3 thoughts on “Exclusive Video: England’s Ben Youngs

  1. I’ve nothing against this particular interview but players’ answers are so bland nowadays. You could ask any player in the squad the same questions and get exactly the same answer. I understand why but it just makes the whole process a bit dull.

  2. They’re all pretty well drilled and you’re right, you could script their bland answers to the relatively bland questions you often feel compelled to ask. In my experience though, once you’ve got a few of these out of the way, as I am trying to achieve with some of the lads like Ben, then they start to relax, trust you and give you more. The older players are often better value as you’ll see from the Mike Tindall interview which is a bit more fun and will be up over the weekend.

  3. Rugby players are big kids and like a joke so why not throw in the odd curveball questions such as, ” in your fantasy Wrestlers Rugby Xv, would you rather have Hulk Hogan or the Ultimate warrior @ no 8?”

    its a tough one.

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