Fantasy Six Nations 2018: Round 1 Team of the Week

Gareth Davies

Here is the team of the week, taken from Superbru’s Fantasy Rugby game, and therefore based solely on the statistics that power the fantasy scoring system.

Six Nations Fantasy

It comes with the caveats that this is not a real team that you can make in the game, with more players from each nation than you are allowed. No doubt someone will also spot that Leigh Halfpenny does not play on the wing, and Sam Simmonds was playing Number 8 – some positions are grouped (such as back three, back row etc), and so there’s no differentiation between flankers and number eights.

Jacob is putting together an opinion-based team of the week based on his studious observations of every match, and several replays no doubt, but this may be an interesting basis for discussion on a Monday afternoon.

Which players do you think deserve their places? And which do not?

Johnny Sexton’s absence is obviously glaring, whilst Jamie George’s appearance from the bench clearly scored higher than Guillem Guirado’s Man of the Match effort in a losing cause.

8 thoughts on “Fantasy Six Nations 2018: Round 1 Team of the Week

  1. Whilst Johnny Sexton’s absence is glaring, would you really have him instead of Ford based on the weekend? I think I would definitely have Ford and Farrell as my starters.
    I would also argue that Patchell was marginally better than Sexton.

    1. Dunno about that; I can’t see either Ford or Patchell nailing a 45m pressure dropkick! It might have been a dour showing by the squad playing from the Schmidt handbook a little too dogmatically, but I’d still take Sexton’s game management over the other two, hands down – even based on this weekend alone.

  2. Most surprised to see George there – what is taken into account? Hartley went 11 from 11 at the lineout whereas George has a couple go wrong. Guirado was certainly better than both either way I’d say…

    1. Hartley was 1 point behind George, by virtue of conceding a penalty and missing a tackle. He should perhaps get more credit for lineout accuracy, but I think ‘lineout success’ is attributed to the team/pack as a whole, rather than an individual hooker.

      1. Does make some sense on that basis I guess. I was a little disappointed by George’s impact on Sunday, I’m hoping we see more of him against Wales.

  3. Appreciate that it might be harder to work out, but it could also be interesting to post the Superbru “real team” of the round, which maximizes points but is limited to four players from each nation. It would make for a more direct comparison with our own efforts!


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