How do I get an image by my name in a comment?
Register at with the email that you normally use when you post a comment, and it will appear on the site as if by magic.

Why hasn’t my comment been published?
If your comments are not appearing, it could be because you have used inappropriate language, or you have put too many website links in your comment. We have these filters to try to get rid of spam commenters adding links about their porn sites, but if that isn’t you, drop us a line and we can look into it.

Can I write for The Rugby Blog?
If you would like to contribute an article, you’d be most welcome, particularly if you can string a sentence together, can make it mildly amusing and know what you are talking about. We often feature guest articles from young aspiring sports journalists, and if you are keen and able, we may be able to make you a regular contributor. Get in touch and let us know what you have in mind.

Will you exchange links with my dodgy poker site?
No, thank you.

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