Farrell picked at fly-half

What is Brian Ashton thinking?  He has picked a rugby league convert that should probably be a blindside flanker in a pivotal position for England’s most crucial game of the World Cup.

In fact, the match against Samoa is now the most important fixture, and damage limitation will be the name of the game on Friday.

Let me know your thoughts.

10 thoughts on “Farrell picked at fly-half

  1. This is ridiculous, Fazzer’s had one game at 10 in his life!! What’s funny is that Fazzer said they’d been switching round between the 10s and 12s in training for the past couple of weeks – might explain why England don’t have an established 1st receiver and keep stuttering with no-one good enough decision-making or distribution skills to get the back line moving.

    He also said that when Barkley went off injured in training “Catty and me just sorted it out between us”…so basically Fazzer said to Catty “No worries mate, I might as well step in and give it a go at 10 shall I”, and Ashton seems not to have the inclination to bother them to change position.

    As much as we’d all love Faz to pull the old magic out of the bag, it’s going to be a massacre.

  2. The pressure will be on the forwards to dominate, and protect Farrell. With Burger missing, our back row will have more of a chance, but they will need to be a lot more aggressive at the breakdown than they have for four years.

    If the forwards don’t turn up, we’ll be in trouble.

  3. I suspect that Farrell will start at 12 with Catt at 10 and Ashton is trying to play some mind

    I guess will will find out on Friday

  4. Maybe ITV can run a reality show where bright young hopefuls audition to be England’s fly half for the Samoa game. If it gets put out to the public vote surely they can come up with a better alternative than Farrell.

  5. I have a strange sense of calm as I think this English team is a maverick’s delight. A product of circumstance and not design, it may just be a tonic which ignites a superb performance. The Boks will also rise to the challenge but will carry such a weight of expectation that it may induce some of their players to make silly mistakes (who remembers Neil Back’s attempted drop goal in 2003 in the pool game against SA which hit the corner post!)

    If the scrum is competitive and the English can hold their own in the set pieces, then we could have a fascinating game. We need that platform. If we get it than BA’s selection gamble could easily work out well. We may not win the game but it might ignite a campaign that would be a credit to the current title holders. The team that makes the least mistakes will win it. Let us see who handles the pressure better.

  6. Farrell picked at fly half – or is he??? Breaking news – now it’s Catty. As I type though it’s over 28 hours to kick off so it could yet be Robinson, Lewsey, even Freshwater.

    Ashton has said on BBC that he would “take an educated guess that Catt will play 10”. WHAT??? Who’s in charge Brian? Is it Catt, or is it Farrell?

    And I remain seriously worried about the goal kicking which is after all our best chance of getting on the scoreboard. There’s a big difference between a 40-50 yard penalty and a conversion in league.

    Farrell’s “bucket full of sand, point it at the goal, HOOF!” approach is not what you want in Union – this is the WORLD CUP for heaven’s sake.

    I never expected us to retain the WWE trophy but can we please stop descending in to pantomime farce? Farrell’s playing 10 – “Oh no he’s not”!

  7. I think we’ll win. As General Melchett said in Blackadder: ‘If all else fails then a total pig-headed refusal to look facts in the face will see us through’.

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